How to weave a basket of hair

The use of braids in a hairstyle is now in fashion, many variations of braiding of braids and their design are invented. A basket of braids looks very nice, this hairstyle can be worn every day and for a holiday, it is universal and comfortable. The basket fits little girls and girls, but weaving methods are a little different. The only drawback, such styling can be done only on long hair.

How to determine whether the hairstyle "Basket"?

How to weave a basket of hair?

The basket fits almost all girls, the main thing is to choose your own look of this hairstyle. Round-faced girls need to choose pigtails, braided freely because they do not have options with tight hair. Baskets with weak weaving look very beautiful and unusual, regardless of the thickness of the hair.

Pigtail basket for girls and little girls is somewhat different. For girls, they make a tighter hairstyle consisting of braids of the same type. Such styling will be very convenient in everyday life, it will not interfere during study and is suitable for classes in sports or dance sections. The hairstyle does not require care during the day, the hair is fine in it and the braids do not fall apart.

Girls can afford to make a variety of baskets that are not so tightly woven. Many people like feminine and delicate hairstyles that complement the romantic style and will look elegant, but at the same time will not interfere. Others like more strict hairstyles with tight weaving, they are perfectly combined with the clothes of business style. Basket is used even in wedding hairstyles. In this case, hairdressers decorate it with flowers, rhinestones and beads.

There are many types of baskets from braids, besides with experience, you yourself can come up with a unique hairstyle for yourself. A basket can consist of 1 type of braids or be a combination of various weaves. The most commonly used ordinary French braid. The basket can fill all the space on the head and be placed in a circle from the periphery to the center and vice versa. Also perform such hairstyles in which the basket is just a bezel entwined around the head. It looks beautiful braid in the form of a rim, collected in a bun at the back.

Recommendations for the implementation of hair:

  1. If you have curly hair before doing the hairstyle baskets they need to comb and straighten. Then it will look nice and neat.
  2. It is recommended to begin to weave a basket from the temple. In this case, the thinnest part of the spit will be hidden behind the temple.
  3. If you have thin hair, brush each strand of a pigtail from its base before weaving. The basket will be volumetric and beautiful.

Weaving baskets from hair: hairstyles and their description

How to weave a basket of hair?

As mentioned above, the technique of weaving a basket of braids, there are many. B depends on what hairstyle you want to do and how long your hair is and its density.

You will need:

  • Studs
  • Hairbrush
  • Invisible Hairpins
  • Hair gel or foam
  • Medium or strong hold hairspray
  • Thin rezinochki
  • Flowers and other hair ornaments as desired


  1. Bezel of 1 braid. Comb the hair and moisten the strands with a spray for medium fixation. Then comb them and divide the hair in a vertical even part into 2 equal parts. You can make one side more of the other, if you like it so much, and you like skew partings.
  2. On the side from which you want the pigtail to start, select 3 equal strands of hair and start weaving the braid. If you have thin hair, comb each strand at its base. You can use the classic or turned out the weaving. French braids are easy to weave, but if you have never done this, do the work slowly and carefully.
  3. Pigtail should be located along the hairline from the back of the head to the frontal part. Once you reach the middle of the forehead line in the weaving, you will need to take strands for braiding from the left side of the head.
  4. When all the hair will be collected in the hair, put the free edge of the pigtail along the braided strands and secure with hairpins and invisible hair. Ready hairstyle should have the appearance of a wide strip of hair, braided around the entire circumference of the head.

Another option for a similar hairstyle can be done like this.

  1. Separate 3 equal-sized strands of hair at the crown. Braid the French braid in a circle. Weaving should be done in such a way that even circles of the basket appear on the head. Thick and long hair allows you to perform 6 circles of braids.
  2. Fasten the free end of the braid under braided and laid hair. Fasten your hair with hairpins and splash varnish. If desired, you can decorate braids with flowers or hairpins.
  3. Making a basket of 2 braids. Before you start weaving, divide all hair into 2 equal parts, doing a parting in the middle of the head. If desired, the hair can be applied gel or foam.
  4. Make 2 loose French braids.
  5. Place your right pigtail on top of your left one around your head. Fasten your hair with hairpins and invisible hairpins.
  6. Hide the loose tip of the braid under the weave and also pin the hairpins.
  7. Lay the left braid in the same way. As a result, you should have a hairstyle in the form of a basket. If the work is done qualitatively, at first glance it will be impossible to determine where each spit is located.
  8. Fix the finished hair with a lacquer of medium or strong fixation.

The 2nd version of weaving a basket consisting of 2 braids suggests attaching braids to the back of the head in the form of a roller. If you have thick hair, your hair will be rather voluminous. You can also combine 2 different types of braiding hairstyle, one of the braids to be placed around the head, and the other to lay in the form of a roller. For voluminous and thick hair fit long hairpins, otherwise the hair can fall apart and shred.

How to make a basket woven from the center of the head?

How to weave a basket of hair?

  1. Comb your hair and apply styling gel on it. Collect strands in the tail in the center of the head. Along the edges should remain as much hair as in the tail. Tie a tail with a thin elastic band, it is desirable that it be the same shade as your hair.
  2. Near the ear, take 2 small strands of hair. And 1 of them should be taken from the tail, located in the center. Here will be located the main order, which later you will impose all the rest.
  3. Roll up the bottom strands if necessary and begin to weave the French braid in the classic way. Perform 2 turns, impose hair from the free strands on the hair, taken from the central tail. Strands located at the edges should always lie on the middle strand.
  4. Now begins the main weaving. Each new round requires the addition of hair from the tail and loose side strands to the main strand. Thus, in the right side of the strand put loose hair from the sides, to the left of the tail.
  5. Try to distribute the hair from the tail evenly, so that they have enough until the end of weaving. Otherwise, get an asymmetrical and ugly hairstyle.
  6. Braid the remaining strands into a pigtail, the end of which needs to be fixed with a thin elastic band. Hide the loose ends of the braid under the weaving of their hair of the central tail. This pigtail should not be visible in the finished hairstyle. Fasten your hair with hairpins and spray with lacquer to hold the hair.

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How to weave a basket of hair?

How to weave a basket of hair?

How to weave a basket of hair?

How to weave a basket of hair?

Modern hairstyles - baskets, suggest the presence of not only classic braids, but also the implementation of headbands from the fish tail. This type of weaving looks unusual and original, it can be made to girls, schoolgirls and girls who want to look feminine and attractive. If you learn how to make braids beautifully in the form of a basket, this hairstyle will become universal for you, and you will look elegant and unusual on weekdays and holidays.

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