How to wear collars

Collars at the height of fashion for several seasons in a row. But only this year the fashion accessory began to appear on a large scale in almost all collections of famous designers.

This unusual element of the wardrobe was initially perceived by representatives of the fair sex to be rather cool, since it very much resembles a similar detail of school uniform. Now same invoice collar has become a hit in many countries, It gives expressiveness and brightness to even the most ordinary-looking things.

Overhead collars in the women's wardrobe

Now designers are almost no longer creating new trends in fashion, but are trying to bring old and undeservedly forgotten elements back to life, thereby rotating fashion in a circle. A striking example of this are collars. They were popular back in the Renaissance, then their design was reduced to minimalism, and now fashion for removable collars reborn again.

Designers are experimenting with shapes, fabrics and textures. For example, now big lace collars with beads or classic turn-down collars, but of bright or denim fabrics are in trend.

What to wear with false collars?

Today's detachable collar is not only a wardrobe item, but also an exquisite decoration., such an image no longer needs to complement the necklace, pendant or beads.

How to wear collars?

Because in 2013, a removable collar is an essential attribute of the wardrobe of any fashionista, the logical question arises: "How and with what to wear it?". Indeed, in order to introduce this element into your wardrobe, you should still know what kind of clothing it is best to combine.

First of all, you need to take into account the features of your face. Girls with delicate features fit rounded shapes and lace, while girls with soft features should choose pointed corners and metal parts..

Overhead collars

Clothes removable collars can be worn with anything, They are perfectly combined with dresses, shirts, blouses, tops, sweaters and even business suits. This stylish accessory is not tied to the neckline, so you can easily wear it even with open evening dresses.

How to wear false collars: basic ruleslook'but

Rack collars with sharp cornersSuitable for androgynous and business images. White collars in the style of Peter Pena will perfectly refresh a classic business suit and bring femininity into it.

Round Collars, including fur and lace, - for romantic feminine images.Round beaded collars with zip on the backPerfect for an evening look. Even middle-aged and elderly women can afford them.Round CollarsRound Collars

Little black dress will complement perfectly. neat lace or openwork collars (golden or silver).

The detachable collar should be contrasted in color and texture with the clothes with which it is worn. The round collar should close the neckline, while collars with small stands or a necklace is not tied to this line and can be worn under the collar of clothing and with an open neck and shoulders.

How to wear collars?Lace top collar

It is not necessary to combine this accessory with oversized things or with round sleeves (except for fur collars).

Such a bright element It will look great only on the owners of beautiful neck. Those ladies who are complete in this zone, it is better to abandon this part of the wardrobe, as the collar will only emphasize their shortcomings.

What to wear with false collars?What to wear with false collars?

Choosing a collar, try not to overdo it with the details. If the base thing is already decorated with various elements such as laces, rivets, spikes and beads, it is better to give up the collar in this image, otherwise you risk acquiring the status of an exalted lady.

Collars are removable: what to wear?

Below are the most current models of removable collars.

High stand collar

High stand collar

This model resembles the cut part of a men's shirt, it has sharp corners and is made of fabrics that keep their shape well. The best of all, they look with fitted jackets without a shirt, with jumpers in men's style, with tops and leather dresses.

Round collar

Round collarRound collar

It is perfect for tops, dresses with basques, light sundresses, dresses in the style of the 50s, 60s, you can also wear it with jumpers and tops. Gives an image tenderness and romance.

A thin lace collar trimmed with pearls and small rhinestones would be appropriate even on wedding dress.

Round collarRound collar

Fur patch collar

Collars from natural and artificial fur can have an original and absolutely unexpected decor this season, they are put on both over a coat, and with dresses from jersey.

Fur patch collarFur detachable collar

Collar necklace

Most often decorated with beads, spikes, rhinestones. Of course, such a catchy accessory is unlikely to suit a modest casual dress, light lace or woven beaded collars will fit the gentle look.

Collar necklaceCollar necklace

Iron collars for silver or gold are best to wear with simple shirts. Products made of beads and rhinestones are combined with light dresses and blouses.

Collar necklaceCollar necklace

Now the collars are more popular, more resembling a necklace than an item of clothing, they fit the elegant evening look with an open neck and shoulders.

Collar necklaceCollar necklace

Spiked collars are perfectly combined with leather jackets and belts, very often such accessories are sold complete with similar cuffs.

Spiked collar necklaceSpiked collar necklace

How to make a false collar with your own hands?

Of course, you can go the easy way and buy a consignment collar in the store, but it is much more interesting to make it yourself. Its advantage will be complete exclusivity. In addition, it will cost you a mere penny, compared with a designer product.

How to make a false collar with your own hands?

The easiest way to make such an accessory- it is to unpick a collar from an unnecessary shirt and sew on it guipure, lace, beads, beads or rhinestones or any other decor of your choice. You can also use applications. On metal collars, metal rivets and spikes look very advantageous. Combine rough textures with beads and sequins, denim with lace and create your own unique look.

How to make a false collar with your own hands?How to make a false collar with your own hands?

If you want to look fashionable and bright, be sure to get or do yourself some stylish collars for your wardrobe.

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