How to wear a red dress


Best of all, a red dress is worn with a beautiful and elegant man, but it does not always come complete with a dress, often even without it. In order for the men to accompany you in a dress of any color, it is necessary to conquer them first. So why not choose a red dress for your fall at your feet?

How to wear a red dress?

What do you need to know to girls who would like to start using a red dress in their wardrobe?

  1. Firstly, women of red color wear red dresses. If your self-esteem falls short of certainty, such a piece of clothing will either raise it to the desired level, or drop you even lower.
  2. Secondly, the wrong combination of a red dress with other clothes can make you anybody, just not the one you want to see yourself.
  3. Thirdly, men notice the slightest deviation from the course, they always feel when a woman is uncomfortable in clothes, and cease to notice her.

In order not to blame "stupid men", "cruel fashion" and "bad taste of others", remember that you make clothes after the first 15 minutes of communication with people, before that time it makes you. Therefore, in order for you to pay “positive” attention at all, choose the correct red and the first quarter of an hour will pass under your aegis, like all subsequent ones.

All shades of red dresses

Believe it or not, there is a huge amount of shades of red, about 27. All this variety, if it suits you, just needs to float in seduction. Red is the color of passion and challenge. And in order not to look like an inexperienced girl who has been reading the books “How to become a bitch in 5 minutes,” use the red color to your advantage.

How to wear a red dress?

First of all, understand what shade of red you need and which one you really want. Ideally, bright red color goes to blondes, brunettes, and red:Remember Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Michel Mercier. So first choose a dress that matches the event and ideally fits.

The first answer to the question: “What can you wear a red dress with?” - with a black one. Black belts, jewelery, mantles, watches, clutches or purses (depending on the event) are classics, which need not be doubted. Another thing is that in the modern palette it is a bit conservative and boring. In addition to black, there are many others, such as gold. The combination of gold and red was seen many years ago in Khokhloma and matryoshka. These combinations of colors abroad are identified as “Russians”. But with this color it is necessary to be careful not to become a sort of new Russian in a red dress, instead of a crimson jacket.

Red evening dress: what to wear it with?

If your evening is planning to be strict, then choose a low-key gold or “under the gold” jewelry. This also applies to accessories and shoes. “Gold in general” should be a bit, do not forget about restraint. Get your inspiration from Jackie Kennedy, who knew everything about classic elegance. Just do not adopt its stiffness, it does not help you in communicating with people.

How to wear a red dress?How to wear a red dress?

What to wear red dress for corporate?

If you are going to an informal party (for example, a corporate party) and plan to charm the male audience with an infectious laugh and flirt all evening, then it is better to wear a red dress around the figure (if it allows). Just do not go too far and put on all the red from head to toe. This color will be a lot. White, soft pink, again black - will help you not to overload the image.

How to wear a red dress?

Red dress for a birthday or wedding

Here your fantasy can play out - there is a diverse number of dresses in casual style, which are not suitable for official bodies. On informal holidays, you can shine and feel beyond the classical image. And if you pick up an unusual decoration - volumetric or not, depending on what you want to emphasize, your image of a confident woman will be created. In addition, on such holidays, you can afford more than a glass of champagne and canapes in the sense of both food and clothing.

How to wear a red dress?

What is better not to wear with a red dress?

Of course, the red color makes others admire you, or not. To avoid confusion with you, do not wear a red dress of any length:

  1. Patterned stockings or tights of bright colors.
  2. Decorations that are everywhere. Choose one or two places - ears, neck, wrists, fingers, hair. If you are going to a party of bikers, informals or hipsters, the decorations in the nose will be the way. In all other cases, no.
  3. Heavy manicure and makeup: dark eyes, red nails and lips to match the dress. Whatever you choose outfit and for what reason, it is better to abandon the shadows and lipsticks, and leave only the mascara and soft lip gloss.
  4. With accessories of the wrong style. This is a matter of taste, here you can help either the seller or a girlfriend.
  5. With a bad mood and faded eyes. Red dress needs a confident and witty woman, easy to communicate and with a sense of humor.

Red is dangerous, no matter how much you like it. You need to be careful with him. If you are wearing a red gorgeous dress, you kind of reincarnate into someone else. And here the main thing is not to go beyond the image, remain yourself and at the same time conquer the audience.

Successes lovers bright! Let your choice be successful in terms of clothing, and in terms of men. Be a maestro with a muleta this evening and win a bullfight.