How to wear a palatine


The palatine is a fairly elegant piece of female wardrobe., which is necessary to have each of the fair sex. And besides - the right to wear it!

What is a palatine?

What is a palatine, every woman knows. This small piece of fabric, processed, beautiful, which can have completely different colors and lengths. The shape of this item of women's wardrobe is usually standard - it is a rectangle. Materials for it are also diverse: silk, cashmere, etc.

How to wear a palatine?

The palatine can serve as decoration and a subject of clothes warming us. Properly chosen and tied unusual scarf gives its owner a special appeal, elegance, severity or romance, depending on her image. You can wear it at any time of the year. Of course, for summer it is necessary to choose stoles from light fabrics, and for winter, autumn and spring - more tightly so that it is warmer.

So that this beautiful thing of your wardrobe does not turn into a negligent shawl on you, you must wear it skillfully and with dignity. Currently there is many ways to wear a tippet. The most common of them are wearing it with garments (coats, dresses, etc.), as well as on the head.

How to wear a tippet with a coat?

  • The tippet is a great addition to the coat. Ideal if your coat has a stand. It will look good shawls on the coat with a regular collar. On winter coats are often found a fur collar. In this case, you can experiment with tying a scarf, or you can just tie it on your head.
  • How to wear a tippet with a coat depends not only on the coat itself, but also on the tippet, or rather on its texture. There are stoves cashmere, knitted, fur, etc. Fur wear just on the shoulders, but Knitted have many options for tying on the coat.
  • The easiest way is to tie or roll a tippet around the neck, let loose ends calmly fall down. This option is suitable for shawls with a beautiful pattern, because it is a pity to hide such a thing from prying eyes. Free ends can be draped, stabbed or tied on the chest.

How to wear a tippet with a coat?How to wear a tippet with a coat?

  • One more easy and beautiful way to combine: Throw a tipple over the shoulders, and tie its ends on the back of the neck.
  • Original way wearing it with a coat is also called the original - "graduate tape". To do this, throw a part of the shawl over one shoulder, and pin free ends at the level of the hip or waist. Remember how we used to pin ribbons in school with the words "graduate"? For large originals worth trying wearing two stoles with a coat, stabbed way "graduate tape". Moreover, the scarves may not necessarily be the same, they may differ in color, pattern, texture and even size.
  • The figure of a woman also determines how she is suitable to wear this piece of clothing with a coat. For example, for miniature women too large tippet will fail. Such a thing, no matter how beautiful and elegant it is, will only ruin your image. If you are short, you should also not wrap the kerchief around your neck several times. This will create additional volume, make your image absurd, and further reduce your height.

How to wear stole on your head?

Any girl is able to own create an unusual and attractive way of wearing a palatine on your head. After all, women are such inventors! Just get creative with this! Today there is only one condition: the more interesting and unusual the better. Therefore, to produce an effect, tie a scarf on your head as you like.

How to wear stole on your head?How to wear stole on your head?

  1. Classic option tying this thing on the head: just carelessly throw a scarf over your head, wind one end around the neck and tie it in the back. Particularly impressive will look bright colors with this method of wearing on the head. This option is always relevant, it is timeless and not out of fashion classics.
  2. Bandana- style of self-confident girl, active, living in the rhythm of the city. In order to properly tie the stole in this style, throw it over your head so that part of it covers your forehead, and tie the ends of the scarf or stab it at the back with a brooch. Spread the ends left free, let them stream downwind. Bandanas, by the way, are suitable not only for young girls. However, older women need to skillfully combine them with the whole way.

How to wear stole on your head?

Thus, the tippet is an easy and affordable thing that should be in the wardrobe of any girl. Wear it with a coat, with evening and casual attire, as well as a headdress. Be sure to take into account when using it the advice of this article, and then you will be sure of its attractiveness!