How to wear a long skirt


A long skirt for several seasons has remained at the peak of fashion. It is only important to know what you can wear it with and what you cannot wear it with. By making one single mistake, you can create an absolutely ridiculous image. There are several rules that will help you make the perfect and fashionable sets with a long skirt.

Long skirt styles: image features

Those who think that the skirt style is one-half are mistakenly believe. In fact, there are enough of them.

Pleated skirt. The peak of fashion for pleated skirts fell on the 70s of the 20th century. Pleating can be small and large, with clear folds or with barely noticeable. Depending on which pleated skirt you choose and with which you will combine it, you can create a business, romantic or evening outfit.

Skirt-year. It combines a straight and flared skirt. The upper part of the year is always straight, and the lower - flared. This skirt will be an excellent option for business girls, as well as for those who adhere to conservatism and classics.

What to wear long skirt?

What to wear long skirt?

Wrap skirt. Such skirts are ideal for slender girls with long legs. Sexual slice will give the figure of mystery and femininity.

Asymmetrical skirts are short in front and long in back. This style is ideal for a warm spring and hot summer. The skirt is able to hide flaws and at the same time emphasize beautiful legs. As a rule, such models are made of lightweight materials.

Tiered skirts are very popular among young girls and women. With their help, you can hide figure flaws.

Long skirts can be made of any materials: chiffon, silk, knitwear, cotton, satin, linen and even leather.

What to wear with a long skirt?

To make your image harmonious, you need to adhere to several rules of what can be worn with a long skirt:

  1. Under the fluffy skirt, select an exceptionally tight top;
  2. It is interesting to combine strict model with air and free top. Blouses can be with ruffles, ruffles and frills;
  3. Never wear a motley skirt with a bright jacket - this is a bad tone, pick a solid and calm top.

What to wear long skirt?

What to wear long skirt?

What to wear long skirt?

Long skirts are ideally combined with short jackets, jackets, vests and boleros. You can wear a model to the floor, slinky top or T-shirt and a cropped jacket. This option is suitable for every day, it is not boring, fashionable and comfortable.

You can combine a long skirt with a shirt. Moreover, the shirt can be either with a belt or without it. You can fill it inside the skirt or wear over it. Pick the top so that it is in harmony with the bottom and does not look boring and pretentious.

To create a sexy image, you can wear a corset with a skirt. This combination looks very feminine. It is advisable to give preference to monochrome models that will contrast with the color of the skirt itself.

Combine long skirts with blouses, but remember that the brighter and puffier the skirt, the more modest the blouse should be and vice versa. In this outfit you can go on a date, a party or an interview. Only the color ensemble in all 3 cases should be different. If pastel colors are suitable for a date, bright for a party, then it is better to give preference to classics for an interview.

By the way, those who believe that long skirts are not combined with jackets and jackets are mistakenly believed. You can create a unique, fashionable, memorable and at the same time businesslike image by wearing a long skirt with a contrasting jacket and a classic shirt.

Long skirts are ideal for girls with curvaceous shapes. With their help, you can visually hide the defects of the figure, giving it refinement.

What to wear long skirt?

What to wear long skirt?

Interestingly, the long skirt can be worn not only in the warm season, but also in the fall, as well as in the winter. Only in this case should it be made of a denser and warmer material than chiffon and silk.

In the cold season, you can wear long skirts with leather jackets, an elongated coat, fur vest, fur coat, and even a down jacket. All this will look more than harmonious and stylish.

As for shoes, there are also several options. Skirts, length in a floor, are ideally combined both with footwear on a heel, and without it. You can wear sandals, ballet flats, flip flops, shoes, ankle boots and even boots.

It is categorically not combined with a long skirt "men's shoes", shoes with thick soles, boots with thick and low heels and shoes with pointed toes. In winter, you can not wear a long skirt with felt boots, uggs and dutikami.

A long skirt allows you to experiment with accessories. You can try on a hat, a beautiful bandage or a bezel with flowers. Put on large or elegant jewelry. Wear long gloves during the cold season. A long skirt can be worn with completely different handbags - both with a clutch bag and a large bag (except for sports models only).

Long skirts - a universal element of the wardrobe, which is suitable for almost any occasion. They go to almost all girls, have no age restrictions. The right image can make you a real beauty queen, who will be admired by others.