How to wear a leather jacket


Leather jacket - one of the most popular things in the wardrobe of many women. This is not only an excellent protection from adverse weather conditions, but also a frequent component of a beautiful and fashionable outfit. Despite the brightness and originality of things, with its participation, you can create many different images.

What to wear with a jacket

The leather jacket is one of those models of leather jackets, which allow you to add femininity to the image and, at the same time, add some rough accents to it, typical of a fatal girl.

What to wear with a leather jacket?

What to wear with a leather jacket?

  • The most popular set, which can be made on the basis of jackets, leather jackets, is an ensemble of sweaters, T-shirts, alcoholics and skinny jeans. This image is perfect for everyday wear. As for shoes, it would be appropriate to pick up sports shoes, high heels or ankle boots.
  • Not only jeans, but also shorts will match leather jackets. They can be from dense fabric (including denim). If you have a brown leather jacket, complete it with a black shirt and sweater, blue jeans shorts and black tights. As a shoe, choose black ankle boots. The final chord of the dress will be a black leather belt.
  • For more feminine ensembles to jacket-leather jacket, you need to pick up skirts or dresses. The jacket of this model will look perfect with feminine and light summer outfits. In this case, the dresses welcome the presence of a variety of decorative elements: ruff and prints. Colors can be chosen bright or pastel - this is a matter of taste.
  • Skirts of the most different models are suitable for the jacket. If you wear a maxi skirt to the floor, a flirty mini skirt-pencil skirt - you will get a wonderful option. The fabric of the skirt can also be very different: wool, cotton, silk, linen, denim.
  • The image ends, as always, with shoes. You can choose it for this ensemble depending on the situation. You can shod win-win classic shoes, and you can catchy and sexy high-heeled shoes. In addition to shoes, you can choose sandals or boots.

What clothes do a short leather jacket match?

What to wear with a leather jacket?

Another stylish style of a leather jacket is a short model. It should be chosen for women and girls who can boast a slim figure. Like any other type of leather jackets, this model involves the correct choice of clothing for her.

A short jacket with all kinds of dresses will look safe. This is not an exaggeration at all. They can be made of a variety of materials. There are no limitations in length either: with a short leather jacket you can wear both short and floor-length dresses. At the same time, the styles of the elements of the ensemble may differ significantly. On the contrary, such an outfit will add some zest to your image.

However, with trousers a short leather jacket can also be worn. This kit also suggests a lot of different options. You can combine a jacket with straight-cut blue jeans, capri pants and silk pants. The combination with skinny jeans is also not forbidden. Choosing an ensemble, which will be part of capri pants, do not forget about the careful selection of accessories and shoes.

Universal jacket will be for combinations with a tunic. This means that you can give preference to absolutely any style of thing, whether it be a tunic with a high waist or with a belt at the hips. To get a finished image, it is enough to add tights, leggings or skinny jeans.

Leather jacket jacket: create a stylish image

What to wear with a leather jacket?

Many fashionable women are wondering what to wear with a leather jacket jacket. Despite the apparent complexity, the question has a lot of answers.

However strange it may seem, a leather jacket can be an excellent component of an ensemble in a business style. This is explained primarily by the fact that the leather jacket perfectly matches the midi skirt, strict trousers, shirts and office dresses, which are indispensable attributes of business style. To the jacket did not seem superfluous in the image, complement the ensemble quite spectacular shoes.

If you are a fan of romantic style, combine summer dresses made of light fabrics with a leather jacket. To create a successful combination, choose shorter models of jackets in different colors. Depending on the color of the jacket, the dress may have a floral, geometric or animal print.

Leather jacket jacket in the style of rock will be harmoniously combined with a skirt or trousers of the same material. The skirt should be chosen with a straight cut. Permissible and finish: fringe or cut on the hips. As for the length, then in this set is appropriate mini-skirt.

You can also wear your favorite jeans with a leather jacket jacket. Best of all in this tandem will look classic models of blue. Above all, remember that the shorter you have a leather jacket, the more you should have jeans. In such an ensemble, shoes play a significant role. It is best to choose shoes of classical forms, in high heels and with closed toes.

How to choose a leather jacket: tips

What to wear with a leather jacket?

Leather jacket refers to the outerwear, and therefore should be successful combination with almost all the things in your wardrobe. Therefore, before you buy it, think carefully about what style you need.

The correct form of the collar of the jacket is directly related to the type of your face. If you have the correct oval shape, you can not worry about it - any collar will suit you. Girls with a round or square face is better to choose turn-down collars. At the same time, please note that the edges of such a collar should be pointed, not roundish.

If you are the owner of a narrow, elongated oval face, choose stand-up collars or turn-down collars with rounded edges, and the pointed shape should be avoided. Stand-up models should not be chosen if you have a long neck. Such models will only shorten it. But, if you, nevertheless, really want a jacket, do not forget to complement it with long earrings.

When choosing a jacket style, pay attention to your body type.

What to wear with a leather jacket?

What to wear with a leather jacket?

  1. "Hourglass". This figure itself is very beautiful, so you should not hide it under shapeless things. Choose jackets or wrap models. Do not buy models of straight cut, you do not need to hide a thin waist.
  2. "Pear". Girls with wide hips need to choose models that have accents in the upper part. That is, jackets in which there are various decorative elements. Sleeves can also be voluminous, have draperies or epaulets. As for the length, it is better to choose jackets up to the thigh, so that the edge does not create an accent on the widest point of your figure. Straight cut in your case is also better to avoid. Give preference to fitted models.
  3. "Triangle". Girls with wide shoulders and narrow hips, on the contrary, need to focus on the bottom of the jacket. Such an effect can be achieved by finishing, for example, patch pockets, fur, or any other volumetric decor in the lower part of the product. You fit the jacket, the silhouette of which is extended downwards. Owners of such a figure should not choose a dress of bright colors. For you, the perfect combination will be "light bottom - dark top."
  4. "Rectangle". This type of shape requires correction both from above and below. Based on this, choose models that have three-dimensional decorative elements at the top and bottom of the jacket. They should only be slightly fitted. In no case it is impossible to make accents on a waist, that is, give up belts in this area.
  5. "An Apple". These girls fit jackets with a high waist, which will expand downwards. It is advisable to choose elongated models.

To purchase a leather jacket should be approached carefully. If you manage to choose the right style, and then make competent ensembles, the thing will become indispensable in your wardrobe and add brightness to your image. Stylish leather jackets can be combined even with feminine dresses. And it will be appropriate both in everyday life, and at the gala event.