How to wear a hat


Among the numerous types of headwear utensils of a wardrobe, a hat stands out in particular. It helps to create a huge number of bright images. This accessory has many varieties, each of which has its own specific style. Therefore, any woman of fashion should think out in advance with what to wear this or that hat.

What to wear a hat?

What would you choose, first of all, learn to pick a headdress that goes to your face shape and color type. There is a set of rules to facilitate this task:

  1. Chubby hats go with a wide brim. At the same time, one of the edges can be slightly raised with a brooch.
  2. With an elongated oval face is to wear hats with narrow brim.
  3. Choose hats based on your physique. Fragile short girls should stop at the option of head pads, whose fields do not go beyond the width of the shoulders. They should not be very big. With a large build, you should choose more hats.
  4. Consider your color type. Blondes and brunettes fit hats of any shades. If you have a very pale skin, then you should avoid pastel shades. Red hats go in red.
  5. Never try to combine this headdress with sportswear. Down jackets, sneakers, sports trousers absolutely do not look with a hat.
  6. Try to put the headgear on correctly. Do not wring the top of the hat, move it to the side or deform the edges too much, wringing them.

What to wear with a hat

What to wear with a Fedor hat: image features

It is enough to look through several publications by modern fashion bloggers, and you will find that the headdress is one of the latest fashion trends. It is worn almost in love. Fedora, as well as some other types of hats, migrated to the female wardrobe from the male. This model became especially popular after the film was released, one of the leading roles in which Sarah Bernard played. The heroine of the actress was wearing a paved hat.

The headgear is a bit like phometrome. It has fields of medium width with edges slightly raised upwards. There are 3 dents on the top and its top. The edges of the phores are sufficiently flexible.

You can think of a lot of options with which to wear a hat. It all depends on what kind of image you need. You can wear it with a little black dress and heels. The image in this case will be a sexy and feminine at the same time. It also looks great with men's styles of clothing. For example, you can wear a shirt, a necktie, culottes, pants, and a complete look with suspenders.

Fashion bloggers often mix romantic feminine kits using a long skirt to the floor. It can be stitched from chiffon or other lightweight fabric. In such a set of shoes, you can look at high boots in the English style or short ankle boots, and in the summer period - elegant sandals on the heels.

What goes with a trilby hat?

Trilbi is a real cult thing. It is believed that this hat has appeared thanks to the modification of the department. She was originally worn by a bohemian. Trill was considered a classic headdress, worn for English racing. Into the female wardrobe, thanks to jazz musicians. Trilby really visually reminds a little of the chair. Understand that the front is easy - on the sides and at the top she has 3 small dents.

What can I wear hatputrilbi with? Stylists offer 2 main areas: classic and casual. Initially, the hat was worn with a tweed suit. Now this combination is rare, but this does not mean that it is not worth trying. You can use a tweed jacket, one-colored shirt and a skirt in a cage knee-length. Such an image is suitable for warm autumn days. Shlyapatrilbizizmekitelno looks and other clothes in the English style. It is desirable that it is different from the main color range. It is worth paying attention to the noble colors - muffled emerald, beetroot, navi.

Shlyapatrilbihoroshko the fact that it not only fits well with the classical style, but also looks great with youth clothing in the spirit of street fashion. With it, you can safely wear knitted T-shirts, plain jackets, boyfriend jeans. Also with a hat you can wear trousers, sweaters with a shirt and a shirt. In the summer it is necessary to choose a straw hat. It can be worn with a bright sundress to the floor.

The main thing when choosing a hat is the suitability of its material to the season. For spring and autumn it is worth buying trilby of velvet or wool. In the summer, a woven or straw hat is appropriate.

Wide brimmed nonsuit

What can I wear with a wide brimmed hat?

Hat with wide brim looks very aristocratic. It is best to use it to create feminine images. Much depends on the season in which you decided to wear this headdress. In the summer it is worth buying a hat from a natural mat or straws with wavy edges. It is quite possible to go on vacation or go shopping.

The best combinations corresponding to the headdress of this type are long tiered skirts or sundresses. They can be both monophonic, and with bright summer prints. In this case, the set should be supplemented with ornaments - massive bracelets and long beads. Often, a hat with wide edges is taken to the beach. She looks great with a short tunic dress made of lightweight translucent fabric. In this case, it is better to choose a hat of bright cheerful colors.

Before you figure out what to wear a hat, you should choose the right model. When buying, consider your color and face shape. Almost all hats are suitable for a classic look. They are combined with office blouses, trouser suits and straight silhouette skirts. More mischievous option - hatpatrilbi. It is appropriate when creating an image.