How to wear a fur vest

One of the popular trends of the season is fur vests of various lengths and shades. For every woman of fashion there is a version.

Fur vests can be worn for almost everyone. The fur vest is perfectly combined with knitted dresses, narrow classical jeans, trousers, skirts and even evening dresses.

How to choose a fur vest?

What to wear fur vest?

Today, on the shelves are many fur vests made of natural and artificial fur of various colors and with different lengths of pile. How to choose for themselves suitable?

  • If the purchase of natural fur is unacceptable for your wallet, get a fake vest. As for the choice of pile and color, for slender and tall girls and women fit bulk fur, for example, arctic fox or fox, but for ladies with forms - sheepskin, mink or a rabbit.
  • There are many types of fur vests - both voluminous from long fur and smooth, designers, among other things, also offer options with different lengths of fur, which looks very impressive. But there are some nuances. Bulk vests need to be worn with a narrow "bottom". for example, it can be tight pants and jeans, leggings, pencil skirt. Smooth fur vests fit almost any clothing..

How to choose a fur vest?How to choose a fur vest?

  • Color vests - it is very stylish. Of course, you will listen to your own desires, but know that slender, thin and short women are perfect light shades, but skater - darker furs with a short nap. It will be good to emphasize the waist with a belt over the waistcoat.
  • Color solutions can be absolutely any, the natural color of the fur is an option for several seasons at once, today's hit is bright and unusual colors (turquoise, fuchsia, etc.). Compromise - red fox fur vest.

How to choose a fur vest?

What to wear with a fur vest: a tandem with a dress

Fur vest blends perfectly with the usual everyday and even evening dresses.At the same time, it turns into a piece of clothing that corrects your silhouette.

If your wardrobe is filled with enormous size women's clothing, bought by necessity, you need to fight it, but do it wisely. To change any free monophonic dress or tunic you will be helped by a fur vest. It can also be voluminous, but should very tightly press the fabric of clothing to the body.

As with ordinary clothes, use tricks with combinations and direction of colors: vertical lines make you taller. So the fur vest helps to balance the figure with the big hips. This item of clothing with horizontal lines well suited for girls who are experiencing because of their small breasts.

What to wear with a fur vest: a tandem with a dressWhat to wear with a fur vest: a tandem with a dress

If you have a small dark dress (dark green, dark blue or black), be sure to wear a light fur vest over it. Treads in this case will be the perfect shoe that will emphasize your femininity. If in the room you change the boots for shoes with heels, then this outfit option is perfect for the office (you can add to it a fashionable bag-briefcase).

How to wear a fur vest with jeans?

  • Chic casual style:fur vest and classic skinny blue jeans. Very harmonious and effective combination. Wear a fur vest with slim jeans tucked into stylish ankle boots or high boots. In this case, under the vest it is better to wear a plain light blouse - pink, cream or sky blue.
  • Complement skinny skinny jeans with voluminous long haired waistcoat. It can be both long and short.
  • If you chooseoption with a vest and jeans for every day, then purchase a less expensive fur item: beaver, rabbit, fox or fox.

How to wear a fur vest with jeans?How to wear a fur vest with jeans?

  • Important color combination. TO dark gray and black waistcoats dark blue or black jeans are best. But with fur vest brown, red or variegated colors good fit will be bright blue or blue jeans.
  • Skinny black jeans go well with any dark fur.. Wearing a sweater embroidered with beads or sequins to this ensemble, you will also get a chic evening outfit.

Brave girls with slim figure can quite affordWear a fur vest with short denim shorts. The length of the vest should be such that from under it the shorts are clearly visible, especially at the back. Otherwise, you risk being naked. Wear tight tights for at least 200 den under short shorts, a win-win version of this outfit - with black tights, but if your soul asks for bright colors, then choose these shades: fuchsia, yellow, turquoise.

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Options for how and with what to wear a fur vest with taste, many.This piece of clothing will refresh any item of clothing, even the one that has long been lying around in the closet, having been out of fashion. Experiment, go ahead and deserve compliments!

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