How to wash zelenka with clothes


The solution of brilliant green (or in common people brilliant green) is an indispensable tool for disinfecting wounds and abrasions. Zelenka can be found in the first-aid kit of any hostess. It is not always possible to gently open a jar with this tool. As a result, clothing may be difficult to remove stains.

How to bring brilliant green?

How to wash off brilliant green with clothes?How to wash off brilliant green with clothes?

There are many ways that will allow you to wash your favorite clothes from green stuff. The effectiveness of the method depends largely on how long you have stained any thing. The sooner you lock it, the more likely it is that you will be able to get rid of the stain. By the way, all these tools are suitable not only for cleaning clothes, but also for pieces of furniture (armchairs, sofas, carpets, etc.). It is much more difficult to handle old stains from green stuff.

How to bring Zelenka from clothes: industrial ways

In modern stores of household chemicals presented a wide range of high-quality and effective stain removers. Most of them can be used for any type of fabric. The most effective means to combat stains from brilliant green are those containing chlorinol and hydrogen peroxide. So when you buy an industrial product, pay attention to its composition. Also pay attention to the purpose of the tool. They differ: some can be used for white, others - for colored linen.

To remove green paint from clothes, soak the soiled surface in the stain remover. You need to act according to the instructions. After the stain remover, it is important to wash the laundry in hot water with powder.

How to wash off brilliant green with clothes?

In exactly the same way you can remove the spot from the green stuffed upholstered furniture. If it has not disappeared the first time, repeat the procedure. Well removes stains solvents oil paint and conventional dishwashing detergents. The most famous stain removers that do an excellent job are Vanish, Oxl, and Antipyatin.

How to remove green paint from clothes: hydrogen peroxide

  1. In addition to stain removers stained by Zelenka, ordinary hydrogen peroxide effectively copes. Moisten a cotton swab in peroxide and wipe the stain several times. Leave a cotton swab on clothes for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash the item with a powder. This method can be used exclusively for white fabrics.
  2. If you try to get rid of the green stain on colored laundry in a similar way, it will discolor. For such delicate items, use a weak peroxide solution. Wipe the stain lightly several times, then wash the clothes in the usual way.
  3. For white fabrics, not only hydrogen peroxide can be used, but also bleach or whiteness. Remember, if you apply a bleaching agent on a separate area that you want to wash, it will be somewhat whiter than the rest of the thing. In this case, it is advisable to soak the clothes completely.

How to remove green paint from clothes: hydrogen peroxide

How to remove brilliant green: other ways

  • Alcohol-containing agents (for example, alcohol or vodka) also do an excellent job with such contaminants. To achieve a quicker result, you can add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the alcohol. Using a cotton pad or sponge, apply the product to the stain. Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes, then wash the clothes in warm water with soap.
  • Vinegar is an effective remedy for removing green stuff from clothes. Put paper or paper towel under the cloth, apply 7% vinegar to the dirt. When the acid completely dissolves the green stain, wash the laundry in a washing machine using regular powder.
  • 10-% ammonia copes well with brilliant green spots. To remove contamination, pour a small amount of ammonia on the stain. Leave the product for 10 - 15 minutes, then wash the item in warm water with powder.
  • Manganese helps to remove traces of green stuff. Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and apply it on the dirt. Please note that this method is only suitable for cotton! Leave the thing in the solution with potassium permanganate for 2 hours, then cover it with warm water and soap.

How to remove green paint from clothes

  • If you have white alcohol in your home, use it to remove contamination. To do this, dilute it with water, moisten a cotton swab in the tool, wipe the stain and leave for a few minutes. Wash the item in warm water using a powder.

How to remove the old stain from green stuff?

If you could not immediately remove the trace of the diamond green, try to cope with the old spot in the following way. Pour a teaspoon of olive or sunflower oil onto the dirt. Leave overnight. Cover the item with any dishwashing detergent.

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Difficult pollution gives hostesses a lot of trouble. Spots from zelenka - no exception. That is why it is important to keep in your home arsenal a few effective tools that can cope even with such troubles. It is important to remember that removing a fresh stain is much easier. Do not postpone cleaning clothes for later!

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