How to wash your hair


Have you ever wondered why children have so long hair that is clean and we get dirty almost every day? Our hair quickly lose a beautiful clean look, but children do not. Children can not wash their hair for a week, and their hair will not seem dirty, greasy, greasy ... Sadly, but this is due to physiology and life.

The older a person becomes, the more he lives in a difficult environmental situation for him, which affects the appearance of hair. After all, even if we do not dye our hair with dyes, we put them in hairstyles, we use varnishes, mousses, wax, etc. Naturally, in order to have the opposite effect on all the procedures and products that damage our hair, we make hair masks (read the article Hair masks at home).

An important step in hair care is washing your hair. The condition of our hair depends on how often we wash our hair, how we wash our hair. And hair is also the inner strength of women (read the article The Power of Female Hair. Hair and Cosmic Energy). Care for long hair is doubly complex, and with it, and their washing.

How often to wash your hair?

First, let's look at how often you need to wash your hair. There is an opinion that frequent shampooing hurts hair. They fade, lose color, shine and strength. But according to other sources, this is a fallacy. Hair, scientists say, you need to wash as needed. As soon as you feel that they have become dirty, wash them. The appearance of the hair, in their opinion, depends only on the right hair care products, and not on the frequency of washing.

Yet try not to wash your hair every day. Do not accustom to this even short hair. After all, with time you may want long hair, and then you will have problems. Long hair washed, depending on the type of scalp from once every three days to once a week. Oily hair wash more often, dry - less.

What to do before washing your hair?

Experts advise comb your hair before washing heads. This helps to remove lost hair. And in the bathroom you will not pull out a whole shred of dead hair from your hair and think that your hair falls out badly. Also helpful during combing before washing the head. massage. To do this, you can simply comb the hair with a massage brush in different directions. Massage the scalp provides the best blood flow to the head. It is also good to do a hand massage, rubbing olive oil into the scalp.

Direct hair washing

Often the water in our apartments is quite hard, so it is good to wash the hair with settled water. Good rain or melt water. Water hardness will help neutralize special shampoos. If we talk about shampoos, then they should be selected according to the type of skin of your head (read the article How to choose a shampoo for hair?). Improperly selected shampoo harms your hair..

To begin with, we wet hair with water, wash it from top to bottom. Then we put a small amount of shampoo on the palm and rub it a little, adding water. After that, evenly distribute the shampoo on the scalp and hair. With oily scalp we focus on it. That is, we apply shampoo on the scalp, and starting from it we distribute through the hair. If the tips of the hair are dry and thinned, splitting, we are not three of them and, if possible, apply a small amount of shampoo.

Wash hair should be fingertips, without causing the scalp painful sensations. Finger movements should be light, circular. Imagine that you are doing a head massage. Do not treat hair rudely, do not wash it like laundry. Hair over the entire length, fingering and brushing with your fingers, starting from the top. Do not move in the opposite direction.

Hair rinsing

Rinse hair thoroughly after shampooing. It is good to apply hair balm on them (bought or cooked with your own hands). Before applying and after rinsing the hair with acidified water. It neutralizes the effects of hard tap water. You can use vinegar or lemon juice. As you know, the hair well hold odors. Therefore it is possible rinse hair with a decoction of herbs, then they will smell good. You can also add to your rinse water your favorite fragrance.

At observance of necessary recommendations on the correct washing of hair, you improve their appearance and keep healthy and beautiful!

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