How to wash sneakers in the washing machine


Sneakers - shoes for sport, outdoor activities and lifestyle. As a result, they are often contaminated and require cleaning. In addition to daily care, running shoes sometimes require general laundry. Wash shoes as possible in the washing machine, and manually. There are some features of hygiene sneakers, observing that you can keep them safe and sound for several seasons.

How to wash sneakers in the washing machine and manually?

  • First you need to inspect the sneakers before washing. If light reflectors are stuck on them or foam rubber sticks out strongly, it is better to abandon machine processing. Otherwise, the reflectors may come off, and the foam will come out.

How to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

  • Be sure to remove the laces. Separately, they are better washed. Laces can be put into the drum along with sneakers or separately soaked in a basin. Do not forget to remove the insoles: they can also be washed along with sneakers or cleaned in the bathroom. To do this, soak them in a bit, pour in the powder and rub them with a shoe brush. Dirt will begin to quickly wash off the insoles. Clean them for about 10 minutes, rinse and hang to dry.
  • Before washing, thoroughly remove dirt, sand, and old pebbles from the sole of the sneakers. For this purpose, suitable needles or other thin stick. After cleansing, rinse them under high water pressure to wash off the remnants of sand and dust.
  • If you have a special bag for washing shoes, use it for sneakers. If not - do not worry, you can do with improvised materials. Along with the sneakers, put a few old towels, soft rugs or rags into the typewriter drum. This will improve the quality of washing and minimizes the beat on the drum and the vibration of the equipment.
  • In the washing machine to put no more than 2 pairs at a time. Otherwise, more sneakers can simply knock out the glass in the door. The temperature for washing, choose no more than 40 degrees (this will not allow sneakers unstuck). Many people ask - "In which mode do you wash your sneakers?" - It is best to choose a program for delicate washing or a special program for washing shoes (if any).
  • Pour in the powder, if the sneakers are white, you can add a little bleaching agent or stain remover. So they are better washed and bleached at the same time. It is important to remember that in this case it is not necessary to put on the spinning, otherwise, it is possible to damage not only the sneakers, but also the washing machine. If the device has a drying function, do not turn it on - it will deform the shoe.
  • When everything is ready, you can turn on the machine and wait for the beep. Washable sneakers should definitely be thoroughly dried. In the summer of drying on the balcony in direct sunlight. In winter, on the battery, first putting unnecessary matter on it, and already on top of the sneakers, so that they do not deteriorate. In addition, before drying shoes must be filled with paper so that it regains its original shape. It is better not to use the newspaper, since the paint from it can be imprinted on the inner surface of the sneakers. You can use electric dryers.

How to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

Wash sneakers can and manually, but here, too, has its own nuances and rules.

If your sneakers are made of genuine leather, take care of it carefully and only with special means and sponges. The same goes for suede models.

Sneakers made of synthetic materials are washed with a sponge and soapy water. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of washing powder, as it can ruin the shoes.

If there are hard-wearing stains on sneakers, treat them with a stain remover, leave for some time, and then proceed to washing. You can clean shoes with the help of ammonia or baking soda. Bleach the yellowed parts with lemon juice. In addition, you can simply soak the sneakers for several hours in a warm soapy solution, then arm yourself with a brush and clean them. If you are not satisfied with the result, wash the shoes in a washing machine.

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Suede shoes require special care. She is very picky, so try not to expose her to strong dirt. But in life there is anything, especially with sneakers. To care for them, you can use special tools for suede shoes or try out popular recipes.

How to wash sneakers in the washing machine?

For example, for the brown suede is ideal coffee grounds. Apply it on the sneakers, when it dries, clean with a rubber brush. For other shades you can use talc or baby powder. The principle is the same as with the coffee grounds: apply, wait and clean.

Do not immediately try to remove the dirt from the suede, as you only spread it on the surface. Allow the dirt to dry slightly. Then moisten the shoes with a mixture of water and ammonia and rub gently with sandpaper. After treatment, clean the place with a weak acetic solution. Before going outside, be sure to sprinkle your sneakers with a water-repellent spray.

To get rid of white stains, use soapy water. A lot of helps a mixture of water and ammonia. Apply both solutions gently, then rub with a rubber brush.

As for washing in a washing machine, it is better not to practice it with suede sneakers, otherwise, they can fade and get a sloppy shine.

Sneakers are comfortable and practical shoes that need to be washed often enough. To do this, you can use a washing machine or try to cope with contamination manually. With suede models, it is important to be especially delicate, as they can quickly lose an attractive look.