How to wash henna from hair

Henna is a natural hair dye that is often used at home. True, it is unpredictable and often gives a completely different color that a woman wanted to receive. In addition, henna is difficult to wash off the hair, and if you try to block chemical dyes, there is a risk of getting extravagant shades. But there are several ways that will help remove the natural coloring pigment without damaging the hair.

How to wash henna from hair at home?

There are several ways to wash henna from the hair. To achieve a result, you need to follow the recommendations. Remember, the more time has passed since dyeing, the less chance you have to wash off the pigment. If the hair color is not the one you dreamed of, take care of washing in 1 - 3 days. Never try to paint henna with other paints. Chemical and synthetic components in modern products will not be able to wash away the redhead, but will react with henna and give a wide variety of shades (from green to purple).

  • Well pull out henna hair oil masks. Ideally, use olive oil (if there is none, castor, linseed, burdock or sunflower oil will do). Heat the oil in a water bath, apply over the entire length of the hair, put on a plastic bag and roll up with a towel. Leave the oil for 2 to 3 hours, then wash the hair with a shampoo for greasy hair.

How to wash henna from hair?

  • To enhance the effect, it is recommended to apply hair with alcohol before applying the oil or at least rinse with hot water. Such procedures will open the hair scales and help to remove the pigment faster. You can also heat the hair with a hairdryer. Oil masks do not give 100% of the result, but they will help to heal the hair. If it was not possible to completely wash off the henna from the 1st time, repeat the procedure until the desired result is achieved.
  • Slightly muffle the color of henna will help sour sour cream. Apply it over the entire length of hair, put a hat on and leave for 1 hour. After rinse sour cream in the usual way. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  • Partially get rid of henna help ordinary soap. Soap is an alkali that uncovers hair scales. After you have washed your hair with this product, apply an oil mask. Repeat the procedure several times during the month. Then you can dye your hair with other colors.
  • A good result gives a mask of yeast and kefir. Mix 200 ml of kefir and 40 g of yeast, mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 2 hours. Do this mask daily until you are satisfied with the result. By the way, the kefir-yeast mask strengthens the hair, making it silky and smooth.
  • Vinegar will help in the fight for washing out henna from the hair. Pour water into the basin, add 3 tbsp. vinegar. Hold the hair in the vinegar solution for 10 - 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and apply a grooming mask or balsam. Vinegar will wash a large amount of henna.
  • Change the red shade of henna will help ordinary coffee. Mix 4 tbsp. ground coffee with 2 tbsp. henna. Paint the hair with the finished composition: the color will be much darker than it was before.

How to bring henna from the hair: folk recipes

How to wash henna from hair?

Depending on the type of hair, choose different ways of washing out henna from the hair.

For greasy hair.

  • A well-proven alcohol tincture of red pepper, which can be easily purchased at a regular pharmacy. It is applied over the entire length of the hair and lasts about 20 minutes, then washed off with regular shampoo. By the way, this tincture accelerates hair growth.
  • Mask of clay. Dissolve 4 tbsp. white or blue clay in low-fat yogurt, so as to obtain a creamy mixture. Apply the mask to the entire length of hair and hold for about an hour. Kefir can be replaced with yogurt or ryazhenka.
  • For normal hair.
  • Beat the raw yolk with 50 ml of brandy or rum. Apply the mixture to your hair and wait 40 minutes. Wash the mixture in the usual way. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

For dry hair.

  • Beat 2 raw egg yolks with 4 tablespoons of butter. In a separate bowl, pour ½ tsp. mustard powder with warm water. Add to the yolk mixture and mix. Apply the mass on the hair and hold for about an hour. Wash off with regular shampoo and dry hair. Burdock oil can be replaced with castor oil.
  • Dissolve in a basin with water 4 tbsp. citric acid. Dip hair into the solution for 20 minutes. After shampooing your hair, use a balm. Together, the acid can use freshly squeezed lemon juice.

If all the tools have been ineffective, it is worth trying to "wash" hair. Liberally lather your hair with any powder or washing soap. Foam well, then rinse with water. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

How long does henna stick to hair?

How to wash henna from hair?

Normally, hold for long enough. Sometimes, even longer than ordinary chemical paints. The only thing you need to tint growing roots. It is not recommended to use henna too often: 1 time in 2 months will be quite enough. From frequent staining the hair will lose its former shine and grow dull.

To simply refresh the color, use a rinse: in 1 liter of boiling water, dissolve 1 bag of henna when the mixture has cooled, strain it and rinse the hair after washing.

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Washing henna is a rather laborious and long process. It penetrates too deep into the hair, so it is washed out longer than other dyes. There are several effective ways to remove henna from the hair. But remember, in any case you should not experiment, use proven tools so that the end result will not disappoint you.

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