How to walk in heels


Every woman in heels should feel and look like a real queen! Well, what to do if, instead of, this edemache girl barely moves his legs and maintains balance? How to achieve results? How to learn how to walk in heels, even very high?

How to walk in heels: the basics

Shoes with heels - it's just a godsend, it can visually get rid of extra pounds. Such shoes attract attention to the ankles and can give charm and grace to the owner. Although, of course, high heels are not a panacea. And if you walk wrong, without a beautiful gait, then all efforts are in vain. Proper walking in heels is an art, and it’s not a fact that it was given to all women from birth.

How to walk on heels?

So where to start? In the 1st place with correctly selected shoes. The perfect pair of heels - classic high heels, and its height should not be more than 8 - 10 cm. Although this concept is purely individual, and will depend on the size of the legs. But nevertheless, whatever convenient block, it is unlikely it will be convenient to walk for a long time on heels more than 15 cm high.

When buying shoes, you need to try them on and stand on a hard surface, and then try to stand on toes and tear the heels off the floor by a few cm. In case this is difficult or simply impossible, then the heels are tall.

Constant wearing of shoes with heels helps a woman to keep balance. This practice allows the ankles to develop strength. The greater the experience of walking in heels, the more confident and beautiful gait.

We learn to go on high heels

It is difficult to learn to walk on high heels without prior training and practice. If up to a certain point, the most popular shoes in the wardrobe were ballet flats, then it will be difficult to switch to wearing high heels. But it is possible.

In the first place you need to take care of a comfortable model of shoes, it is best to give preference to shoes with steady thick heels. The shape of the sock is also of great importance. According to the survey, some women say that shoes with a rounded nose are more comfortable than those with a pointed one.

The most important thing in learning the correct and beautiful gait of heels is training. Of course, this is a completely new experience. Therefore, the most important thing is to start working on the gait in general, and the movement on the heels to develop independently will have to spend less effort.

How to walk on heels?

A beautiful walk is an art!

Sometimes it is necessary to learn to walk beautifully in heels urgently. Therefore, you need to immediately proceed to the operational measures:

  • The first thing you need to start - walking in heels at home. It is not necessary to defile the house from room to room, you can just do homework, but only in shoes. Literally after a few days of such training, you will get used to the heels. By the way, it will also allow to distribute shoes - which will save you from unnecessary discomfort.
  • It is necessary to begin training with sure standing on heels. It is best to stand in front of a large mirror and thoroughly and meticulously evaluate your posture and your feelings. Only after all this will suit you, you can start walking.
  • It is best to move on a hard floor, without a floor covering. Making the steps, you need to put the legs as close as possible to each other, but the leg should be as straight as possible. It is best to work with a mirror, inspecting and adjusting the posture. Only after the gait becomes confident on the home, even and hard coverage, you can move on to more difficult workouts.
  • It's no secret that walking on soft carpets is one of the most difficult. On such a coating is difficult to keep balance, and, consequently, the muscles of the legs, get a big load. Having learned to walk confidently on the carpet, you can safely go out.

Can pregnant women wear heels?

Can pregnant women wear heels?

Most experienced moms say that pregnancy and heels are simply not compatible. Is it true? Or are there options that will help circumvent these bans? Looking closely at the gait of future mothers, who are already close to childbirth, you can notice one significant feature - arching the back. This can be explained by the displacement of the center of gravity due to the enlarged uterus and the growing fetus.

Wearing shoes with heels, you move all the weight on the socks, the risk of falling is increased. In addition, the wearing of such models provokes back pain, swelling, varicose veins, etc. unpleasant consequences.

But this does not mean that shoes with heels during pregnancy are generally prohibited. You can wear shoes with a stable heel no more than 4 - 5 cm. When choosing shoes, you should focus on the physiological features. By the end of pregnancy, almost all women suffer from edema, so it is not advisable to buy narrow models. When choosing autumn and winter shoes you should be extremely careful - the sole should not be slippery, and boots should not squeeze the foot too much.

Girls in heels always look spectacular - they become visually slimmer, taller. Before you wear such shoes, it’s worth testing at home. See not only how it looks on the foot and fits into the image, but also affects the gait. To learn to walk beautifully in high heels shoes, the main thing is to show a little patience and train more often.