How to visually reduce the nose


What a sweet and unreachable word "ideal"... So you want to be at least close to him, and when some part of our body does not fit with certain standards, we are sad about this. Now we will talk about our nose, and they all, of course, unique, someone snub, someone small, someone big.

No one can say with certainty what kind of nose is beautiful, it all depends on the general image of the girl and her positioning herself. If the girl is satisfied with everything, then what difference does it make that someone finds her nose far from ideal, she will just smile and move on. But still Many ladies complex because of their imperfect nose and looking for ways to solve this problem.

How to visually reduce the nose: the correct hairstyle or haircut

One way to visually reduce the nose is a well-chosen hairstyle or haircut.The haircut of average length will ideally look, and the main thing give to hair volume. The volume on the hair can hide even a very sloppy spout. In the event that you have short hair, and you do not know how they can be given volume - put it on the back of the head. You can ask a girlfriend if you are not comfortable doing the back of the back.

Hair color also visually affects the shape of the nose, it is better to choose light or blond shades, well, or in extreme cases, brown, but dark colors rivet attention to the nose. It is better to refuse bangs, since it is better to make the face more open. But if you are a fan of bangs, then stop not on straight bangs, but on one that does not cover the entire part of the forehead - oblique, fringe on one side, asymmetric or short.

How to visually reduce the nose: expressive eyebrows

Eyebrows can also visually reduce the nose.. Categorically it is impossible to make eyebrows-strings with a big nose, of a light color or a straight form. It is best to make eyebrows with a pronounced color and bend, which would attract attention. Makeup artists also claim that the big nose visually reduces other parts of the face that are highlighted with makeup. For example, make an emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows, then your nose will not be so conspicuous.

How to visually reduce the nose: the right makeup

  • Visually reduce nose makeup - one of the easiest ways to give your nose more perfect shape. First, choose a tonal framework in harmony with the skin color of the face. The texture of the cream should be of medium consistency, so as to hide minor flaws, but also not look like a mask on the face. Carefully distribute the tonal base and lightly powder the skin on top.

  • To visually correct the nose, use the tonal tool of different shades:pick up one shade to match your skin tone or lighter, and another shade darker than the first shade. The foundation can be replaced with correctors of different shades. A means of a darker shade blend over the wings of the nose, if you consider this part of your nose large. For make-up use a brush or sponge. And cover the nose and back of the nose with a lighter shade and this way you will visually make the nose width less noticeable.
  • If you are not comfortable with the length of your nose, then apply a darker shade of tonal means on the tip of the nose, and blend the rest of the light cream over the rest of the nose. Just do not forget that the transitions should be smooth and inconspicuous, for this you can at the end of the make-up powder face light crumbly powder.

To date, fashion does not dictate actresses or models to have perfect facial features, on the contrary unusual characters are valued, in which the face is not too perfect, but interesting. It is useful to know tips on visual reduction of the nose, but it is not necessary to use them constantly, because someone can be fascinated by you with your “imperfect” nose.