How to visually enlarge the eyes

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. All women have beautiful eyes by nature, and with a make-up you can only slightly correct their little flaws. Small or narrow-set eyes can give a lot of inconvenience to its owner, because any woman dreams of the wide-open piercing look of large eyes. There are several ways of makeup to increase the eyes. Consider the main ones.

You can visually enlarge your eyes with different makeup products and use them as carefully as possible, without immediately using all possible means and methods, as makeup may look vulgar, and this is not at all what you need. Stand in front of the mirror and carefully examine the anatomical structure of your face and decide exactly how you need to enlarge your eyes. The eyes are small and round, close-set or, on the contrary, widely spaced and in each case the technique should be selected for a particular type of eye.

Fluffy eyelashes for a visual increase in eyes

Eyelashes play an important role in the visual magnification of the eyes.Your task is to make the cilia fluffy and twisted, so the eyes will become visually more open and wide open. Mascara should be applied evenly, carefully dyeing each eyelash, the tips also intensively paint and make them the longest. Before you start dyeing cilia, you can curl them with a special eyelash curler and then tint. If you are going to some special event, then you can use false cilia, especially if your eyelashes are weak and thin, and with false eyes, your eyes will become much more expressive.

Eyebrow shape for a visual increase in the eye

Eyebrows are not a minor element, as many people mistakenly think, but that part of the face, on which the overall image largely depends. To visually enlarge the eyes should give the eyebrows the shape of a high arc., also note the color of the eyebrows and their intensity. High and well-defined eyebrows will attract attention to the eyes and visually increase them.

Use a contour pencil to visually enlarge the eyes.

A white outline pencil should firmly settle in your cosmetic bag if you want to visually enlarge the eyes. Do not be afraid, white pencil will not look strange in the eyes. Draw a white eye with a pencil around the inside of the eyelid and around the inside of the eyes on the upper eyelid. And then you can put the main shadow. Your eyes will shine and become brighter and wider.

If your eyes have a narrow shape, then you can visually enlarge them with a black contour pencil. Draw a line around the upper and lower eyelids with a pencil, but do not draw a line too close to the edge of the eyelashes. Having drawn the outline, you can shade it a little to make it look more natural.

A game of shadows to visually enlarge the eyes

If you want to visually enlarge your eyes, then experiment with lighter shades of shadows.. As the main color, take one of these shades - cream, sand, white, light gray or silver. Shadows need to be applied not only on the upper eyelid, but also on the space under the eyebrows. Owners of wide-set eyes should take shades of the same hue as the eyes, such as green, emerald, brown, blue or silver-gray. In the middle of the upper eyelid, apply a little shining light shadows, and approaching the outer corner of the eye, apply a more intense shade.

Makeup for visually increasing eyes depending on their type

  • If you have small in size or deep set eyes, then for their visual increase, use the following makeup. Start with eyebrows, they should not be too thick, give them a neat and thin shape. First, cover the eyelids with light powder, and then apply basic light shadows. Use bulk mascara and apply it in several layers. You can also use another technique of applying makeup, which rounds the eyes and gives them expressiveness and languor. Cover the upper eyelid with dark shadows, while the central part should be located slightly above the lateral shadows. Apply light shadows to the under-roof space. Circle the eye contour with a pencil, and then slightly blend.

  • With severe eyelidsthe next makeup will do. Paint over eyebrows with a pencil or special eyebrow shadows, then brush them with a small brush and powder a little. Then circle the upper eyelid with a black pencil and draw a thin, barely perceptible line directly above the upper eyelid. Blend with a cotton swab or finger line, which was drawn over the eyelid and the contour itself. Now lighten the underhead space, and draw a light brown line along the inside of the lower eyelid. Apply a curl to your eyelashes.
  • Owners close eyes setsimple techniques should be applied, and your eyes will visually increase. Make your eyebrows thin and set high, for this, adjust the eyebrows with tweezers, removing all unnecessary hairs in the underspace. Starting from the center and to the outer corner of the upper eyelid, apply shadows of a dark shade, and approaching the inside, apply a light shade of shadows. Eyes highlight the outline, drawing a line from the center to the outer corners of the eyes. Painting the eyes with mascara, focus on the cilia, which are located closer to the outside of the eyelid.
  • Almond-shaped girls should definitely emphasize their beautiful shape. Apply as the main shade of a light shade, and the upper eyelid highlight liquid eyeliner. Eyelashes emphasize lengthening mascara.

In eye makeup, remember that you can not blindly follow any one make-up technique, because you are individual and have a unique shape and eye color. Consider our advice, but do not forget to improvise, and then your image will look spectacular and at the same time natural.

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