How to use the iron to straighten hair

Fashion hairstyle is constantly changing. If before women curled curls, now the latest trends correspond to smooth straight hair. Fortunately, there are irons, with which it is easy to straighten any curls. This tool can be found in almost everyone - it remains to learn how to use the hair straightener correctly.

What is the device capable of?

how to use the hair straightener correctly

Despite the fact that it is a very common tool for performing fashionable hairstyles, not everyone knows that it is multifunctional. Meanwhile, if you know how to properly use the iron for the hair, you can achieve interesting results, and not only straighten curls. Among the ways to use this device are not obvious:

  • make hair straight. The most common procedure that performs iron. Actually, for this he was invented;
  • form large curls. Like using a curler, hair can be twisted to make beautiful, elegant waves;
  • quickly "figure out" the small waves. To do this, you just need to braid small tight pigtails, fasten the bottom with an elastic band and hold the iron on them.
  • achieve a fashionable negligence effect. If you divide the hair into parts, and then twist it into bundles and hold the iron on it, you will get a beautiful natural hairstyle.
  • iron the clothes. If there is no simple iron on hand, his “brother” will help in this matter.

How to straighten hair?

The procedure is very simple, and even a woman who performs it for the first time and has no idea how to properly use the hair straightener can learn quickly. As in any business, it is important to act consistently:

  1. Carefully wash your hair using hair conditioner.
  2. To dry It is advisable not to start working with wet ones, because in this condition they do not tolerate exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Well combed and split apart. Hairdressers advise to make a parting in the middle.
  4. Start straightening with the lowest hair, securing the top barrette.
  5. Ironing from top to bottom, stepping back from the roots of 5-7 cm.
  6. Comb the hair along the entire length.
  7. Sprinkle with varnish so that the hairstyle lasts longer.

How to make beautiful curls?

how to make curls ironing

Those who wish to achieve an additional effect and understand how to make curls with an iron, step-by-step instructions will help not only in theory, but also in practice. The main thing - to take the device with slightly rounded edges.

  1. Clean hair as it should be combed.
  2. Divide into small pieces.
  3. Collapse into plaits.
  4. Screw them on the iron as on curling
  5. Hold for 30 seconds
  6. After all the curls are ready, sprinkle with varnish and only then comb them.

If earlier curls were done, winding upwards to get twisted tips, now you need to start doing this, stepping back from the roots of 5 cm. Then you get more natural waves.

Stylist tips

Do not forget that before you begin the procedure, you need to take care of the protection of hair. After all, exposure to high temperatures can adversely affect them. Experts who daily face the consequences of using the device - brittleness, split ends and even loss of strands, recommend to follow the basic rules:

  • Do not work with wet hair so that they are not damaged too much;
  • use temperature controlled devices to set the temperature depending on the area of ​​the head. For temples and bangs, it should be 15-20 degrees higher;
  • use special tools for the care of the strands that can protect them from the harmful effects of ironing. Any cream, balm or spray to protect against high temperatures. Now any brand of cosmetics has hair products and is applied right before styling;
  • use hairspray strong fixation, as this will keep the hair longer;
  • whenever possible, engage in straightening no more than once every 3 days.

Now that you know how to use the hair iron and what it has, you can make an interesting hairstyle yourself not only for yourself, but also for your friends, to feel like a real stylist. This is a very simple, but very fascinating process with an eye-pleasing result.

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