How to use shallow hair


The modern beauty industry offers a variety of options that emphasize individuality and creativity. One of the newest trends is hair coloring with the help of special crayons. They will allow you to experience the color of your hair without any special effects. Self-heading is the etoto that, if necessary, the paint with the strands is washed off very quickly.

Where and how to buy crayons for hair?

How to use shallow for hair?

Melkly for hair can be produced in different forms. The most common pigments in video are. They look like small, dry bars. First of all, you can purchase small ones in online stores. They are sold both as pieces and as whole sets.

For the first time it is worth buying 1 cubes. The reason is simple - a certain type of chalk can simply not be suitable for your hair. They can dry out and become like straw. Therefore, improve the experiments with the C1-gomel color. It is not so costly if it comes to you. In Russian stores, the cost of one lump of coffee is within 100 rubles. Even cheaper hair crayons are in Chinese stores with free shipping worldwide. The downside of such hair products is their quality.

Also crayons are produced in the form of washers. They are somewhat reminiscent of a mini-palette of shadows. Similar tools have different consistencies. Manufacturers give impudoobraznuyu form or, conversely, the type of oily mixture. Usually, such small issues are issued by American and European firms. They can also be done through the Internet. The quality of these crayons is noticeably higher. In this case, the cost can go up to $ 14 per palette of the same color. Also, small ones can be opened in specialized stores for hairdressers.

How to dye your hair with crayons: the rules

How to use shallow for hair?

The painting procedure differs depending on what type of crayfish you use. In this case, the main points remain the same. Before dyeing hair with crayons, you should prepare:

  • Take a cape, put on unnecessary clothes. Prepare a comb and some water (just in case).
  • Select the necessary strand for coloring. It is better to always form oneself. It will be easier to paint.
  • Wear rubber gloves. Take in the right hand a piece of chalk and then follow them on the flagellum from the hair. Try to do this carefully, as crayon crumbles and accumulates colored dust on your hands and clothes.
  • If the pigment falls bad on the hair, then use the water. You can pre-moisten the strand, and only then form it into a bundle and paint.
  • The final stage - fixing the color. Without this, the paint too quickly peels off the hair. Usually, a small amount of varnish is applied to the painted strand.

In some cases, the resulting curl is used to form the brushes. Usually strands frizz. In this case, before applying lacquer, a layer of tongs is used and only then the result is fixed. Remember that the surface of the instrument may stain. Therefore, if the tongs or the iron is cool, they should be wiped. Do not forget that primary timers may stain clothes a little!

Small pucks are used a little differently. It is necessary to form the hair. Then the palette is pressed with fingers, and the other hand is placed into it a lock, clamping it with the thumb in the center. Some manufacturers supply hair with an extra spatula. If you hold the shabby in your hands uncomfortable, then you can apply a strand of hair with a scapula.

How to use shallow for hair?

Another 1 powder powder to create a coloring spray. Often they are produced in the United States. For their application is worth a bit of a pot and a small amount of water. The pigment is dissolved, apotom applied with a brush on the hair.

Another important aspect in how to dye your hair with crayons is in the choice of color. In this case, you can follow two rules - the general style of the image and your color type. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the brighter and more contrasting shades can be. For brunettes fit the blue, red, bright green shades. Blond hairs look great with pastel colors. On the other hand, coloring with chalk implies experiments. You can use several colors. With the help of crayons create a spectacle. To do this, select the hair across the entire width. Best of all such staining look at the tips. For short hair, you can use chalk on the temporal and occipital portions.

As for the style of the image, it is best to look like a hairstyle, when dressed according to the principle of street fashion, in a style or filigree. The first 2 cases involve using jeans and worn clothes, interesting t-shirts, rivets, sweatshirts, skirts and dresses with funny prints.

Using shallow hair for a boho image is an easy way to get into the right style. You can wear a romantic dress with a floor, tunics with ethnic prints, cowboy boots, long skirts. An important part of the image will consist of massive decorations from natural stones, bags with fringe.

Melkidlya hair: how much hold?

How to use shallow for hair?

Durability of paint in the form of crayons on the hair depends on how vyakuratny. The longest period is several days without washing the head. It is believed that the longest staining effect can be obtained with oily crayons in washers. Some representatives of the beautiful floor, on the contrary, are saddened by the fact that such means are too difficult to wash off. Melkiv in the form of cubes, despite their brightness, are fast-moving.

Usually strands are painted for a specific case - a party or a photo session. In this case, it is better to wash your hair before you fall asleep. The fact is that crayons are showered and dyed clothes and linen. Extend the time of coloring strands with crayons is not worth it. They most cases consist of various substances that draw moisture from the hair trunks. Due to this, they are drained. The longer you go out with colored stalks, the more harm you do to hair.

After using the lotions, special care is required. At a minimum, you should wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and apply a conditioner for dry hair. Much more tangible benefit will be when using masks. You can use the products available in the refrigerator refrigerator. For example, a mask based on gelatin and honey is suitable for moisturizing and easy-lamination.

Special care after dyeing chalk will be required for blond hair. After washing your head, you can notice that their brightness has decreased significantly. Therefore, it is worth to save the special means.

How to use shallow for hair?

For those who decided to use crayons, it is worth remembering:

  1. The pigment can be applied to both dry and wet strands.
  2. Paint on hands and clothes can be easily washed off.
  3. After fixing the color with a special spray or varnish, strands should not be combed.
  4. Dyed hair requires special care in video masks

Melkydlya hair will help to create a unique memorable image. They are produced in the form of cubes, powders and donkey-palettes. It is best to produce staining for 1 day for any event. The hair will cause a minimum harm. Do not forget about leaving after using crayons, it should be intense, include nourishing masks and balms.