How to use polysorb for acne


Cleaning the body from toxins, slags, waste products is extremely important. Accumulating in the cells, harmful substances significantly impair the functioning of the internal organs, affecting the condition of the skin. Among the most diverse drugs aimed at adsorption of toxins, the leading place is occupied by polysorb. According to reviews, the remedy helps from acne and various internal ailments, it is recommended by those who have tried it themselves.

We remove all unnecessary

Operating principle

The principle of the "magic" drug is simple: it is a fine powder that can adsorb harmful and toxic substances on its surface. Where do they come from in the body? They come from food in the form of unhealthy additives, stand out as the breakdown products of protein food in the intestines, they are isolated in the process of vital activity of bacteria and microorganisms that fall outside. All of these substances, as well as radioactive elements, heavy metals, drugs, alcohol-derived products, are removed through the intestines in the bound state of polysorb. It is no secret that toxins entering the blood provoke skin problems: acne, dermatitis, urticaria. Therefore, one of the methods of treatment is considered a complex cleaning of the body. One of the components of the system can and should be Polysorb.

Is polysorb so effective for acne, how to take this drug to get the most benefit and not harm? First of all, polysorb has no isolated activity, i.e. It does not distinguish between the adsorption of harmful and beneficial substances. Therefore, in order to avoid the loss of vitamins and minerals by the body, Polysorb should not be taken immediately after a meal, you must wait an hour and a half. The powder is taken internally in the form of a water suspension. A tablespoon of polysorb is razbaltyvat in half a glass of warm (not hot) water and drink. Take the medicine three times a day. The course lasts three weeks, after which you need to take a week break. The course can be repeated. Dry powder should not be consumed.

As with each drug, polysorb has contraindications:

  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Ulcerative colitis;
  • Age up to one year;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Pregnant women can take the drug, moreover, experts often recommend it as a remedy for toxemia. In combination with vitamin support, this treatment gives excellent results.

Mask, who are you?

In order to improve skin condition, remove oily shine and narrow pores.

In order to improve the condition of the skin, remove oily shine and narrow pores, get rid of black spots and acne, dermatologists recommend making a mask of polysorb acne. For its preparation you will need a bag of the drug and water.

  • Polysorb powder should be poured into a container with a wide throat and gradually add water to it, in small portions, constantly stirring until a solution is obtained that is sour cream in consistency;
  • Apply the mask on the skin, avoiding the areas around the eyes. In this place, the skin is too thin and the mask can only harm, cause dryness, redness, irritation;
  • Mask to let dry for 10-15 minutes (the skin of the face is slightly tightened, pores narrow);
  • Wash away polysorb with warm water in gentle movements. Polysorb particles will serve as a scrubbing agent, ensuring peeling of the upper epithelium and blood flow to the skin cells;
  • After removing the mask, it is recommended to lubricate the face skin with a nourishing cream.

Knowing how to take polysorb for acne, and complementing therapy with external procedures, you can significantly improve skin condition in a short time. Mask recommended to do twice a week.

Opinion of experts

Dermatologists recommend polysorb, reviews of doctors are unanimous: such therapy will benefit the patient, help to organize the work of the internal organs. The doctor-consultant of Polysorb CJSC recommends taking the drug as a prophylactic, without waiting for problems. Modern ecology, nutrition, the rhythm of life are direct indications for its reception.

Perhaps Polysorb is not a panacea for all ills, but the ease it gives, improvement of well-being, sleep, getting rid of allergic reactions and skin problems made it popular among people of different ages. Despite the fact that polysorb is released in pharmacies without a prescription and it is relatively harmless, you should consult with a dermatologist before you start taking the medicine. The specialist will determine the single and daily dosage, the duration of the general course, its multiplicity, will give recommendations on the organization of the day regimen and nutrition, will advise vitamins or drugs, which together with the polysorb will give amazing results.