How to use dental floss correctly


When a snow-white and beautiful smile came into vogue, dental floss came along with it, and today flossy can be seen among other personal care products in almost every home. However, not everyone knows how to use dental floss correctly. Let's look at the varieties of floss and the basic rules for their use.

What is dental floss for?

Many people are sure that it is necessary to use dental floss only when pieces of food are stuck in their teeth.

Many people believe that it is necessary to use dental floss only when pieces of food are stuck in their teeth. There is a certain amount of truth here, but other aspects should be taken into account.

The dental surface has 5 sides, and during normal cleaning the brush covers only 3 of them. Thus, the interdental space remains intact. It is in this case that dental floss will help. It will eliminate plaque, prevent the appearance of stones and the formation of caries, as well as freshen breath.

Some dentists claim that flossing should be used after every meal. Others, on the contrary, prohibit their frequent use. However, everyone agrees: if you have soft and sensitive gums, it is better to use dental floss before going to bed. It will prevent a large accumulation of microbes in the interdental space and will help to keep healthy and strong teeth for a long time.

Dental floss: main varieties

Floss, like toothbrushes, have their own characteristics and differences. In total, they can be divided into the following types:

  • Fluffy dental floss. She has the most simple and elementary design. She well removes plaque and food debris from the interdental space. A significant drawback of a fluffy thread is the ability to cling to uneven parts of the teeth and, as a result, to tear.
  • Waxed dental floss. It consists of several polymer fibers assembled in one thread. Waxed threads are lighter than fluffy ones, they are able to penetrate the most inaccessible places of the dentition, but their effect is much less. These dental floss especially come with various aromatic additives and medicinal extracts.
  • Dental floss class super. It is designed for people with orthopedic structures on the teeth (braces), crowns and bridges. This dental floss consists of three main components with different texture. This design allows you to effectively remove plaque from under any obstacles, as well as below the gum line.
  • Dental tapes. Such flossas are a great option for people with abnormally large dental gaps. They have a special tape-like fiber, which allows you to easily thread the thread into the interdental space and hold it with your fingers.

Elegant floss produced in coils with different lengths of thread, for example: 18, 25, 50-meter. They are also common and with the addition of various flavors. Mainly used extracts of plants and herbs that have antiseptic and bactericidal properties: mint, sage, plantain, tea tree, chamomile and oak bark.

In Russia, the floss market is represented by the following companies:

  • Oral-B (Ireland);
  • Media Nova (Germany);
  • Spatsolificho (Italy);
  • Johnson& Johnson (USA).

The largest number of positive reviews collected dental floss Oral-B. People, having tried this thread once, note the excellent quality of its implementation and first-class materials. Many people use this thread for several years and absolutely do not represent their daily dental care without the floss Oral-B.

How to use dental floss?

So, the dental floss was chosen and bought, the natural question arises: how to use it correctly

So, the dental floss was chosen and bought, the natural question arises: how to use it properly, so as not to damage the gums? The first rule that must be followed without question is absolutely clean hands. You should also remember that you can not reuse the dental floss. The technique of cleaning teeth is quite simple and does not require any special skills.

Technique using dental floss:

  1. The thread should be of sufficient length: about 20-25 cm. Wind the thread on the middle fingers, leaving the index fingers free to control its movement without difficulty.
  2. Carefully place the thread in the interdental space with zigzag movements. Bend it in an arc, wrapping it around a tooth, and extremely gently pull it up.
  3. Screw a part of the used dental floss on the finger of one hand. Then release a clean thread from the finger of the other hand. Go to cleaning the next tooth.
  4. It is necessary to clean the tooth from both sides, as well as its rear part.
  5. Repeat the procedure with each tooth.

If you monitor the health of your teeth and want to have fresh breath, be sure to try using dental floss daily. You should also follow other rules for the care of teeth. Do not forget to visit the dentist every six months for the purpose of a routine examination - and your smile will be radiant and snow-white.