How to use a face mask with dimexidum and solcoseryl


Dimexide is an excellent antiseptic that has an interesting effect, which is inherent to very few people: it has the ability to enhance the effect of any drug combined with it or applied after it, because it works as a kind of conductor and improves the penetration of substances into the deeper layers of the skin. For this reason, on the basis of Dimexide there are many recipes for face masks and not only: from wrinkles, rashes, inflammations. What are the most effective?

Face Masks with Dimexide Anti-Wrinkle

Dimexidum tandem and anti-wrinkle ointment

In a review, a tandem of Dimexide and wrinkle ointment “Solcoseryl” has long been called an affordable substitute for Botox and other cosmetological interventions. What is this wonderful mixture, and is it really so effective that you can forget about specialist visits and expensive procedures forever? The face mask with Dimexide and "Solcoseryl" is prepared very simply: in a small container, Dimexide should be diluted so that a concentration of 10% is obtained, then the skin is treated with a cotton swab dipped in this liquid. From the top, “Solcoseryl” is immediately laid down in a dense layer, after which you need to wait 60 minutes. Periodically it is recommended to spray the face with water so that the mask does not dry out or crack. Remove with warm water, along the massage lines, and after the procedure, use a nourishing cream.

An important point in working with Dimexide is to apply it either with clean hands or with a piece of cotton or gauze: colored materials are not allowed, regardless of their composition. Any dye in contact with Dimexidum will be immediately delivered to the deeper layers of the skin and blood.

Ulyana: “So I was tempted by the reviews about“ homemade botox ”in the face of“ Solcoseryl ”and Dimexidum: applied, forgetting caution, even in places of mimic wrinkles around the eyes. It's fantastic! I was pampered with such a mask weekly as wrinkles just disappear. I took a break at the end of the 2nd month, six months later I resumed - my skin is amazing! "

Also, as reviews show, you can use Dimexide and under other "anti-aging" masks:

Valeria: “From home masks I really like a mixture of sour cream with white clay (1 tsp each), diluted in 30% Dimexidum solution. Sometimes I throw Aevita capsules here. It turns out an excellent nutritional mixture. I apply it all over my face 30, and take off with warm water. With a monthly course, with a frequency of 1-2 times a week, the skin is very well tightened. "

Dimexide against acne

Since Dimexide is not only an antiseptic, but also a conductor, you can choose any mask recipe and simply strengthen it.

Since Dimexide is not only an antiseptic, but also a conductor, you can choose any mask recipe and simply strengthen it by treating the skin with a previously diluted Dimexide solution. Or get acquainted with the most simple and versatile options.

  • For oily skin, ointment for face with Dimexide and tea tree oil is excellent. Dimexide is diluted so as to obtain a 70% solution, with essential oil, this liquid is combined in equal proportions and applied with a cotton swab to acne. You can rub your finger, barely affecting the skin around the pimple. After 45-60 minutes be sure to wash to prevent draining of the inflamed areas.
  • The most famous option - talker. To this end, doxycycline tablets are dropped into a concentrated solution of Dimexide, and water is added a day later. 10 tablets taken 25 ml of Dimexidum and 75 ml of water. It is not necessary to wash off the mask if the skin is oily.

The course of each mask is 2-3 weeks, with a frequency of every 2 days.

Natalia: “Getting rid of Dimexide from acne is very simple: for this I apply Dimexide as a gel for inflammation, up to 3 times a day. I don’t wash it off, I just leave it to dry completely. Sometimes I also add zinc ointment on top. By the end of the week, I usually there are faint hints of what was a pimple. "

Daria: “A chatterbox during school years saved me: a hormonal surge in acne in graduation class, I didn’t even want to go to the last call, I complexed it. Mom told about the old one as a means world, I had nothing to lose - I tried it. 3 months I treated my skin , and during this period, it was possible to completely get rid of rashes - only traces remained, even without scars. "

Experts strongly recommend not to forget that even as part of different masks, Dimexide can only be used diluted (if it is not a gel), and its concentration should not exceed 70% for local use and 50% for the total.