How to update old jeans


If your jeans have already become old and worn - this is not a reason to throw them away and run after new ones. Why spend money if you can create exclusive jeans with your own hands and embody all your wildest fantasies in them? To do this, you just have to stock up on various buttons, beads, laces and rivets, and in response to the enthusiastic views of others, you yourself can decide what to answer, that you have acquired such an exclusive for a decent amount or made it with your skillful hands. There are many ways to update old jeans, and you can already choose what you like.

How to make jeans full of holes?

How to update old jeans?

Leaky jeans, perhaps, never go out of style and have long been in the arsenal of any fashionable women. If you do not have them yet or you want a second pair of such jeans, then it does not matter, they are easy to make yourself. You can make jeans full of holes so that they expose your legs or make them with a slight hint of leakiness.

What do you need? Your old jeans, hook, ripper and grater with convex holes, that is, the one that does not rub too intensely. So, now begin to rub with a grater in those places where you want to make holes. Just remember that if you do not want holes, but only small scuffs, then you need to rub it very carefully. In this case, it is better to use not a grater, but a fiber hook and gently pull out small fibers. To achieve the greatest leakiness in jeans, use a ripper and rub it in a horizontal direction. Now you should make the distance between the fibers (if you want very leaky jeans), cutting off several rows of protruding threads, but do not completely cut the threads, but leave one centimeter on each side and slightly thread the threads. Everything, now leaky jeans can be dressed and go out!

How to update old jeans?

Dyeing old jeans

Of course, you cannot dress colored jeans in the office, but this is an ideal option for a disco or a party with friends. Making them, by the way, is easy, the main thing that you need is your imagination and ingenuity. Coloring tools - plain jeans, paint for painting, painting utensils, brushes and gloves, as well as permanent makeup, if you want to paint jeans as well. The desired paint is diluted, and the jeans fall into it completely or paint only a piece that needs to be given a different color. Then, at your discretion, you can draw something on jeans, for example, make something like a spotted stain on them.

How to update old jeans?

How to decorate old jeans?

Stock up with felt-tip pens for fabric, lace, stencils, rhinestones, beads, buttons, rivets and threads for embroidery. One of the easiest ways to decorate jeans is by hand painting them with felt-tip pens for fabric, and acrylic paints are also suitable. First, of course, you should consider the design that you will be doing and practice on paper or unnecessary fabric. Before you start painting, place it on the place where the drawing will be - cellophane or thick paper, so that the paint does not leak to the other side. Then from the seamy side, iron the jeans.

How to update old jeans?

If you are not an expert on drawing, and you still want original jeans, then you can paint them with stencils. They can serve as lace or disposable vinyl napkins. Stencil should be fixed on jeans with scotch tape, and then apply acrylic paint in the grooves in the pattern. It is better to apply paint with a brush, a small foam rubber sponge or spray paint. But using a balloon, cover the place near the stencil so that the paint does not fall on the excess fabric. To prevent the drawing from smudging, remove the stencil when the paint is completely dry.

You can decorate jeans and applique. They are sold in any sewing store, and you can choose any to your taste. Attaching them is not difficult at all, just press the appliqué firmly onto the jeans and fasten it with a hot iron, walking the appliqué several times. To keep it very firmly, sew the appliqué in several places from the inside.

If you want bright and attractive jeans, then rhinestones and sequins will help you. Their number depends on your desires and fantasies, they can also be superimposed by drawing or abstraction. In addition, jeans can sew beads, beads or other decorative elements. Just do not forget that brightness is good, but still it should be in moderation, overkill with decorations is not a sign of too good taste.

How else can you decorate jeans? You can decorate jeans with embroidery, which is sold in finished form and it remains only to glue or embroider jeans itself, armed with floss threads. Old jeans can be made more fashionable and with the help of floss, they will look great on the pockets, both in front, and behind and on the sides. In principle, the threads can be sewn on the jeans themselves, but then they should not be arranged randomly, but have some kind of geometric shape, pattern or word. You can also upgrade your jeans by stitching leather or suede fringe along the side seams; you can also use patches that are usually sewn on pockets and knees.

How to update old jeans?

How to weld jeans?

If you have light-colored jeans, you can make them "cooked." This is done quite easily, just drop them in boiling water, where you should dilute some salt and bleach. Boil your jeans like that for an hour, periodically glancing at their condition, in the end, no one will recognize your old jeans, a boil will give them a completely different new look.

boiled jeans

A great rarity now is to meet a girl who would not have weakness for jeans, jeans are so versatile fabric that almost everyone loves. And, of course, I want to have in my wardrobe not only unpretentious universal jeans, but also those that you would have only, and everyone around you devoured you with envious looks. Moreover, the cost of such jeans are minimal, in contrast to the purchased ones, where there is a big cheat for such hand-made.