How to tie scarves


In the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista there is always a place for an original scarf or scarf, which not only warms during cold times, but also gives a certain charm and a bit of coquetry. Now scarves, scarves or stoles are sold in a large assortment, and there really is a choice to choose from! These are wool for winter, silk for summer, chiffon, decorated with beads and braid for a festive outlet.Such accessories with the right combination with other elements of clothing can drastically change your style and image..

Scarves and their varieties have been present in women's wardrobe from ancient times. And because, as this accessory was tied, it was possible to say a lot about its owner, for example, whether she is married or not, to which class she belongs, what financial wealth she has. And already then many women used various methods of tying scarves that existed in their country and society. Since then, of course, much has changed, but the role of the shawl in the woman’s wardrobe has remained unchanged.

How to tie scarves, shawls, stoles?

Some have only a couple of scarves or scarves, and someone has a whole collection of them at home. Only often it happens that these cute and charming little things are unfit cargo for a long time. The usual way of knitting a scarf seems so boring and banal, and to tie this accessory somehow differently still hands do not reach. But still, maybe It is worth giving a second life to your scarves, shawls and stoles, having mastered new interesting ways of tying.

How to tie scarves: European original knot

This is a small variation of the popular way of tying a scarf when it folds in half, slips through the loop and draws into a knot on the neck. To perform this method of tying, a scarf folded in half, throw on his neck. Thread one end through the loop from top to bottom, and the other way around - from bottom to top. Now flatten the knot and gently tighten it around your neck.

How to tie scarves: European original knotHow to tie scarves: European original knot

Office knot for scarves and scarves

Outwardly, this principle of tying a scarf is a bit like a men's tie, but don't let that bother you. TThis handkerchief can be easily carried to the office, as it is very strict and fits the classic style of clothing. You can use a scarf of medium length or a silk square scarf.

Office knot for scarves and scarvesOffice knot for scarves and scarves

Fold the scarf into a narrow strip and drag it around your neck. Wind the right end of the scarf around the circumference of the left end. Now pull the right end of the scarf, stretching it through the hole at the base of the structure, and make a knot. Align the knot so that it fits in the middle of the scarf.

Warm version of knitting a scarf for a coat

Warm version of knitting a scarf for a coat

You can take any elongated scarf or pashmina. Fold the scarf along in half, and if the scarf is very wide, you can fold in four. In this state, wrap the scarf around the neck. The ends of the scarf gently tuck under the coat. It turns out very original, and most importantly - very warm!

Scarf for gentle persons

Warm version of knitting a scarf for a coatWarm version of knitting a scarf for a coat

For this method it is better to take a square scarf, it should be folded triangle diagonally. Tightly fasten the triangle near the neck with the tip forward, and direct the sharp ends back. Flip the tips behind each other, and then throw them forward. The tips can be tied with a simple knot or a beautiful bow.

Harlequin knot for shawls

Scarf for gentle persons

Square scarf fold in the middle. Then place it on the shoulders with the edges, but not the fold of the scarf to the neck. Gently tie the corners of the kerchief with the main knot and bend up the outer edge of the scarf to the middle. Tie the outer tips of the shawl into the main knot. A harlequin with a Harlequin knot can be worn so that the knots are located slightly on the side or in front.

Triple necklace harness

Triple necklace harness

Very unusual, extravagant and stylish solution! Of course, not all girls can use this way of tying a scarf, since for this you need a thin swan neck and a little courage. It is best to wear smoothed high hair, short and ultra-short haircuts.

Take a neckerchief at opposite corners and fold them towards the middle on both sides so that you end up with a strip about 5 cm wide. Place the scarf with the ends forward on the neck. Now grab both ends and twist the handkerchief in a clockwise direction to form a tight twisted braid. Wrap a scarf around your neck several times. Fix the ends in the back with a normal knot. Depending on the length of the shawl, you should have about 2-3 turns.

Shawl Plait

Perfect for any blouse with a neckline, but blouses with a high collar on the contrary will not look with such a scarf.

Triple necklace harnessTriple necklace harness

Take a handkerchief at opposite corners of the neckerchief, fold it from two sides towards the center so that the width of the scarf is 5 cm. Take the folded handkerchief by the ends, wrap it around the neck, and leave one end longer than the other. Tie a single knot. One end and then the other wrap around the scarf. Tie them in the back. Now adjust the shawl so that it is not too tight to the neck.

How to tie a tippet?

If many have heard about the methods of tying scarves and shawls, then few really know how to tie a tippet. The most common tippet can be found in combination with a raincoat, jacket or coat. And sometimes he can replace outerwear at all if, for example, he is tied up like a vest. To do this, simply throw it on his shoulders, straighten as you like, and put on a leather belt on top. Or, for example, throw a tippet on one shoulder, fastening it with a belt or tie the ends at the waist from the back.

How to tie scarves, shawls, stoles?How to tie scarves, shawls, stoles?

You can tie this accessory on top of the coat. For this, it is better to tie the tippet in the form of a yoke. Tie the product tightly, throw it around the neck, twist it and throw it over again. If the stole has a fringe, then you can build a flower out of it. To do this, tuck one edge of the product, gather it in an accordion and tie it up with a fringe. Throw over the trench coat or coat in such a way that the free end is shorter. Slip the flower edge over the other shoulder and secure with a pin or brooch.

These are just a few ways of tying scarves, shawls and stoles. Just five minutes - and you are provided with a bright and unique image for the whole day!