How to tie a woman's tie


A tie is an integral part of the wardrobe of every business person. Gradually, the primordially male element of clothing - the tie - firmly entered the wardrobe of a woman who wants to follow fashion and always look stylish. After the famous fashion houses presented collections in which the tie became the main accessory, it became one of the most sought-after elements of women's clothing. If you are the owner of a tie or want to buy it, you should pay attention to how to tie it, If you want to look always neat and stylish.

What is a woman tie for?

Before you learn to tie a tie, choose it according to your preferred style and decide what you are going to use. It is perfect for completing a business style, creating a glamorous image, attending serious and festive events. A tie can be worn together with a business suit, used for tying hair, put on a hand instead of a bracelet, worn as a belt on jeans.

Women's tie

Unlike the requirements for men's ties, women can wear different ties with any clothing: wide and narrow, short and long, thin and thickened. On how, what a tie and what event you want to attend, depends on the method of tying a tie.

How to tie a women's tie: 3 fashion options

  • To create the first option is used knot for men's ties. Throw a tie around your neck. Take the narrow end and above it from the left side to the right shift wide. After that, immediately across the left side, shift the wide end of the tie back. Hold everything with your hand. Now under the narrow end on the right side put a wide end. Slide the loop through the half of the front knot from the back side upwards. Take the wide end in your hands again, stretch it through the loop and pull it slightly forwards. After that, move the knot to the collar of the blouse, while holding the narrow end.
  • For the second option, hold the narrow end of the tie, worn around the neck, and twist the wide end with a seam. Then under the narrow end cross over. After the wide end, point upwards, put it in the resulting loop and pull it down to the right side. While holding the knitting tightly, flip the wide end over the half of the knot from right to left. At the end, pass through the loop from bottom to top. Now put the top end of the loop, the last, wide end and pull down. Hold the narrow end and move the knot to the collar.
  • The third option is suitable if you want to wear a tie not on your neck, but use it as a stylish accessory. You can use it as a belt. To do this, take a narrow tie, pass through the holes for the belt on the pants and tie any knot to the side.

How to tie a women's tie to create a business style?

For a business style, the best site is suitable small and free. To do this, put a tie inside the seam around the neck. At the same time make the narrow end longer than the wide one. Now turn the wide end outward with a seam. Cross the ends of the tie, after which the top should be a wide end. Swipe over the narrow end. For the knot, which will turn out, skip the wide end, passing through the neck loop. Pull the wide end forward and through the tie knot, its upper layer, pull through. Tighten the knot slightly and straighten it.

How to tie a women's tie to create a business style?

How to tie a thin women's tie?

Ties are not only different colors, but also widths. It is often enough to use a thin tie to create the desired image, not forgetting that it requires the creation of a special Baltus knot. For the first time it is best to stand in front of a mirror.

  • Tie the ends of the tie. Under the narrow end of the tie, turn the wide end out the inside out, then lead up and to the right to make a loop.
  • Now once again through the neck loop, draw a wide end to the right. Again through the neck loop, swipe it to the left.
  • From left to right with a wide end wrap the knot and set the end in a loop. Pass the end to the right through the loop. Again, run the wide end from right to left around the knot.
  • Through the neck loop, output the back end. Then flip through the knot and gently fill in the resulting ear.
  • Spread the knot. Everything, the thin women's tie is tied by a special knot.

How to tie a narrow women's tie?

Put on a necktie. Cross the ends of the cross. Put the wide end on top of the narrow. Now pull the wide end over the narrow end and stretch it to the left. From the left upwards stretch the narrow end. Thread the wide end into the neck loop and pull to the left. Shift right wide over the narrow end. Under the collar, run the loop through the loop and thread the knot again. Spread the knot so that it turns out folds.

How to tie a narrow women's tie?

A few secrets of tying a women's tie

In order not to spoil the whole image, you should still follow some rules when choosing a women's tie.

  • Narrow ties are best worn with dresses, T-shirts or T-shirts. For a business image, the choice should be stopped on a wide tie.
  • A tie should not be very long. If it is below the navel, push it between the buttons and put it under the blouse. In a pinch, you can trim.
  • You can also not tie a women's tie, but simply use a beautiful clip or brooch for it.

A tie is often an essential accessory for fashion week in the world. A woman who follows fashion and wants to look always unique, always in the wardrobe has several types of women's ties. Tying a tie always causes certain difficulties, so knowing some secrets will help to avoid them, and you can easily create a stylish image quickly enough!