How to tie a scarf on his head


A variety of scarves and scarves have long become an integral part of the wardrobe of most fashionable women. A special place among the trends today is occupied by Pavloposad shawls of all forms and colors. But how to wear them correctly, especially if the traditional way is bored? You can wear a headscarf in more than 10 ways, among which it is easy to find an option to your liking.

How to wear a headscarf from bad weather?

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How to tie a scarf on his head

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Depending on the style that you used to stick to, accessories are selected for a particular fashion ensemble. Scarves and tippets, as practice shows, are able to adapt to almost any image, so it is easy to keep them in the context of urban casual, and a gentle, feminine romantic, and even urban sport-chic. Ways of fixing them on the head, of course, also vary depending on the style.

The traditional version of a head scarf has several versions, but in most cases it is aimed at girls who dress in a romantic style. In particular, it looks attractive in combination with a fur coat, sheepskin coat, or a thick coat with a fur trim, because it uses mostly warm woolen scarves. A native Russian, feminine and sophisticated image is being created. It is worth noting that almost all girls can wear a headscarf with the exception of owners of an elongated face, since the accessory visually contributes to its elongation and contraction. It is possible to level this effect, if from under the shawl to release the bang, separating the face along the base of the eyebrows.

Tie a scarf on the head in the traditional way can, if the dimensions of the product are 80 to 80 cm or more. Smaller parameters will not allow to cover the back of the head and neck completely, but they are ideal for use as a sports bandana. The shawl must be folded along a diagonal line, turning it from a square into a triangle, and laid on its head so that the longest edge of its middle was above the hairline. Equidistant ends of each other should be lowered on the sides, then cross them under the chin and start back, wrapping them around the neck. For better fixation, they are tied in a loose single knot. If required, the edges of the shawl, located on the side of the face, are slightly bent inward, and the top edge is folded back, opening the forehead.

The same traditional version can be a little easier if you loosen the tension of the ends, allowing the shawl on the sides to hang freely, forming a kind of hood. In such a situation, the product is easy to lower, turning into a volume scarf, and put on again for protection from the weather. The larger the size of the scarf, the freer will get your "hood".

How beautiful to tie a scarf?

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Fashionistas traditional schemes are not enough, because you want constant experiments. Therefore, especially for them created a lot of unusual images with a scarf on his head. For example, bohemian, for which options are used with sizes 130 to 130 or more. The product bends diagonally and is laid on the head with a complete overlap of the hairline and a slight overlap on the forehead. Both ends of it are turned back, while the edges are closed by half of the ears, and curled into a common tight and long harness. As soon as he reaches the desired strength, he is wrapped along the head, and the end is hidden under the base. Moreover, the same scheme can be done the other way round: by closing the back of the head with a handkerchief, aligning the ends above the forehead, twisting them into a rope, and fixing it at the starting point with a large brooch.

If you put a shawl on your head as a supplement to a light dress, you can turn it into an attractive bandage that will keep hair falling on your face, taking it back. However, for this purpose, 2 shawls are used, or 1, but thin and large, so that, after diagonal twisting, to obtain a tape of 1 m length.

For the option of 2 accessories, the scarves are folded into ribbons having a width of 4-7 cm (at your discretion), after which they are folded in half, at the same time crossing them. Scarves are worn on the head so that the place of their grip is just above the forehead and exactly above the nose bridge. All 4 ends are taken to the back of the head, fastened under it. Before that, both pairs can be connected to each other on the sides: this will simplify the task of their subsequent fixation. Freely falling back hair will mask a knot.

If you want to put only 1 handkerchief on a bandage, choose a longer option. He will be wrapped around his head the other way round: the middle of the tape he has received will lie on the back of his head, hiding with his hair loose, the ends will meet on his forehead. They must be simultaneously threaded into a small metal ring or buckle, and then, without crossing, wrap again around the head, lead back. To fix in the same place, in a zone a nape, by means of a node. If the size of the scarf does not allow it to be done, you can simply wind up the "tape tails" under its halves, and attach them to the hair from the inside with short stealth.

The latest scheme of tying a headscarf for romantic natures will also delight girls who adore non-standard images. The scarf can be taken as the size of 75 by 75, and 110 by 110. The rectangle of the canvas is folded along a diagonal line and is located on the head with the base of the triangle in the direction of the forehead. Its direct end falls on a nape, lateral "tails" fall on a back. All 3 of these parts need to connect over the left or right ear, tying in a bow or "flower". You can slightly turn the handkerchief so that the middle of the triangular canvas is above the opposite ear: then weaving will be more traditional, without the asymmetry of its parts. In addition, you can put only lateral ends on the bow, and the average right angle of the triangular web can be left loose on loose hair. It looks most impressive when the scarf is made in a thin translucent fabric: for example, in silk or chiffon.

Variety of options

How to tie a scarf on his head

How to tie a scarf on his head

How to tie a scarf on his head

How to tie a scarf on his head

How to tie a scarf on your head?

Ways to wear a headscarf depend not only on the style of clothing, but also on the material from which the accessory is made. Dense woolen scarves are difficult to turn into an elegant work of art, but they are well protected from the weather and look great with outerwear made of natural fur. You can diversify the headscarf, which is traditionally tied to the head, by means of an interesting pattern on the fabric or an attractive brooch at the place of fixing its ends. Here, even a shawl will look unusual, which under other circumstances cannot be placed on your head.

Spring and autumn shawls are less dense, as a result of which they are already more flexible and form special weaving without any special problems. With them you can perform a lot of experiments. But it is worth remembering that in the general image they will not tolerate competition, so the rest of the ensemble details are selected as simple as possible. This is especially true of the scarves tied in the bohemian style: they have enough neat earrings tucked under the kerchief, which also emphasize a thin neck, and it is advisable to open the shoulders to increase the emphasis on this zone. By the way, handkerchiefs tied in this way can add the necessary volume to the head, which is important for girls with curvaceous shapes.

Summer scarves - silk, satin, chiffon. They already have a purely decorative function and are unlikely to protect from the hot sun, but they will perfectly play the role of an ideal accessory for a flying dress or skirt, allow experimenting with a hairstyle. Most often they are worn as ribbons or bandages, they are made part of a general styling, for example, at the final stage, weaving the ends of the veil into a braid, or, on the contrary, wrapping the oblique part of the veil.

But the most popular and fastest way to use a light and thin scarf is to turn it into a base for a Greek hairstyle. In this case, the handkerchief folds into a narrow ribbon and wraps around the head. The node is located at the back of the head, on top of the hair. Then curls tucked down from the top of the handkerchief, hiding it almost completely.

A lover of sports style will appreciate the use of a silk or satin shawl as a bandana. It is recommended for this purpose to take a product with dimensions of 50 to 50 or slightly more. It is also bent diagonally, placed over the forehead area, bringing the ends back and tying them into a double knot. If desired, you can slightly bend the side edges of the bandana to bring the place of fixation a little higher. The main thing is that the total hair web is under the handkerchief and its knot.

The shawls are gradually turning into universal accessories and are actively cramming the rest of the hats. There are a lot of ways to wear them, and among the above you will definitely find the most attractive and comfortable one for you. Experiment with style and image, discover new facets in yourself and be unique!