How to tie a scarf on a coat

The tippet and scarf are fashion accessories that will help you to create an original and always new look based on simple outfits, for example, a coat. The main thing is to learn how to tie them beautifully and stylishly.

How beautiful to tie a scarf on a coat?

The casual way of tying a scarf coat is often called European. It looks stylish and at the same time careless. This option of tying a scarf fits many clothes, be it a women's coat or a men's jacket. A simple knot looks neat and elegant.

How to tie a scarf on a coat?How to tie a scarf on a coat?

  • Fold your scarf in half. Flip it folded over the neck. At you it turns out that on one side the ends of the scarf hang down on the chest, on the other - the loop.
  • Thread the loose ends of your scarf into the noose. Now you can pull up the scarf closer to the neck.
  • With the coat unbuttoned, the so-called bohemian version of tying a long warm scarf looks extraordinarily beautiful. Attach your scarf to the neck from the front and fold it loosely back.
  • Cross the loose ends on your back and bring them back. If a scarf is knotted by a man, he does not need to be tightened around his neck very much, let him lie loosely and carelessly.
  • You can also further tie up the loose ends in a large knot.
  • Beautifully tie a scarf on the coat can be using a double knot.

To do this, wind the scarf around your neck, as in the previous version, just not once, but two. Then pull the ends of the scarf forward.

For long scarves, the classic way of tying on a coat is also well suited.

How to tie a scarf on a coat?How to tie a scarf on a coat?

Flip your scarf over your neck. One of his free end cast back over his shoulder.

For a coat that does not have a collar, wrap a scarf around your neck as many times as you can, and tilt the remaining ends gently. This is an option for a particularly cold day.

How to wear a tippet with a coat?

If you decide to experiment with the image using a stole, then you should know some of the nuances of wearing it in combination with a coat.

Palatine does not tolerate slouching back. If you decide to wear it, watch your posture.

Ideal collar coat for the coat is one that has a small stand. Suit and models with a simple collar. If the collar is made of fur, then use the stole as a headdress.

The color of the stole is important. It is a good way to get rid of depression and boredom and to add bright saturated colors to our life. With the help of several interesting things you can change your image as much as you like. As a rule, the color of the stole is matched to the shade of the coat. Therefore, when buying it, it is better to try on with outerwear. Following numerous tips on how to properly wear a color stole with a coat, remember that just one color in the pattern of the accessory, which echoes the shade of your skin, immediately makes it perfectly suitable.

How to tie a tippet on a coat?

How to tie a scarf on a coat?How to tie a scarf on a coat?

There are many interesting ways to tie a tippet on a coat. And all of them, above all, depend on the size of this accessory. If your tippet is not very big, then you can make a clutch out of it, twisting it with a cord, and tie loose ends with a suitable knot.

Palatines of large size give complete freedom for creativity.If the accessory is decorated with an original pattern or embroidery, then the easiest way will suit you - throw the tippet on your neck so that it hangs freely down. You can throw it, slightly draping on the chest, loose ends, or leave it on the back, or tie, or perekin'te on the chest, wrapped around the neck. Another original variant is to throw a tippet on the shoulders, having pulled one end behind. You can also use a beautiful brooch for mounting. If you use the stole as a headdress, just throw it over your head, wrapping one end around your neck. Another can be hidden in a coat, and can be left free in front or decorated with a brooch.

Dr. the original way is called "graduate ribbon". To do this, simply throw the accessory on your shoulder, and pin its ends with each other at the waist or hip level, like a graduate's ribbon. If you like originality, then you should try using 2 stoles at once. They can be the same size, pattern, texture, but completely different in color.

How to tie a scarf on a coat?How to tie a scarf on a coat?

To be able to wear a beautiful scarf and stole is a special art, but anyone can learn it. The main desire. Having mastered a few simple rules for using these accessories, you can find your new image every day.

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