How to tie a scarf around your neck over a beautiful and


Elegantly tied to a woman's neck, the scarf is the perfect accessory for all seasons. It is worn with different clothes. Let's try to figure out how to tie a scarf around his neck over a jacket.

How to choose a shawl?

How to choose a shawl?

The choice of scarf is based on three pillars: fabric, size and color. The fabric should be draped easily and beautifully, so the material needs soft, not thick and flowing. Naturally, natural silk is most preferable. As its replacement, you can take mixed fabrics of silk and artificial threads. Do not give up and crepe de Chiffon, viscose.

A handkerchief in the hands should cause pleasant sensations, and the composition from it should flow in beautiful folds. It’s not for nothing that dancers often use handkerchiefs to brighten body movements in their performances.

The size range of scarves and their shape are quite diverse: these are squares from 30x30 cm to 120x120 cm, and rectangles from 90x180 cm to 110x240 cm. Dimensions can be changed in accordance with the features of a fashionable composition. Selection of colors and prints also require increased attention. A poorly chosen color may add to the owner for several years. At the same time, successful combinations of colors not only help to look in the proper light, but reveal a psychological portrait of a person.

Red color symbolizes passion, energy, action. Orange - joy, optimism, poise, openness. Yellow - happiness and intelligence. The predominance of green - emotions, love and harmony. Blue and blue - peace and balance, creativity. Gray tones - security, calmness, neutrality. White - purity, peacefulness. Black - protest, fear.

How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck over a jacket?

After the accessories are selected, it is worth thinking about the knot forms with which the scarf will be fixed, and how to knit them. Both already well-known methods and personal fantasy and dexterity can help.


  1. Big shawl fold in half.
  2. Take its opposite corners and tie them into a knot.
  3. Slip the scarf around your neck.
  4. Pull it in front of you and turn it around.
  5. Lead the loop around the neck.How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck over a jacket?
  6. Give the shawl an elegant look by straightening it in front.How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck over a jacket?
  7. Double knot:
  8. Slip the scarf around your neck and wrap it around it twice.
  9. Take one of the ends and pass through the formed layers.
  10. Knot with the other end of the scarf.How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck over a jacket?
  11. Spread the ends.How beautiful to tie a scarf around your neck over a jacket?

European knot:

  1. A large scarf needs to be collected and bent in half.
  2. Throw it around your neck.
  3. Release the ends through the loop and tighten.European knot
  4. Straighten and lay the ends of the scarf.European knot


  1. We fold the scarf diagonally and throw it over our shoulders.
  2. Twice twist the front.
  3. We get the ends back, we fill under a ready layer of a scarf.
  4. Straighten the resulting volumes.

Knot Eight

Elegant knot:

  1. Take a large handkerchief, assemble and wrap it around your neck two or three times.
  2. The loose ends need to be tucked under the first layer of the scarf.
  3. Straighten and lay the resulting composition.

Elegant knot

Hidden node:

  1. The scarf must be tied around the neck so that its ends fall down.
  2. Tie the ends of the scarf in a normal knot.
  3. Carefully tuck the knot under the handkerchief.
  4. Stretch and straighten the shawl layer over the knot.

Hidden node


  1. Fold the silk scarf with a triangle.
  2. Place the triangle in front so that it covers the chest.
  3. The ends of the scarf should be knotted at the back of the neck.
  4. Now tuck them under the triangle on the chest.
  5. Give the scarf the desired shape.


Twisted knot:

  1. Wrap a scarf around your neck.
  2. Pass the ends of the shawl through the ring on the neck and freely straighten it on the chest.

Twisted knot

Infinite knot:

  1. Fold a large handkerchief on the surface and align the ends.
  2. Tie ends together.
  3. Throw a large knotted knotted back around the neck.
  4. Attach the bottom of the shawl ring to the wide belt of the jacket.

Infinite knot


  1. Big scarf fold diagonally.
  2. Throw a scarf around your neck and straighten it so that its main mass covers the neck, back and shoulders, and the ends are in front.
  3. Tie the ends in a knot at the front, adjust the shawl.



  1. Wrap the scarf around your neck so that the ends hang equally in front.
  2. Tie a knot in one of them in the middle, but do not tighten it completely.
  3. In the resulting loop, skip the second end.
  4. Moving the knot up or down, you need to select your preferred point.
  5. Spread the ends.


Scarf with two knots:

  1. A large scarf needs to be collected and thrown over the neck.
  2. Align the ends of the scarf in front.
  3. Tie at the ends of the knot at equal distance.

Two knot shawl

Scarf with a number of nodes:

  1. Throw a large shawl of thin fabric around your neck.
  2. Align the ends in front.
  3. Tie a string of loose knots in a chain.

Scarf with a number of knots

Scarves experiments are a pleasure aimed at revealing the versatility of your image. A variety of options depends only on fantasy. A smile and self-confidence will make your outfit a work of art. Good luck and creative accomplishments!