How to tie a narrow tie with different knots

Compared to women, men have very few accessories that complement a not very diverse wardrobe. However, it was thanks to a strong half of humanity that such a stylish and elegant element as a tie appeared. There are several models of this important accessory. To date, the most pressing question remains how to tie a narrow tie, presented in all the latest ready-to-wear collections.

In the past few years, narrow-tie patterns called “herrings” have returned to fashion. The main feature of these styles is that the knot does not have to be absolutely perfect; it is supposed to leave the impression of slight negligence. The fabric from which such ties are made, as a rule, has a silky texture; most often it is satin. When tying any knot on such material there should be several folds - instead of a neat dimple tied on wide ties. The accessory should not be tied tightly. To do this, even leave the top button of the shirt open. Consider the nuances of tying the most popular knots on a narrow tie.

Four-in-hand knot: how to tie a narrow tie step by step

How to tie a narrow tie knot

In the 19th century in England there was a club called "Four". It is believed that it was the members of this community who came up with such a simple way to tie a neck accessory. By the way, it is recommended not to overly tighten this knot, but on the contrary, to focus on its asymmetry.


  1. We pass the ironed tie under the shirt collar and start a wider edge to the right.
  2. We throw the narrowed edge on the working wide.
  3. Working part we wrap the narrowed part in 1 turn to the left.
  4. We derive the working edge up and through the resulting loop down.
  5. Lightly tighten the knot.

"Poluvindzor" node: scheme

How to tie a narrow tie knot

On heavy tie fabrics, for example, silk, the Poluvindzor knot looks good. It is important to properly combine it with a shirt: the ends of the collar should be slightly divorced.


  1. We cross the tails of the tie so that the working - wider - part remains on the left.
  2. We derive the working part up and get under the knot on the right side.
  3. Again do the overlapping of the node with a wider end and draw the edge to the left.
  4. Having directed a working edge of a tie up, we wind a tie at the left.
  5. Make 1 turn through the loop, display the edge in the center.
  6. We skip the working end to the resulting loop.
  7. Slightly tighten.

Learning to make a Windsor knot

How to tie a narrow tie knot

There is a version that the model of the site "Windsor" was invented by the Duke of Windsor, but there are no facts confirming this. And, nevertheless, this intricate knot brings seriousness and authority to the image. Just be sure to note that for this model, the longer the tie, the better.


  1. We cross the wider and narrower parts so that the first becomes 1.5 times as long as the second.
  2. We make another 1 loop around the narrow part with a wider one.
  3. We draw the working edge behind the tie behind.
  4. We wrap the resulting loop in front.
  5. We derive the working end from the other side, again we wind the resulting loop.
  6. We display the working edge upward and push in the loop.
  7. Slightly tighten.

Model "Christensen"

How to tie a tie with a narrow knot

The Christensen model was proposed by the famous dressmaker Amanda Christensen in the 19th century. This knot is perfect for high collars. And it is better to carry it out on ties made of dense fabrics - wool, cashmere.


  1. Set up a wide part crosswise over a narrow one.
  2. We carry out the working edge to the left and through the neck loop do inhaling.
  3. We stretch the wide edge to the left over the puff.
  4. We wind the neck part, but on the right, and draw the edge to the center.
  5. We pass through the working end into the formed loop.
  6. Tighten the tie.

We master the "Small knot" technique

How to tie a narrow tie

If the collar of the shirt fits snugly to the neck, then a tie tied with a “small knot” is ideal for this style.


  1. We throw the narrowed part on a wider.
  2. Working extended part we wind edge, which already.
  3. We stretch the working edge to the center and push it down through the loop.
  4. Tighten the resulting node.

Elegant knot "Prince Albert"

How to tie an elegant knot

The double knot, or "Prince Albert," fits under shirts with elongated collars.


  1. We throw in the long extended part of the narrowed.
  2. We make 1 turn of the narrow end, deducing wide aside.
  3. We wrap a narrow edge, but we draw the working edge from above.
  4. Thread the working end into the eyelet and tighten.

"Eastern knot" on a narrow tie

How to make

If you like long ties and growth allows you to wear them, then the "Eastern Knot" is exactly what you need. Just be prepared for the fact that the tie will often be untied.


  1. We put the tie inside out on the neck.
  2. We throw the extended end to the left with an overlap on the tapered.
  3. Make a working end turn around the narrowed and bring it up.
  4. We stretch the working end through the eyelet, tightly tighten and twist the loop around the neck.

Knowing how to tie a narrow tie in several ways, you can be sure that there will be the most suitable knot for any shirt. Despite the large number of options, all nodes are quite simple. The main thing is to correctly calculate the length of the working edge in order to get a tie of a harmonious length.

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