How to tie a little scarf around your neck in different

The desire of women to create their own individual image, probably laid by nature. It does not depend on the material and social status of women. To create your own style, handbags, jewelery, belts and scarves are used in pleasant combinations of colors and sophistication. We will talk about how to tie a small scarf around your neck to bring a zest to your look.

How beautiful to tie a little scarf around your neck: tips from stylists

How beautiful to tie a little scarf around your neck?

A small scarf tied around the neck is an affordable, fashionable and popular accessory. A very small cut of fabric can drastically change the image, the inner state of the soul, the whole look as a whole. Such a universal fashionable thing will be relevant at any time of the year.

A neck scarf goes well with clothes of all styles: classic, business, romantic, sports and others. He does not accept age restrictions: he is very happy to wear very young girls and he likes women of solid age. The main thing is to choose the right material, color, pattern, and also present this accessory effectively.

Scarves and cravats are considered fashionable but sophisticated accessories. They are on a special account with stylists and fashion designers. Therefore, you should listen to their advice and recommendations:

  • comfortable at any time of the year, the silk silk handkerchiefs fit beautifully;
  • the neck accessory should be in harmony in the primary colors with a hint of lipstick, be close to the color of the eyes;
  • brunettes will face bright dark handkerchiefs with various patterns, prints, ornaments;
  • brown-haired women, blondes are impressed by the accessories of light pastel colors;
  • women with magnificent forms are not recommended to wear small neckerchiefs;
  • buying a neck accessory, we select it to the existing wardrobe, to the style of clothing, which is preferred, because a handkerchief with funny cartoon characters will not fit into a strict trouser suit;
  • a neckerchief tied up like a small tie fits a business style;
  • stylists recommend acquiring scarves of fixed sizes of a square shape: 40 × 40, 80 × 80, 90 × 90;
  • A great addition to denim clothes will be small scarves with small distinct ornaments.

Learning to do different knots

No doubt: a scarf around the neck can not spoil the image. On the contrary, this simple thing will give charm, individuality, originality to the look. Knowledge of how to properly tie scarves, and their presence in the arsenal provide an opportunity to experiment on daily changes in their image. Consider decent options.

French knot:

  1. Put a square handkerchief one of the corners forward. Let's turn opposite corners, directing them to each other. The result is a strip of fabric up to 5 cm wide.How to tie a scarf around your neck with a French knot?
  2. Wrap the neck with the blank: we cross the tips at the back and bring it forward.
  3. We tie a knot in the center.
  4. We will turn the handkerchief with one knot to the shoulder and fix it with the second.
  5. Beautifully laid tips.How to tie a scarf around your neck with a French knot: scheme

This version of the knot looks perfect with any cut, gives the image a flirty, but not frivolousness, and therefore suitable even for a business style. If in a dress blouse with a collar, and it is our choice fell on this version of tying a scarf, then the knot must be left in the center.

How to tie a small tie in a square knot:

  1. We form the blank of the handkerchief, as in the above node.
  2. We wrap the neck with the finished strip: we will pull the corners forward, while making one of the ends longer.
  3. We make a long corner in a short one, let it out through the loop created and pull it up.
  4. We skip the same end under the short one, output it to the resulting loop and tighten it.
  5. Then take the ends of the shawl back and fix the node.
  6. Place a square knot just under the chin.

How to tie a small tie square knot?

This type of knot is ideal for blouses with a collar. A silk silk scarf tied in this way will look especially impressive.

Harness ring:

  1. We make already familiar to us workpiece, getting a wide and long strip.
  2. Get a handkerchief behind the neck and make one side longer than the other.How to tie a scarf around the neck with a knot
  3. We skip the short side under the long part, stretching it into the resulting loop.
  4. We begin with a long half to twist the base of the scarf.
  5. We will tie the corners together into a neat knot.
  6. We stretch the folds, turning the neckerchief into a perfect ring - a harness.

How to tie a scarf around your neck with a knot

Such an original harness will give a unique charm to even the most stringent costume.

Cowboy knot:

  1. Fold a fashion accessory with a triangle.
  2. We put a handkerchief so that the corner of the fabric was on the chest, and the ends of it are wound around the neck.
  3. Wrapping the neck, we bring the corners forward.
  4. Tie the ends of the shawl into a light double knot.
  5. The node is placed strictly under the chin.How to tie a scarf around your neck with a cowboy knot?
  6. You can fill the knot under the corner of the scarf or corner of the neck accessory to remove the jacket under the collar, leaving an elegant knot at the top.


  1. We turn the scarf stripe, as learned in the previous versions.
  2. We put the resulting strip of fabric on the neck and make the ends different in length.
  3. Cross the ends: a long corner is wrapped around a short one.
  4. In the resulting loop, skip the long end of the scarf. Decoration for the neck is ready!

How to tie a scarf around the neck with a sliding knot?

You can still experiment, having on hand simple things: buckles, rings, special clips, clips. Everything is very simple here: the ends of the scarf are not tied together, but are skipped or fixed by the listed fashionable things. Such a scarf will give an image of neatness and elegance.

How to stylishly tie a small scarf around your neck?

Scarf in wardrobe: ideas

Neckcloth with leather jacket

Neckerchief with a shirt

Neckerchief with white shirt

Neckerchief with Park

Scarf in wardrobe

Neckerchief with blouse

Neckerchief with coat

Neckerchief with vest

Probably, they did not come up with such a style in clothes, where the handkerchief tied around the neck would not fit. This accessory will add you exquisite freshness and highlight femininity. Use all the variety of forms and methods of tying scarves. Good luck in finding your individuality!

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