How to tie a big scarf around your neck is beautiful and to

Modern fashion dictates new rules every day. Tracking style trends is sometimes very difficult. The only thing that remains unchanged in creating a beautiful female image is a scarf around the neck. Scarves, shawls and stoles always look stylish and spectacular if you know how to tie them properly. How to tie a large scarf around the neck to give charm and lightness to the image?

In order to inspire you to new ideas for creating unique images, in this article we have collected the most relevant options.

How to wear a headscarf: a bit of history

How to wear a scarf?How beautiful to tie a big scarf around your neck?

The history of the creation of neck scarves goes back several hundred years. However, initially this stylish accessory was worn only by men. An ornament for the fair sex became a scarf much later. And there are still inveterate debates of historians about what country should be considered the leader of the fashion of a women's scarf.

So, in Italy, this accessory has found the greatest popularity in the Renaissance and was called fasolleto. A large shawl, most often of silk or chintz, was wrapped around the neck and secured with a volume brooch.

During the reign of Louis 14 and the heyday of the Knights and Paladins, the French began to wear a woman’s headscarf as a sign of sympathy for the opposite sex. The color of the accessory has always matched the colors of the coat of arms of the beloved knight. A favorite of kings tied a light silk scarf around the neck in the form of a bow, which later became fashionable under the name of a lavalier.

In Russia, the headscarf has always been a constant part of the wardrobe of women and girls. However, wearing it not only on the head, but also on the neck began only in the 17th century. In those days, it was believed that the more girls have different scarves and shawls in her chest, the richer the bride. That is why many ladies wore several scarves at once: one on the other.

A special place in the Russian history of creating headscarves is occupied by the Orenburg downy shawls. Ural women from silky down hand knitted the finest down scarves. In the mating of the Orenburg shawl can be noted a variety of natural motifs. But the main criterion of quality was considered that the handmade shawl had to pass through the wedding ring.

Nowadays, scarves are a very popular and fashionable accessory in the wardrobe of every woman. They are made from various fabrics and materials, and leading designers each time create new unique colors.

How beautiful to tie a big scarf around your neck?

The trend of tying large shawls on outerwear has recently become very popular. This allows not only to look stylish and spectacular, but also to stay warm. How to wear a large scarf around your neck, every woman decides for herself, we just offer you some of the most successful options.

Cowboy knot

This way of wearing a scarf or scarf is a universal option for any clothing. You can tie a scarf with a cowboy knot not only under your favorite coat or jacket, but it will also look good with a thin blouse or business jacket:

  1. Fold a large scarf diagonally and wrap it around your neck.
  2. Secure both ends together with a tight knot.How to tie a large scarf around your neck with a cowboy knot?
  3. To keep the knot tightly fixed and not randomly turning at the wrong moment, we tie the tips again.

Now it remains only to adjust the scarf so that it looks beautiful and magnificent.Cowboy knot


This way of tying a headscarf came to us from England and fully corresponds to its traditions. Sliding knot is made in a strictly business style and is perfect for clothes with a V-neck:

  1. Fold the handkerchief exactly in the middle and throw around the neck so that both ends are at the same level.
  2. One end of the scarf needs to be tied into a spacious knot.How to tie a large scarf around the neck with a sliding knot?
  3. Pass the other end of the scarf into the loose knot we just created.

Carefully flatten the knot and pull it closer to the neck.Slipknot

Romantic folds

An air ring scarf is perfect for creating a tender, romantic look. It is best suited for this scarf, made of lightweight fabrics such as silk, satin or guipure:

  1. Flip the scarf around the neck and secure both ends with a weak knot.How to tie a large scarf around the neck with romantic folds?
  2. Collect one end of the scarf exactly midway from the edge and beginning of the knot.How to tie a big scarf around the neck beautifully?
  3. Wrap the opposite end of the scarf around the ear and tie it in a knot.
  4. Straighten the folds, as if creating an airspace.How to tie a large scarf around the neck folds?

Double square

A scarf tied in a double knot will not only look beautiful on your neck, but also protect you from strong gusts of wind and frost:

  1. Fold the scarf horizontally and wrap around your neck so that both ends are flush.
  2. Tie the shawl tips into a loose knot.How to tie a large scarf around your neck with a knot
  3. Wrap one edge of the scarf around your neck and tie the ends again.
  4. Adjust the height of the nodules and gently fluff the scarf.Node & quot; Double square & quot;

Stylish bow

For ladies who prefer a romantic style of dress, a light scarf, knitted in the shape of a bow, is perfect. It will not only add some mystery to the image, but also decorate any dress with a deep neckline and even a light autumn coat:

  1. Fold the scarf horizontally evenly in half and wrap around the neck.
  2. Tie the ends of the scarf in a knot.How to tie a big scarf around your neck with a stylish bow?
  3. Form an eyelet on one of the ends of the scarf.
  4. Wrap the opposite side of the scarf, as if tying a string and forming a second loop.How to tie a big scarf around the neck with a bow?
  5. Adjust the scarf to the desired length and slightly straighten the edges of the bow.How beautiful to wear a big scarf around your neck?

You can think of your own ways how to wear a big scarf. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and lay out various options for scarves. Now it will be enough to imagine what you want to get in the end and implement your plans. A little training - and beautifully tying a handkerchief around your neck will turn out almost automatically.

Summing up, it is worth noting that it is not enough to buy a scarf of fashionable colors and style, you also need to know how to wear it correctly. No wonder the people say that the envy of a handkerchief can not be bought. With skillful use of this accessory, you can give your daily image a special elegance and charm.

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