How to tie a bandana


Bandana at first glance is a square-shaped scarf. But, despite its simplicity, is a fashionable and bright accessory. Bandana can be worn on the head, neck, arm and even on the hips. In addition, this scarf can be a bright accent in ensembles of various styles.

What does a bandana look like: application of the accessory

This accessory is a square piece of fabric. The standard sizes for bandanas are 63 by 63 cm or 70 by 70 cm. According to the established tradition, bandanas are made of dense fabric with patterns, but monophonic ones also exist. Most often, neutral patterns and images are used as a pattern on such a scarf: Turkish cucumbers, skulls, cobwebs, etc. Representatives of informal organizations wear bandanas with meaningful, in one way or another, drawings for them. It can be various slogans, logos and portraits of famous people.

For the manufacture of bandannas, cotton is most often used, since such a fabric is strong enough and is not strongly susceptible to deformation when worn. In hot weather, many people use silk bandanas. But the silk in such a scarf must always be natural, because artificial will constantly slip on the hair, which is not very convenient.

How to tie a bandana?

In addition to the square bandanas, there are accessories sewn from 2 parts. They are a ribbon that needs to be tied around the head, and a hanging rectangular edge; can be a hat (typical for leather bands); a rim that is attached to the back with a rubber band; a pipe.

Many believe that the bandanna was originally worn on the head, but this opinion is wrong. Spanish farmers, who tied it around their necks and used them to protect them from dust, put a handkerchief on their face so that small particles did not get into the respiratory tract. Then this simple idea was picked up by American cowboys.

The most important attribute was the bandana for bikers. It is used by these people as a sign of belonging to the fraternity. In the biker environment are used most often leather bandanas. This material is stronger, more durable and, moreover, moisture resistant. In addition, leather bandanas better protect from the sun and collisions with insects while riding.

For bikers, the bandana became not just an accessory, but a whole signal system. If you meet a motorcyclist with a bandana tied up on his arm, it means that he mourns his friend; A bandana attached to a motorcycle handle means that help is needed.

How to wear a bandana on your head?

A classic square bandanna can be worn on the head, on the neck, on jeans, on the hand and even tie it on a bag or backpack.

How to tie a bandana on his head? There are several ways to do this.

  • The classic way is that a square kerchief on a flat, flat surface must first be folded diagonally. Now, taking a handkerchief for 2 ends, gently place it on the forehead slightly above the eyebrow line. Naturally, a bandana should lie on the forehead with a bent edge. To make it easier to tie, tilt your head back. Now pull the bandana and gently tie its ends into a knot at the back of the head. While holding the knot, straighten the free end of the scarf, then tie another 1 knot, but above the free tip of the bandana.
  • In pirate. If you recall the famous captain Jack Sparrow, then surely his image with a handkerchief will immediately come to mind. You can tie a bandana in the same way.
  • As in the past, lay out a bandanna on a flat, level surface and bend its corner to the center. Place the scarf on your head at eyebrow level. Straighten the free edge and tie a knot on the back of your head. The remaining edge can be left, but you can wrap inside to get a strip.
  • Women can wear this hat too. There is even a special way of tying bandanas so that she looks quite feminine.
  • Fold the bandanna in half to make a triangle. Then attach it to the head. Connect the 2 ends of the triangle with a small knot in the neck area. You can also make a double knot, securing the tips on top.

How to wear a bandana on your head?

How to tie a bandana on the neck: 2 ways

If you decide to wear a bandana around your neck, you can use several ways of tying it.

  1. Method 1: First, according to tradition, fold the square scarf into a triangle. At the base of the resulting triangle, make a small bend. Cross the long ends of the bandana behind the neck, and then bring them to the chin and secure them with a simple knot under the free end of the bandana. This is how cowboys tied this shawl.
  2. Method 2: Take a bandana, folded in a triangle. Now fold the strip out of it, starting to wrap from the top of the triangle. Attach the central part of the strip to the throat, and place the long ends by the neck. Then, as in the 1st case, cross them behind the neck and bring the ends forward. Secure them in front with 2 knots.

Tying bandana on hand

A bandana can look stylish and beautiful if you tie it on your arm.

To do this, fold the scarf with a triangle and bend it several times, starting from the top. In this case, as mentioned above, you will have a wide strip. Put the resulting strip on a flat surface. Place your hand palm up in the center of the strip. With your second hand, start shifting the ends of the bandanas parallel to each other in opposite directions. When the ends have been shifted 1 time, holding the bandana, turn the hand palm down and shift the ends again. Small tails left by the bandana, you can tie a knot or just fill. Your stylish accessory is ready.

The easiest way possible tie a bandana on the thigh. However, remember that this accessory will be appropriate only in combination with jeans. Bandana for this tedious to choose a large size so that she could wrap the hips. First fold the scarf in a triangle, then wrap it around the thigh so that the top of the triangle is on the side of the triangle and facing down. When the shawl is properly positioned, secure it with a simple knot.

How to tie a bandana?

What can I wear with a bandana?

Bandana can be attributed to the universal accessories. To wear it there are so many options.

If you are going to wear a bright, beautiful bandana on your head as a bandage or rim, then you can combine it with feminine things. For example, such a bandana can be worn with dresses, skirts, blouses and tops. The exceptions are evening dresses and classic costumes.

If you tie a scarf in a classic way on the head, then a ripped jeans, leather jackets, tank tops and voluminous T-shirts, that is, things that suit the style of rock, will be a suitable option.

In addition to rock bandana is an attribute of rappers. Therefore, this accessory is also suitable for wide pants and T-shirts. In addition, in this regard, bandanna can be combined even with baseball caps. The scarf is tied on the head, and the baseball cap is worn directly on top.

And, of course, country style would be appropriate. Bandana goes well with denim clothing, Cossack boots and long skirts and sundresses.

Bandana can not only save you from the summer heat, but also give your image a bright and unique accent. The main thing is to choose the right clothes with which the bandana will look harmonious. A variety of colors, patterns and prints will help you choose the right accessory for you. Ways to tie bandanumset, and they are not at all difficult. Therefore, if you want to update your image, a bandana will be for you one of the best options.