How to style your hair dryer

Daily hair styling has become an integral part of the life of the fair sex. You do not have to go to the hairdresser, you can create an interesting image at home. This does not require special funds. Hair foam, comb, hair dryer - and you are beautiful!

Indeed, the laid hair completes the image. Any woman will confirm that the styling does not just add volume, it forms the hairstyle. In order to achieve an excellent result, you should adhere to certain rules: use the hair dryer correctly, choose a suitable comb.

How to dry hair with a hair dryer?

  • The pace of modern life significantly reduces the amount of free time. That is why hair dryer - an indispensable device in the arsenal of beauty of any woman. It is believed that he spoils the hair. Indeed, if used improperly, the curls begin to split, become dry. These consequences can be avoided by following certain rules.

How to style hair with a hairdryer?

  • Hair should not be too wet. In this state, they are the most fragile, and therefore can be seriously damaged. They need to be slightly dried with a towel. In this case, you can not hard rub your hair. This, again, contributes to their fragility.
  • Curls gently combed and divided into strands. So they will dry out evenly, in the hair will look smooth, uniform.
  • Hair dryer need not expose to the greatest power. The temperature should rise consistently. Otherwise, the hair can be dried.
  • Of great importance is the location of the dryer. It is necessary to dry hair at some distance from the head with a stream of warm air. The direction of the air is from top to bottom at a slight angle. With this method, flakes of hair are closed, and they become smooth.
  • To dry the head you need starting with the strands of the forehead, moving to the temporal and ending with the occipital.
  • If you used a hair mask based on basic and essential oils, then it is better not to start drying with a hair dryer immediately. Wait 10-15 minutes.

How to straighten hair with a hairdryer?

Hair straightening is similar to the styling process.

  • Moist but not wet hair is applied with a styling agent of the desired degree of fixation. Sprays penetrate the hair structure faster.
  • Next need a round hairbrush. It will not only help to create volume, but also straighten hair. Diameter can be any. Brush pick up the strand, stretch it through the comb from root to tip. At the same time, the strand is parallel to the downward motion and dried with a directed air stream. For convenience, the hair dryer is better to take in the left hand, and a round brush in the right (for left-handers - on the contrary). The brush should lift the hair at the roots. Due to this, the volume is created.
  • When drying, the tips are slightly bent with a round comb. So they become more accurate, do not stick in different directions.

How to style hair with a hairdryer?

  • The key to success in how to straighten hair with a hairdryer is accuracy and the lack of haste.Every 5 minutes it is better to make a short pause. So the hair does not dry out. From the point of view of psychology, it is better to style your hair, not standing, but sitting. You will avoid unnecessary stress, be careful.
  • While one strand is drying, the rest of the hair should be fixed with special clips. So it will be more convenient to do the styling.
  • Before starting the procedure, a protective agent can be applied to the hair that protects the curls from exposure to warm air. To dry and style hair should always be in the direction of growth. This is due to the peculiarities of their structure. During such drying the scales are closed, the hair begins to shine, become more elastic.
  • In order not to damage them, it is better not to try to tighten the strand on the comb too much. Optimally average hair tension. To create a directed stream of air, you can use the nozzles on the hair dryer. Usually they are included with the sale. It is best to straighten curls in dry weather. Excessive moisture will negate all efforts. Also, do not try to straighten hair after a perm.
  • After all the strands are dried, do not immediately fix them with varnish. To fix the result is better in 5-7 minutes. Thus, the hairstyle is not weighted. Optimally repeat the installation not every day, but 2-4 times a week. So you keep intact the natural structure of the hair.

Every woman is concerned about the question: how to properly style your hair with a hair dryer? To do this, dry slightly damp hair, after combing and applying a special styling agent to them. Before laying it is necessary to prepare in advance a round hairbrush and hair clips - without them it will be more difficult to straighten the curls with a hairdryer. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of using a hair dryer. This affects not only the appearance of hair, but also the health of the hair.

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