How to style short hair


Light hairstyles for short hair can be done a lot. They are so simple that they can be created even in the morning in a big hurry. This is just one of the many benefits of short hair. It is also convenient that a woman can make even an evening hairstyle for short hair herself, without going to the salon, it is enough just to practice it.

Easy hairstyles for short hair

Experiment at home in front of the mirror in your free time and choose for yourself 2-3 light hairstyles that are suitable for different purposes.

How to style short hair?

It is clear that there are very, very many female hairstyles for short hair, so it is sometimes difficult to find something concrete. In this case, it is necessary to proceed from the fact for which event the hairstyle is done. For a business meeting, a neat, smooth hairstyle will be appropriate, and for a love date, you can make feminine retro waves, beautiful curls and even original spiky locks giving a special charm. For trips to work it is better to choose hairstyles that require minimal use of any styling products.

Basic types of haircuts for short hair - squares, garcon and bob

Among the easiest hairstyles for short hair, the first place is occupied by the most usual hairdryer styling, which is well suited to all owners of a classic square. At the same time, the roots should be slightly raised to create a certain volume, and the tips can be twisted both inside and outside using a regular curling iron or brushing.

How to style short hair?

Perfectly looks and caret on curly curls. If your strands are completely straight from nature, and you want a wavy hairstyle, you can curl them yourself. Such hairstyles for short hair are made very quickly, but they look spectacular. To create wavy strands, use irons with special nozzles or curlers. When the curls are already curled, they should be slightly straightened by hands, creating a slight mess on the head, and then pour varnish.

As for the fashionable bob haircut, it is suitable for any type of hair and unpretentious to the types of styling. Both side parting and light waves will do for her. To give volume at the base of the hair make bouffant. When styling such a haircut, it is good to use wax, if applied to the very tips, they will be clear and make the hair attractive.

Evening styling for short hair

Properly performed hair styling can emphasize the advantages of a woman: the color of her eyes, curls and, of course, the shape of her face. Before you put short hair, keep in mind that by itself, a short haircut already attracts attention, therefore, knowing some rules, you can easily create the image you need in any situation.

How to style short hair?

For example, blondes for beautiful styling for short hair is not advised to use the gel, because visually it can create the effect of dirty strands.

While brunettes can arm themselves with this tool without fear of looking untidy. In addition, wax, styling mousse, gel, depending on individual qualities, can be the most important means in creating the beautiful image you need. The choice, of course, is yours, since different cosmetics allow you to achieve different effects.

Soft and radiant evening styling for short hair helps to create a wax, gel or special fudge. These products consist of nutritious fats, which contribute not only to the saturation of the hair, but also to give them a lively natural shine. However, you need to be very careful about the amount of the applied agent in order not to overdo it. You need to start with a small portion, which is well ground in the palms and applied to the curls with a bottom-up movement. The fact is that if there is a lack of gel, you can always add it, and if there is a lot of it, you will have to wash your hair.

How to style short hair?

Holders of wide faces are not recommended bulky hairstyles. And for girls with oval and narrow faces are perfectly curvy styling for short hair.

To make the hairstyle look better, bob and short haircuts with elongated top strands must necessarily be voluminous. A similar effect can be achieved with a spray, mousse or special styling powder. They will help fix the volume without sticking together the strands.

Short hair styling: video

A woman creates her own beauty with her own hands. Attractive hairstyle - half the success. Therefore, learn to make your own easy hairstyles and styling for short hair, especially since it is not at all difficult.