How to stretch jeans


Jeans are in the wardrobe of almost every person. A variety of styles and colors makes them one of the most sought-after clothes that can be combined with anything. Jeans are comfortable and practical, but it often happens that they sit down after washing. Then the question arises - how to stretch jeans? There are several basic ways to do this.

How to stretch jeans wide?

How to stretch jeans?

One of the easiest ways to stretch jeans is denim aerobics. Put on your pants, walk, jump, crouch, bend over, take wide steps. If the zipper does not fasten, you can try to fasten it lying on your back, so the stomach will be a little involved and it will be easier to cope. Some advise to wear thick tights under the pants during “jeans aerobics” - this will help stretch jeans faster.

If this method did not help you, you can use regular ironing. This method is suitable for any type of denim. Stroke jeans with steam and immediately put them on. The iron will straighten out all the irregularities, folds, soften the fabric itself, thereby facilitating donning. Pants should be worn when they are warm, not hot. Otherwise, you can severely burn yourself.

When jeans do not work with any of the previous ways to stretch, water should be sprayed onto the denim. To do this, take off your pants and sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle. To the water, you can add a soft fabric softener. It is necessary to spray the upper part of jeans. The belt will be softer, making it easier to put on the thing. Wearing pants, make a few movements with his feet to stretch the material. Remember, if you have jeans made of thin fabric, be very careful when doing squats and other movements, otherwise there is a chance to tear clothes.

Some people recommend using a special foam for stretching shoes for stretching jeans. It is applied to the seams before dressing.

Stretchable jeans in belt and in length

How to stretch jeans?

  1. Those who need to stretch jeans in a belt need to moisten it, pull it off and hold it as long as possible. You can put between the waist and the belt of any object, for example, a bottle. This method ideally helps when the pants are made of cotton, and better from a mixture of cotton and elastane.
  2. Synthetic fabric is rather difficult to stretch. In this case, you will have to walk in wet jeans until they are dry. Denim will dry, adjusting to your size, and will not sit after washing, as it usually happens.
  3. In addition to the standard method, there is an alternative one that requires the purchase of a special part for stretching. With it, you can stretch the fabric well, without putting any effort to it. To do this, you must purchase a "waistband extender" or literally "belt stretcher".
  4. The first thing you need to wet the jeans belt, fasten them with a zipper and buttons. Insert the stretcher into the belt, fix it and slowly increase the length that will stretch the material in the belt. When the jeans reach the required size, fix the stretcher, hang and wait until it is completely dry.
  5. When the product dries, remove it and measure it. You will see that the jeans are stretched and become more comfortable to sit.

How to stretch jeans in length? Jeans that have become a little short for you can be stretched in the following way. Wash the product in cold water, remove it from the washing machine before drying. Take a few laces and run them across the entire length of the belt, pulling at the waist.

Tie a knot and fasten jeans so that you can easily pull the opposite side of the pants. Every hour, until the jeans are dry, pull them as long as possible.

How to prevent shrinking jeans?

How to stretch jeans?

In order not to stretch the jeans after washing, it is better to prevent their shrinkage, and for this the thing must be chosen and washed properly. When buying jeans, try to give preference to models of high-quality denim, not confirmed light deformation.

Before washing, be sure to read the label and sort through all the symbols and symbols to prevent shrinkage using an adapted wash mode. It is best to wash by hand or in a washing machine by setting the manual mode. As a rule, denim products are washed in warm water to avoid strong shrinkage and leaching of the dye.

Choose a special denim detergent. Such products can be found at Luxus, Domal, Nordland, FeedBack, Burti Noir, Topperr, ORO, Meule, etc. If you have not found such products, do not use bleach powders and aggressive stain removers. Choose powders and conditioners for colored laundry, as well as soft liquid stain removers.

After washing jeans are not recommended to press in the drum machine. Hang them over the top edge of the waistband of the pants so that they dry out on their own. To make the water faster than glass, you can run your hands over your trousers, as if pushing it down. Never soak jeans in water whose temperature is above 40 degrees. The optimal time for soaking - 20 - 30 minutes.

Ironing jeans is better when wet - they will become softer and more comfortable.

Jeans - comfortable, fashionable and practical clothing that fits all. This element of the wardrobe is in the closet of each person. If you can not wear jeans, use the methods to stretch them. You can also prevent this item from shrinking by using special detergents and following simple rules of washing.