How to strengthen fragile and brittle nails


The reasons for which the nails can spoil a lot. This can be washing dishes with caustic detergents or hand washing clothes. But most often the cause of fragility and fragility of the nails is a disturbed metabolism in the body, which is due to a lack of vitamins, hormonal disruption, or frequent use of alcohol and smoking. Nails immediately reflect on all the problems in the body and become brittle and fragile. How to restore their natural strength and beauty?

Nail strengthening

It is better to choose nails for strengthening nails. Lemon juice is perfect for lightening and restoring nails, it is also useful to rub cranberry juice or table vinegar into your nails. For the nail plate, you can pick up a special cream, which consists of vitamins A, E and D.

To nails become more solid and durable should be eaten, gelatin and dairy products - they contain a lot of calcium, so useful for nails. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your menu, so plenty of vitamins will flow into your nails.

Make a course of trays of sea salt for 7-10 days - this is an excellent and pleasant procedure for weak nails. Add one tablespoon of sea salt and 8-10 drops of iodine, the water should be warm. Put your hands in the bath and hold for 20 minutes. Instead of salt, you can take baking soda.

Cosmetologists recommend drinking magic tea for nails. For it, you will need: nettle, shepherd's purse, gray alder seedlings in one piece, two parts of creeping couch grass (rhizomes) and three parts of black elderberry (flowers). Dry collection of plants with a glass of boiling water for one teaspoon of collection and let it brew for 8 hours, then filter the plants and drink half a glass 3-4 times a day in a course of 10 days.

Take 1/4 cup of sunflower oil, 3-4 drops of iodine solution, put the nails in this mixture for 20 minutes. Do this bath course for 12-15 days, and after each procedure, wipe your nails with a weak tannin solution, which is useful for the nail plate. In this bath, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

To make the nails hard, you should do this kind of mask: put four grams of beeswax to be heated in a water bath, add grated steamed, boiled egg yolk and peach oil until the mixture is as thick as cream. Rub this cream into your nails every night and wear gloves on your hands.

For chain smokers, nails can get a yellowish tint, in which case they should be rubbed with lemon juice for bleaching or with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Important tips to preserve the beauty of nails

Do not forget to wear gloves when doing household chores. And in no case do not peel off the dirt from the pots with nails. Before leaving the house, apply hand and nail cream according to the weather: moisturizing in winter and sunscreen in summer.

After dirty work or contact with water, use a nourishing cream. Put one cream in your cosmetic bag so that at any moment you have it at your fingertips, put another in the bath and another one in the kitchen.

If you constantly use lacquer, which contains formaldehyde, then take a break for a while to let your nails rest.

Our beauty, including the beauty of nails, is associated with health and nutrition, so include fish, meat, vegetables and fruits in your diet, take a complex of vitamins.

The main causes of poor nails

1) Exposure to them by coloring, chemical agents, resins and solvents.

2) Frequent stay of nails in water.

3) Use low-quality varnish.

4) Inflammatory processes in the nail bed can cause the appearance of longitudinal or transverse grooves.

5) White spots may appear due to nail injuries. About white spots on the nails, read the article White dots on the nails: the causes of appearance.

Care Tips

1) To remove the cuticle, hands should be placed for five minutes in warm water so that the skin softens. Then the cuticle can already be removed by bone cleaning for nails.

2) The inner side of lemon peel is a good tool for polishing nails.

3) To remove dirt under the nails, use only blunt tools.

4) If you have to work in the ground, then pre-hammer under the nails a little soap, scraping it, then the dirt will not get stuck under the nails.

5) Choose nail polish remover without acetone, as from his nails spoil much.

6) Metal files with constant use can stratify the nails, so choose a file with a special coating.

7) Also, when lamination should be used varnishes, which contain extracts of silk or nylon, there are also therapeutic moisturizing varnishes for exfoliating nails.

8) Nails will break less, if you make them oval or semi-square shape.

9) It is not necessary to file the nails on the sides, because of this, cracks and fractures form on them.

10) Now the procedure for sealing nails is very popular. When sealed in layers, various preparations are applied with useful minerals and vitamins that protect the nails from damage, delamination and fragility. At the beginning of the procedure, the nail is polished, then covered with medicated oils and creams. Useful substances are sealed in the nail and kept for two weeks.

Nail care will not give results if you do it from time to time, only constant control over your health, medical procedures and regular manicure will make your nails beautiful. And in any situation you will be able to demonstrate your well-groomed pens!

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