How to store a mink coat in the summer


Mink coat - undoubted pleasure. It does not matter when you purchased it - in winter or summer, in the morning or in the evening, on a holiday or a weekday. The holiday that is always with you - at Hemingway it was Paris, and at the female half - a mink coat. And for such property you need an eye and an eye, because the mole does not sleep. You can not give the opportunity to spoil the masterpiece.

In order to make it easier for you after a period of socks to send your mink on vacation with a clear conscience, read a couple of tips on how to store it properly in the summer.

How to store a mink coat in the summer?

To begin with, inspect it completely for small holes, scuffs, damage, as well as dust and dirt. Next, shake out a good fur coat, but rather give it to a professional cleaner. And get ready for the fact that you spend on your fur product and time and nerves. Believe me, it's worth it. Next, check that the sun rays do not fall into the closet where your fur coat will live. It will ruin her fur and your mood. And do not be lazy to get a special cover for the fur coat, preferably black and non-coloring.

Rules for storing mink coat in the summer

  1. If the fur on a fur coat was felted, you need to comb it out with a fine comb, a hair to a hair.
  2. Put moth products in your pockets. In the past, dried orange peels served as a remedy for moths, but now there are many different professional remedies for moths. In the economic departments you can find a lot of useful anti-mole "rescuers". But most still prefer to protect the fur coats in the old way - wrapping linen sheets, followed by ventilation. Also good are the leaves of tobacco, which protect the fur from moths.
  3. Hang your fur coat on such wooden hangers, which correspond to the size of the fur coat, having previously fastened all the buttons and fasteners. Do not take hangers out of size, protect the fur coat from deformation.
  4. Your pet in the closet should not have close neighbors, no one should interfere with it and close the air flow.
  5. Airing your fur coat takes a little time, but it needs to be done regularly. Let it hang in the frost for an hour or two, and then, having dried well, you can return it to the place in the closet.
  6. Heating should be located away from fur. And the humidity should not exceed 65%.
  7. If suddenly your fur coat is wet or damp, do not try to dry it artificially - with hair dryers, for example. This will lead to disruption of the fur structure. Let the fur coat dry on its own.

How to store a mink coat in the summer?

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The most important thing in storing a mink coat is to do without fuss. A fur coat is a thing, though loved by women immensely. Just make sure that she feels comfortable all summer. Sometimes check how she is there, all alone in the closet. And sprinkle dry tangerine skins on it. And in the new winter it will again make you happy!