How to shrink the chest


Breast is one of the most attractive parts of the female body. Many girls with small breasts, resort to plastic surgery, inserting silicone implants. How strange it would sound, but there are other women who, on the contrary, want to get rid of a big breast. The fact is that its owners have a lot of problems: difficulties in choosing clothes, poor posture, pain in the back and neck.

How to reduce the breast at home?

Nutrition plays a big role in breast reduction. It is known that fat cells are broken down by the 1st. With each kilogram gained, the weight of the breast increases by about 20-30 g, and vice versa. Diet is the easiest way to reduce breast. Remember that with weight loss, the breasts decrease, but the skin becomes flabby and stretch marks appear.

To avoid flabbiness and stretch marks, it is necessary to do daily massages to take a contrast shower. Well, if together with the massage you will use tightening creams for the chest. Thanks to massage, the metabolism will improve and blood circulation will be restored. Do not forget that in conjunction with a diet, you have to do moderate exercise.

How to shrink breasts?

To reduce the breast at home, you can use physical exercise. To train the chest itself does not make sense, since there are no muscles in it. But alternating load and an integrated approach in the chest, back and shoulder girdle can strengthen the muscles, raise the tone of the breast and remove the extra fat from the mammary glands.

  1. As an exercise, ordinary push-ups (from the floor, from the table, from the sofa) are suitable. Hands during pushups should be strongly separated. You should start with 3 - 5 times a day, gradually reaching 12 - 15 times.
  2. The next exercise is to squeeze the palms. Place your palms on chest levels perpendicular to the floor. Press firmly with one hand on the other. At the time of squeezing, lock for a few seconds, then relax. Enough to do 40 times a day, better for 2 sets.
  3. Breeding arms with dumbbells. Take 1 kg of dumbbells in hand, straighten your arms in front of you, spread them apart and bring them in front of you again. Perform 3 sets of 15 times a day.
  4. Stand against the wall, lean on it with your hands and press on the wall with all your might. You should feel the tension in your chest muscles. Lock in this position for 1 min. Repeat the exercise several times.

When combined physical exertion, diet and proper care significantly increases the chances of breast reduction. You can use special cream with a lifting effect or prepare a special massage oil that helps to reduce the breast. For butter, mix 2 tbsp. jojoba oil, 1 tsp grape seed oil and a few drops of rose essential oil. Massage the mixture daily in the chest with massage movements.

How to shrink breasts?

It is recommended to take a contrast shower before the massage. This procedure not only helps to reduce the mammary glands, but increases the elasticity of the skin, gives a beautiful color and smoothes.

You can also use traditional medicine. Known, for example, a compress from decoctions of poppy heads. To make a decoction, chop 50 g of poppy heads and fill them with 400 ml of hot water. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. Cool ready broth, strain and make compresses. For this, moisten a gauze napkin profusely and apply to the chest for 15-20 minutes.

How to visually make breast size smaller?

It is no secret that with the help of some secrets and female tricks, you can visually reduce the size of the breast. Choose a bra that covers the armpits: with it, the chest is visually reduced by 1 size. It is better to give preference to the simplest options for a bra, because different bows and ruffles only add volume to the forms. Cups should be as closed as possible, and the bones - arcuate and lateral, embroidered in the corsage. For very large breasts, a corset bra and a semi-half bra are suitable.

You will have to abandon the deep neckline, because they only emphasize the large size. Stop the choice on clothes with a semi-adjacent silhouette, in which darts are clearly traced. For women with large breasts, elongated shirts and blouses are perfect. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing.

It is not necessary to draw attention to their forms with the help of brooches. For women with large breasts, necklaces and long necklaces are suitable, as well as tall hair and long earrings.

Ways to reduce the volume of the breast

How to shrink breasts?

One of the most effective ways to reduce breast volume is surgery, which is called reduction mammoplasty. Such operations are more expensive than breast augmentation.

The essence of the operation is to remove part of the mammary glands and move the nipples to a higher position. The surgeon secretes breast tissue and subcutaneous fatty tissue, the nipple and areola are transplanted to a higher place. This is a rather complicated procedure, because if damage to the blood vessels there is a persistent violation of the sensitivity of the nipple. The result of the operation can be assessed after 3 to 4 months after complete healing.

Big breasts are certainly very beautiful, but not particularly comfortable. There are constant difficulties with the choice of clothes, there may be problems with posture, breathing and even the spine. To reduce the breast, you can ask the surgeons for help or try to cope with the problem yourself.