How to shrink cheeks


The Russian type of face has rounded, puffy cheeks and many find it quite nice, but not the owners themselves. They consider this a serious shortcoming and dream of getting rid of them as soon as possible, and besides, sunken cheeks are in fashion now. Well-defined cheekbones and the lack of plump cheeks gives refinement and highlights facial features.

How to reduce cheeks with plastic?

How to reduce cheeks with plastic?

It is quite possible to reduce the cheeks and this can be done in various ways, including plastic surgery. Such operations do not incur strong interference and are most often performed under local anesthesia. There are two types of operations to reduce the cheeks: removal of fatty lumps and liposuction.

  • Fatty lumps, or Bisha's lumps in a different way, is the name given to the fatty body of the cheek, located in a special place between the muscles of the cheeks. Lumps look like fatty accumulation in the facial and masticatory muscles of the face in the cheek. This fat layer is designed to facilitate muscle movements that connect the jaw with the skull and the skin of the face with the jaw.

Bish's lumps are named after the name of the French doctor who first discovered them. Such lumps are present in every person, just all in varying degrees. For many, they are barely noticeable, and for someone so large and bulging that the face seems overly large and round because of this. The operation to remove the lumps of Bish allows you to achieve aesthetic perfection of the cheeks and reduce the pronounced roundness of the face. In this operation, some of the lumps are removed, and no important parts of the muscles are affected.

  • The second type of plastic is liposuction of the cheeks. This operation is to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat by sucking out fat tissue in the problem area. It is produced by very thin surgical instruments that have a diameter of not more than 2 mm. Instruments are inserted into small incisions behind the ears and chin and marks that remain after the operation are minimal and quickly dissolve.

How to reduce cheeks diet and sports?

How to reduce cheek makeup?

If you are concerned about the problem of large cheeks, then evaluate yourself objectively - is it not your excess weight that is to blame? If yes, then you need a diet aimed at reducing the consumption of sugary and fatty foods. Try to eat less spicy, salty and smoked food, spirits and coffee.

Physical exercise will help reduce cheeks, as a result of which subcutaneous fat leaves. Run in the morning or go to the gym regularly, and then your body fat from your cheeks will start to leave!

How to reduce cheek massage and water treatments?

It is very effective in the fight with big cheeks self-massage. It can be done at least several times a day, the more the better. The main thing in the massage is to memorize two effective techniques: start your movements with your thumbs, moving from the lower jaw, and finish near the auricle, and then massage the lower part of your cheeks with light tapping movements, using your finger tips.

Water procedures and compresses also help in reducing cheeks. Wipe your cheeks in the morning and evening with an infusion of different herbs, you can take herbs such as chamomile, mint, celandine, sage, lime blossom or yarrow. Cool infusion in advance in the refrigerator or even make cubes of infusion in the freezer. To prepare such an infusion should be as follows, on one table. a spoonful of herbs takes one glass of boiling water, wait half an hour and then strain the infusion. Remember that its useful properties are stored only for three days, so do not be lazy to regularly prepare a new one.

Cheek reduction exercises

Cheeks are very easy to change if they are affected by regular facial exercises. Do this simple set of exercises and after a while you will notice that your cheeks have become more drawn and sunken.

  1. Inflated cheeks. Tighten your cheeks and chin, then tighten your lips and start puffing your mouth with air. When the cheeks are completely filled with air, you will feel a sense of tension. Do not exhale the air for 10 seconds, then blow out the cheeks and repeat the exercise 10 more times. You can do this exercise, driving the air from the left cheek to the right.
  2. Close your eyes. At the beginning, all you have to do is close your eyes and hold them closed. Now do lips movement, as if you say something like: "Uuuuuf" and "Auh." Rest, then repeat the exercise again and do so 10-12 times.
  3. Hollywood smile. Such an exercise will not only reduce your cheeks, but also give you a portion of positive during its implementation. Stand in front of a large mirror and squeeze the sponge. Hold them for a few seconds and then smile as widely as you can. Keep a smile for 5 seconds and then wrinkle your nose a couple of times. This exercise is also repeated 10 times.
  4. This exercise has been known for a long time and is recommended not only to reduce the cheeks, but also the entire face. All that is required of you is to open your mouth as if you are about to say the letter "E". Hold for a couple of seconds, and then smoothly begin to pronounce the sound "O". Do the exercise for about 10 minutes.
  5. Doing this exercise is easy and fun. Inflate your lips, how much strength you have, feel how your jaw muscles tighten and skin on your face tightens. Exercise do 10-15 times.

How to reduce cheek makeup?

To reduce cheeks, apply rouge from the direction of the temples to the end of the nose. The cheekbones are more intense, slightly stretching them to the corners of the mouth. The cheeks can also be reduced by applying blush on the cheekbones with a triangle. Visually affect the cheeks and eyebrows, with puffy cheeks adjust the eyebrows more thinly around the edges, and in the middle, leave a little more hair to form a broken line.

Eyes in make-up highlight a flat, non-greasy line, but do not draw a line outside the eye line. Volumetric and high hair visually reduces the cheeks, and this can be achieved with oblique bangs or oblique parting.

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Stick to these tips and soon you will be pleasantly surprised with your cheeks, which will become noticeably less not only visually but also real!