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Women can finally breathe a sigh of relief. No tears and depression after visiting the hairdresser! Now, before drastically changing the shape of the hairstyle, the length and color of the hair, you can try on all types of haircuts. In this case, the hair will not suffer at all, since the images will be created virtually. How to choose a haircut on the computer?

How does the "online stylist": the principle of the program

How to choose a haircut on the computer?

To pick up hair on the computer, does not require much effort. To receive the service of a virtual hairdresser, you can choose 1 of 2 ways:

  • install a special program. This way is more difficult, it will suit those who will create new images regularly;
  • use online services. This method should be used by those who want to choose a haircut once. This method is more economical: you do not have to spend money to purchase a program disk. Its advantage is that you do not need to fool head.

You can find online services that work for free. The principle of the programs is the same. You visit the site, you may be asked to register. Do not worry about this - you will not have to pay for registration, and the images you create will be sent to your email inbox or printed on paper.

The second stage - loading photos (with a smooth hairstyle). And the third stage - "fitting" haircuts from the proposed collection.

Top-ranking of the best programs for choosing haircuts

So, if you want to change the image, but have no idea what hairstyle will be to your face, you need a special program. How to choose a haircut on a computer for free and save your favorite picture to show it to your hairdresser? Use for this one of the 5 best (according to users) programs:

Top-ranking of the best programs for choosing haircuts

  1. 3000 hairstyles. This is one of the best "pickers" of a stylish image. He really will offer 3000 options for haircuts and styling! Here you can find images for the whole family: in the collection there are hairstyles for women, men and even for little fashionistas. The program works simply: just upload a photo - and you can change styles. There is an option for modeling the image. With its help, you can correct eyebrows, try on your face different types of decorative makeup. One of the main advantages is the ability to save change options.
  2. Salon Styler Pro. Such a program is preferred by professionals; with its help, clients select an image in elite salons. Her main plus - the relevance of hairstyles. As soon as a new barber or some pop diva "builds" a scandalous haircut on her head, she will be immediately included in the collection. An interesting service with which this web-stylist is supplied is the AutoFit service. If you turn on this option, you don’t have to do anything at all, hairstyles will change on your photo at 3-second intervals. If an image impresses you the most, click Stop. In this program, you can even create a personal gallery.
  3. jkivi This virtual image maker will help with the choice of not only haircuts, but also makeup. The program will provide an opportunity to make an online fitting of hundreds of images; If you wish, you can print the image. The only negative - it uses English. But the one who does not own it will be able to understand the subtleties of the program, since everything becomes clear from the icons.
  4. Maggi. The program, which will simplify the task of selecting hairstyles and hair colors as much as possible without leaving home. To run it, you can not do without a photo.
  5. Hair Pro. The plan of action is as follows: the photo is loaded - the frontal view of the face on a light background. Then you can begin to pick a haircut that will look perfect on your head. The program has a unique property: you can not be limited to the proposed hairstyles, and create your own - draw a bang, make a parting.

On the Internet there are online services that do not require downloading, for example,

How to choose a haircut on the computer by photo: practical tips for beginners

How to choose a haircut on the computer from the photo

The source material that the program uses to find a stylish image for you is a full-face photograph. In the picture you should look something like this: the hair must be gathered at the back of the head or tied in a ponytail. Chelku better hide under the bandage.

After the photo is loaded into a special field, it must be processed to fit the existing template. It's very simple, all the buttons are located to the right or left of the template. When the photo is adjusted to the established standards, the most pleasant stage will begin - you can change haircuts and hair color.

Many have heard about how to choose a haircut on the shape of the face. On the computer, the choice of hairstyle on the oval of the face should be carried out according to the following rules:

  • the oval shape is universal, that is, the owner of such a face will look great with any hairstyle;
  • triangular shape requires a more responsible approach to creating hairstyles. It is better to dwell on such options: four, slanting bangs to the eyebrows, voluminous hairstyles
  • round face. Such girls can not do without bangs. The optimal length of the haircut - to the lower jaw angles;
  • square shape. The best option is a haircut that smoothly frames the face and lies in soft waves;
  • rectangular face. You should not experiment with too short hairstyles and straight long hair. The best style - soft bangs, fluffy haircut.

How to shape the face to choose a haircut on the computer on the photo?

Now that you know how to choose a haircut on a computer, you can safely try yourself as a stylist. If the perfect image is found, do not rush to grab the scissors. After all, in addition to the shape of the face and appearance features, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the hair. Perhaps the chosen haircut will require too complicated styling (for example, if it is designed for thick straight hair, and you have thin and curly hair). Therefore, use modern technologies, but do not refuse the advice of the master!