How to restore burned hair at home after lightening


Women love to change the image, thereby demonstrating its versatility and mystery. This is primarily related to hair coloring. And if the consequences of turning from a blonde into a brunette are not so harmful, then in the opposite situation the curls suffer a lot. Therefore, any fashionista should know how to restore hair after lightening.

Beauty requires sacrifice

How to restore hair after lightening?

Discoloration is one of the most unhealthy hair treatments. But after all, sometimes you want to change the color of your hair and become a little different! If you decide to sacrifice in the name of beauty, your hair, of course, will be shocked by the procedure, so that later they will have to be “revived” by actively caring and caring for them. Today, there are many tools to help eliminate the effects of bleaching and restore hair after lightening at home or in a beauty salon. And you, of course, will have to adopt them, so that later you will not be left without a head of hair.


Several times a week make masks for hair. You can use both purchased and homemade tools. On the shelves, look for masks that contain vitamins B, A and E, keratin, panthenol; and also, where there are more natural components and less "chemistry". The composition of some care products include hyaluronic or glycolic acid. They help moisturize dried hair and make it stronger.

Do not be lazy to make natural masks themselves, because they are most useful. Use burdock, castor, olive, argan oil, a decoction of nettle, aloe juice, egg yolks. These masks regenerate the hair structure. In the prepared solution, you can add a few drops of vitamins A or E (capsules are sold in pharmacies).

Restorative hair mask after lightening

  1. Pour into a plastic mold 1-3 tbsp. l burdock oil (depending on the length of the hair).
  2. Put in a saucepan of hot water and put the oil in a water bath.
  3. Thoroughly rub the heated to a warm state oil in the hair roots, as well as along the entire length.
  4. When evenly distribute it, wrap your hair in polyethylene (or you can wear a special shower cap) and on top - with a towel.
  5. Leave the mask for half an hour.
  6. The oil is very badly washed off, so it’s best to use egg yolks - they will help remove fat. Whisk 1-2 raw yolks and apply to hair like shampoo. Rinse with cool water (do not rinse with hot water in any case, otherwise eggs will cook right on your head and grains will be extremely difficult to pull out of the hair). After the eggs, you can wash your hair with shampoo once more. At the end, rinse your hair with cool water.

Burdock mask is very effective, but other oils are also not inferior to him. Teach yourself to nourish your hair during each shampooing (if you have little time for water treatments, use at least ready-made purchased products). With careful and frequent care, your curls will be restored.

Additionally, you can take special vitamins (for example, "Vitamins for healthy hair and nails Doppel Herz Aktiv").

A head massage that will stimulate blood circulation and strengthen hair follicles will not be out of place.

The answer to the question of how to restore hair after lightening, they know in beauty salons. If the strands are badly damaged, you should consider visiting there. Today, hairdressers offer a variety of affordable hair regeneration services: bionization, keratin restoration, cold or hot cautery. All these procedures heal the hair, improving their structure from the inside.

How to restore burned hair at home after lightening?


At the time of rehabilitation, the head of hair for you should be prohibited:

  • blow dryer,
  • using ploek and ironing,
  • aggressive procedures such as perms, backs, etc.

All these activities spoil the structure of the hair, which is already extremely weakened. It is desirable for a while to refuse and varnish, foam, gel for styling: the "chemistry" contained in them will not benefit the hair.

As for shampoo, it is better to switch to a brand with a less "aggressive" composition. In addition, select the product for weak and damaged hair. Do not forget about the balsam-rinse - it will give the strands smoothness and lightness.

Some more important rules

  1. Hair should be washed with warm water, not hot.
  2. Every 2 months, cut the ends - the hair will grow and recover faster.
  3. Do not forget about proper nutrition, because the hair should be looked after not only outside, but also from the inside. Eat more foods that are rich in vitamins A, B and E, and also drink more water.
  4. Do not go without a hat in the cold and hot season. In winter, you should protect your hair with a hat, and in summer - with a hat, panama, etc. Moreover, you should hide not only the roots, but all of your hair under the hat. If it is possible in winter, then in summer, of course, such a picture will look strange. Therefore, you can use special sprays with UV protection and apply them to the length of hair that looks out from under the cap.

Now you know how to restore burned hair after lightening. Comprehensive care will help to regenerate them as quickly as possible. Eat right, make masks, take vitamins, take care of your hair like the apple of your eye - and your hair will regain its lost strength and health.