How to remove wrinkles under the eyes


Under the eyes, wrinkles appear first. The skin here is very delicate, it is 4 times thinner than the one that covers other areas of the body. That is why the area around the eyes requires special care, which is important to start in a timely manner.

Why do wrinkles appear under the eyes?

There are no sebaceous glands around the eyes, but there are plenty of mimic muscles that are continuously contracting (approximately 100 thousand times a day). In particular, because of this, the skin under the eyes is easily stretched and mimic wrinkles and crow's feet appear on it. In addition, many microcapillaries are located very close to the surface of the skin, which cause dark circles under the eyes of many women.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes?

It is a big misconception that the first mimic wrinkles around the eyes appear after 28 years. As a rule, they are already visible at 18 years of age, and by 28-30 years, grouped, these wrinkles form a mesh, called "crow's feet." At this time, women, as a rule, very often wonder how to remove wrinkles under the eyes without serious consequences.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes?

  • Prevention- The most important step in preventing wrinkles around the eyes. Today they have not yet invented a magic tool that can prevent aging, but it is possible to shift it to a later date. To do this, follow the simple rules of care.
  • Well moisturize the skin around the eyes, starting from the age of 18.Almost every serious cosmetology company makes anti-aging skin creams near the eyes, designed for young girls as well.
  • It is possible to remove and prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes with the help of cosmetics with active components capable of producing collagen and normalizing the number of glycans that fill the voids between the collagen fibers.
  • Do not neglect the massage. To do this, take a few drops of olive oil and lightly rubbed into the circular eye muscle. After that, lower the eyelids, on which you need to tap lightly, holding the closed eyelids with your fingers and trying to open them. If you feel the tension, slightly raise the eyebrows. Learn to restrain emotions, because mimic activity is the cause of wrinkles.
  • Minimize the time spent in the sun, because it is responsible for the appearance of more than 90% of all wrinkles. Wear sunglasses, a hat with a wide brim, have the necessary cosmetics with you - a cream for the skin around the eyes with a high sun-protection factor.
  • Try to give up bad habits, do everything possible to avoid falling into stressful situations and normalize sleep. An unfavorable environment also causes premature wrinkles.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes?

  • Make a milk compress for the skin near the eyes. Put the cotton pads dipped in boiled milk on the closed eyes for 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure 2 times. Wash your face and grease the skin well with cream.

Means for getting rid of wrinkles under the eyes a lot. The most effective and important of them is prevention. It should be started as early as possible in order to always remain the owner of the most delightful and shining eyes!