How to remove the second chin


The so-called second chin spoils the life of many people. Particularly affected by this problem are women who are overweight, also women older than forty years. Often, people who have this problem see only one way to solve it - plastic surgery. However, this is an expensive and insecure procedure. Therefore, it should be remembered that from the second chin can get rid of at home. To do this, use a variety of masks and exercises.

How to remove the second chin with exercise?

Chin correction exercises are designed for people who are able to systematically perform them, without forgetting about them. In addition, you should not expect instant results from the exercises. So, if you decide to try this particular correction method, we will begin.

  • First exercise: strain your chin muscles as if you had a weight on this part of your face, and you should definitely lift it. At the same time, the head must be gradually tilted back. Repeat this exercise several times.
  • Exercise two: put your arms bent in the elbows on the table. Somknite together the fists of both hands, then, put on their chin. Now, with the help of muscle effort, try to open your mouth. The exercise will have a stronger effect if you increase the resistance to opening the mouth with your fists. That is, when you try to open your mouth, you will slightly press your fists on the lower jaw. As a result of overcoming such resistance, the muscles that you affect will strain more.

  • Exercise three: simply alternately move the lower jaw to the right, then to the left. Simple but effective exercise. To such can be attributed, and the task to get the tip of the nose lower lip.
  • The fourth exercise. To do this, you will need to prepare some material, namely a towel. The material must be tough. The towel should be moistened in a solution of two liters of water and a teaspoon of salt. When the towel is prepared, wring it out and twist the flagellum. After that, holding his hands at both ends, lightly tap it on the chin. Such an exercise will not only help you to get rid of the second chin, but in general will have a beneficial effect on the skin.

At first glance, all these exercises seem simple and even funny. However, some simple tricks will actually allow you strengthen muscles, that sooner or later will lead to the correction of your chin.

These exercises must be performed five times every day. The main thing is to remember that you will not achieve instant effect and do not forget about the systematic implementation.

How to get rid of chin with masks?

In addition to physical exercises, various masks will help you to solve your problems with your chin at home. This is quite an effective tool. Like the exercises, one of the masks must be done every day for optimal effect.

Yeast Chin Mask

Take one tablespoon of ordinary yeast for baking and dissolve them in a small amount of warm water. If you have dry skin, use milk instead of water. Yeast in water must be thoroughly grinded so that the mass is homogeneous and lump free. Then the tool must be placed in a warm place or wrap a warm towel. Leave this mixture warm for about half an hour (the yeast should rise). The resulting semblance of the test, put on the chin and neck, secure with gauze. The layer of the mask imposed on the chin should be sufficiently abundant. The mask must be kept until it is completely cured, and then rinsed with water at room temperature.

Mask from the second chin of mashed potatoes

For the preparation of this tool, you must boil a couple of medium potatoes. Make a thick puree of them. It is better to cook it on water, however, if you are the owner of dry skin, it is better to use milk. Then take two tablespoons of mashed potatoes and add one teaspoon of salt to them. Mix everything well. The resulting mass should be applied to the chin of a sufficiently thick layer. You need to leave for forty minutes, after fixing the mask with a gauze bandage. After the time runs out, rinse off with water at room temperature.

Cosmetic clay second chin mask (pull up)

To create this beautiful and fast-acting product, you will need cosmetic clay, which can be purchased at pharmacies or cosmetics stores. One tablespoon of dry clay (preferably black or white) must be diluted with a small amount of water. It should not remain lumps, the mass should be thick and homogeneous.

Before applying the mixture on the skin, lubricate the chin with a nourishing cream. Then, apply a mask with a rather thick layer on the skin, wait for the clay to dry. After this, the tool must be held on the skin for ten minutes. After the expiration of this time, it is necessary to wash off the mask with cool water. After removing the product from the chin, apply a nourishing cream on the skin again. It is very important not to move your neck while holding the mask. Otherwise, the desired effect you will not achieve.

In addition to natural home remedies, use and cosmetic creams. The skin of the neck and chin must be constantly nourished.. Along with the hands, it is this area of ​​the skin that most often gives out the female age. Therefore, trying to keep youth, take care of this part of your face and neck most intensively.

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Both the exercises and the masks themselves are very effective means that will help you correct your chin at home. However, the combined use of both masks and exercises will help strengthen performance indicators. The main thing - to do them every day.