How to remove the second chin and cheeks quickly with diet

How difficult and difficult sometimes feminine age seems. Besides the fact that we have to constantly burden ourselves with household chores and throw firewood to the family hearth, we have been waging an invisible struggle with extra kilos all our lives. And all this to create an unsurpassed, sophisticated and very beautiful image. Many of the flaws of the body can be hidden under clothing, but not the face. In our country, it is not customary to wear the veil, so plump chubby cheeks and a second chin should be removed by all possible means.

If you encounter such a problem, then you have to work long and hard to achieve a clear and smooth face shape. On how to remove the second chin and cheeks, you can already write books. We will briefly tell you about the main aspects of dealing with such a problem.

How to remove the second chin and cheeks quickly?

The name, of course, all interested

The name, of course, all interested. The word quickly means a time span of one to one and a half months. Before we consider the main ways to eliminate a double chin and convex cheeks, let's see what are the reasons for their appearance. Experts conditionally identify three main reasons for the appearance of a second chin:

  • age changes;
  • excessive body weight;
  • puffiness

If you want to get rid of the second chin, then you will need to tune in a long way, since the fight with extra pounds is a very delicate and time-consuming business.

Also, experts believe that a second chin may appear in people as a result of sudden weight loss, with incorrect posture and reading while lying down. Of course, if reading the books in this way has become your habit.

You can get rid of the second chin and chubby cheeks by performing a set of specific actions. As you know, we can not lose weight only in the right part of the body. It depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism and, surprisingly, on the constitution of our body.

We want to warn you right away that the "how to remove a second chin in a week" technique does not work. It is possible to get rid of chubby cheeks and a second chin no earlier than in a month, and only under the condition of constant work on yourself.

So, the struggle with the second chin and chubby cheeks includes several aspects:

  • diet;
  • physical exercise;
  • use of cosmetic products;
  • massage treatments.

Now let's talk briefly about the main thing.

Will diet help?

The main task of any diet for the contour of the face is to give skin elasticity

If you are faced with such a thing as a double chin, and your chubby cheeks have not been pleased for a long time, and you are reluctant to contemplate your reflection in the mirror, then be ready for any, even exhausting methods of struggle. As for the diet, long-term mono-diets and fasting will not help you, because you will start to lose weight immediately in all parts of the body, except the face. The maximum that you can achieve is sagging of the skin, and, accordingly, changes in the contours of the face.

The main task of any diet for the contour of the face - is giving skin elasticity, restoring water and vitamin balance. The method of nutrition of the famous American dermatologist Jessica Wu is very popular among women.

So, you should follow a few simple rules, and then smooth skin, radiant in health, will not take long to wait:

  • during the day, drink at least 9 glasses of purified (can be boiled) water;
  • completely exclude smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages of any strength;
  • take calcium or products containing this element;
  • constantly eat raw vegetables and fruits in large quantities;
  • practically do not eat sugar and salt.

The complex of physical exercises: Down with the second chin and plump cheeks

Many women in various forums leave feedback that you can eliminate the second chin using yoga or body flex. Indeed, breathing exercises bring unprecedented success in the fight against the second chin and chubby cheeks, especially if you perform special exercises developed by Richard Greer.

Recently, special facial fitness classes have become very popular. The complex of such physical exercises you can perform at home, standing in front of a mirror. The number of approaches per day can be unlimited, the main thing is that each exercise should be performed at least 5-10 times.

Exercise number 1:

  1. Throw your head back as far as possible so that you feel the neck tension.
  2. Lower jaw as much as possible forward as if trying to capture the air.
  3. Gradually, smoothly and without jerks move the lower jaw upwards, trying to reach and clasp the upper lip. Do not forget that the jaw is constantly in the extended position.

Exercise number 2:

  1. Closely squeeze the upper and lower row of teeth.
  2. Then grab the lower lip with your fingers and pull it down. You should feel the tension, but not the pain.
  3. Try to lower the corners of the mouth so that all the neck muscles tighten.
  4. After feeling the ultimate tension, relax and return to the starting position.

Exercise number 3:

  1. This exercise is considered one of the most effective. There is even a special simulator for the muscles of the face, but you can use your fist instead.
  2. Put your chin on your fist and press down firmly with your hand, while your hand must show strong resistance.

Exercise number 4:

  1. The previous exercise can be performed a little differently. Strongly tilt your head forward, try to touch the clavicular area with your chin.
  2. Grip your hands in the lock and position on the back of your head.
  3. Raise your head, with the hands resist. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the cervical vertebral divisions.

Reviews of the fair sex

On the forums you can read a lot of interesting information about various ways of dealing with a double chin and plump cheeks.

On the forums you can read a lot of interesting information about various ways of dealing with a double chin and plump cheeks. Women share the secrets of their success in this business. In almost all the reviews, they say that the basis of the complex in the fight against the second chin is dietary and physical exercise.

Some women, in their responses, advise along with this to perform cosmetic procedures, in particular:

  • structuring massage;
  • laser or ultrasound lifting;
  • peeling;
  • liposuction.

Massage treatments can be performed independently. In various reviews, women are called upon to entrust the massage to a professional, since it is very difficult to do all the movements along the massage lines yourself. Some women leave feedback that they used a surgical technique, namely, mentoplasty, to remove the second chin.

If you want to change the contour of your face, remove the double chin and remove chubby cheeks, then you have to work hard. Only a set of necessary measures will allow to achieve the desired result. Plastic surgery in this case is a subjective matter. And if you want to remove the second chin quickly, then decide on such a procedure. If you have time and you want to do without surgery, then follow the diet, exercise and visit a beautician.

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