How to remove the pellets from clothes


Very often, warm clothing loses its presentable appearance after several months of use. It begins to appear pellets that spoil the whole look.

Any thing made of angora wool, mohair or various types of knitwear may be affected by the pellets. If you want to return your favorite thing to the old chic look, then this will help a few very simple ways to remove the pellets from clothes.

How to remove the pellets from the fabric?

  • To remove the pellets, look in stores special machine, designed specifically for this. Outwardly, it resembles an electric shaver for men. The principle of operation of such a machine is to cut the pellet with numerous knives located inside it. The machine serves, unfortunately, not for long, as the knives dull rather quickly and stop working as expected. But it is quite inexpensive, so it can be purchased.

How to remove the pellets from clothes?How to remove the pellets from clothes?

  • Working with the machine, follow the precautions with which you must read the enclosed instructions. Also do not overdo it: if the fabric is thin and delicate, then the machine can spoil it by making holes.
  • But even without a special machine, the pellets can be removed. If not so many the pellets are removed by hand, but you need to pay attention to the fabric: will it spoil when you tear them off.
  • For another way, take Shaver, Spread the clothes on the table and stretch them. Taking the machine, try to shave the pellets with a slight movement. Do not press hard on the razor, so as not to cut the thing.
  • As soon as you process all the places with the pellets, takeScotch. Cut it into small pieces and glue to where they were. Then sharply remove the tape. He will help to collect all the pellets, dust and villi. After this simple procedure, wash the clothes with air conditioning.
  • If you need to remove the pellets from a delicate knitwear from angora wool or mohair, use only a soft or old toothbrush. Use a razor in this case is impossible. Brush knitwear in the direction of the fibers, against - combing them is undesirable, so as not to spoil the product. Pay close attention to the elbows of the product. After cleaning, mohair or angora thing soak in warm water, adding a little vinegar. After 30 minutes, hang the clothes to dry in a place protected from heating devices and, which is very important, from direct sunlight.
  • Another method, more secure, isusing the hard side of the sticky zipper with hooks. Removing the pellets this way, it is impossible to damage the clothes. Your task is to glue this thing on a tangent to the fabric with quick movements and peel it off.

How to remove the pellets from clothes?

  • You can remove the pellets using nail scissors, however, it will take a lot of time. Take the item, pull the problem area onto your left hand and start cutting the pellets.

How to remove the pellets from the coat?

  • After wearing a coat for some time, small pellets may appear on it. Because of them, the coat becomes untidy. To update it, you need to remove the pellets, and do it better not with your hands, but use faster methods.
  • First you can ask for help in dry cleaning, finding out if they can remove the pellets. If they do not provide such services, purchase a machine that works on ordinary finger-type batteries and removes the spools of any clothes. Most of these models allow you to adjust the nozzle depending on the length of the pile, which is very important when removing the pellet from the coat.
  • You can also usecomb, toothbrush or simple hard brush and clean their coats regularly. If the coat is often cleaned, the pellets on it appear much less frequently.
  • Ordinary Shaver better than the Soviet model. But it is good if it is blunted, so as not to damage the fabric of the coat. Spread the coat on any hard surface upside down. Start driving along the product with a razor, starting from the collar and going down. Collect shaved pellets from the surface. After this, repeat the procedure, moving now from the bottom up and in the opposite direction. Take your time and watch carefully not to cut your fingers and coat. When finished with the back, go to the sleeves, and after that clean the coat in front. Work out the side seams from the outside of the coat; here it always forms the most pellets.
  • A good way to remove the pellets from the clothes will be and usevery sticky scotch. Wind it onto the hand with the sticky side out and run it over the fabric, collecting the remaining bristles and dust. Instead of scotch can apply fine sandpaper or a special roller for cleaning clothes.

How to remove the pellets from clothes?

  • So that the pellets do not appear on the coat, often treat it antistatic.
  • In order to no longer remove the pellets from the clothes, follow the instructions, which clearly indicate how to care for the product. Usually all the necessary information is on the labels located on the wrong side. If the item cannot be washed at home, then it should be dry-cleaned. If washing is allowed, then it is better to add a conditioner or softener to the water.

If you need to remove the pellets from the clothing, you can use a few tips.. But when using them, be extremely careful not to spoil the thing anymore.