How to remove the fleas on the face


There comes a time when age-related changes in a woman are becoming more and more noticeable. Wrinkles, weakened skin tone, sagging of facial contours and the appearance of flea are inevitable time satellites. But do not despair, these shortcomings are amenable to correction.

The reasons for the appearance of flea on the face

In order to get rid of bryley on the face or prevent their occurrence, it is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the causes that cause them.

  1. One of main reasons reduce skin elasticity Decreased collagen production is considered. This process begins gradually after 30 years and eventually leads to noticeable age-related changes. Weakened skin worse keeps the soft tissues of the face, as a result of which their prolapse, the so-called ptosis, begins. Subcutaneous adipose tissue shifts below and pulls the skin along the lower contour of the face, forming fleas. Reducing the tone of the facial muscles also contributes to the formation of bryl.
  2. The fatty tissue on the face is uneven. Its main part is concentrated in the cheek area. That is why the lower contour of the face is subject to the greatest deformation. It should be noted that the volume of adipose tissue significantly affects both the time of appearance of the first signs of bryle and the speed of their development. That is, women with overweight may appear much earlier and be more pronounced than in women with normal weight.

How to remove the fleas on the face?

Flews on the face: what to do?

  • Use all possible means of cosmetic care in order to maintain skin elasticity for as long as possible. This will postpone medical procedures to tighten the face for as long as possible.
  • Be sure to watch your weight. Excess adipose tissue on the face will significantly accelerate the development of age-related changes.
  • It is important to keep in shape not only the muscles of the body, but also the face. Do not forget to regularly perform at least a minimum set of exercises that will help keep your facial muscles in good shape.

How to clean the face on the face at home?

  • The appearance of fleas on the face is a serious change in the tissues of fatty tissue and skin, so it is quite difficult to fight this problem at home. But it is in your power to start preventive procedures in advance, which will help slow down the process of changing the contour of the face.
  • Pay special attention to facial and neck care.. Use cosmetics that suit your skin type and are age appropriate.
  • Do not neglect and folk remedies. Remarkably support the skin tone of the mask on the basis of olive oil, cottage cheese, greasy sour cream. Excellent tone and strengthens the skin of the face compresses of decoctions of healing herbs. You can freeze the decoction of plants and wipe the ice and the face and neck. This is a great alternative to morning washing.
  • Make it a rule daily gymnastics, which will help keep your face muscles toned. There are a lot of complexes of such exercises, and you can easily choose the most comfortable for you.

A woman is beautiful at any age: each period of life brings its joys and its beauty. In your power to remain always gorgeous, it is worth making a little effort to it!