How to remove the cuticle at home correctly


The world famous beauty and fashion legislator Coco Chanel did not get tired of repeating that the hands can determine not only the age, but also the status of a woman. No wonder among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity there is a perception that the hands are female business cards. Remember that no domestic problems and household chores should spoil the appearance of the nail plates and skin.

Some women do a manicure only in salons, and some girls prefer to cut the cuticle on their own. We will talk about the main aspects of the manicure, namely, how to remove the cuticle at home.

Remove the cuticle at home: the basic rules

Few of us know, with the exception of professional nail design masters, that the cuticle can be removed in three ways:

  • moving away;
  • circumcision;
  • dissolving with the help of special means.

If you think that removing the cuticle is a tribute to fashion or a whim of professional craftsmen, then this is not at all the case. The cuticle is a protective layer consisting of dead cells. If it is not removed in time, the nail will have a far from aesthetic look. In addition, experts strongly recommend to remove the cuticle, because over time it can grow into the nail plate, which is subsequently corrected only by surgery.

Before you proceed to perform this procedure at home, I would like to once again remind you of the basic rules:

  • If you plan to cut the cuticle with nippers or scissors with rounded blades, then the skin must be steamed out beforehand.
  • Use baths with warm water. You can add sea salt and lemon juice. Some oil solutions can soften dry skin and saturate it with necessary nutrients.
  • You should cut off only the visible layer, you do not need to go deep, otherwise you risk cutting the skin and getting an infection.
  • You can move the cuticle with a special wooden stick (spatula). This is done by progressive scraping movements from one edge of the nail to the other.
  • When performing unedged manicure, you should use special tools. They are applied to the location of the cuticle and left for a few minutes, then the film is removed with the same spatula or stick.
  • After the procedure, the skin around the nail must be softened and moisturized, you can even use disinfectants only if the skin is not damaged, otherwise you will experience tingling discomfort.

Let's learn the basics of manicure

If you think that at home you can only cut the cuticle, then this is not the case. You can also purchase a special cuticle remover and eliminate it by performing unedged (European) manicure. Let's look at each manicure technique in more detail.

How to cut the cuticle?

Perhaps, trimmed manicure can be safely ranked among the rank of classic home procedures. Most women remove the cuticle using special tweezers or scissors. To make the procedure painless and, most importantly, correct, you must prepare all the necessary tools and become familiar with the tactics of its implementation.

Necessary materials:

  • tank for bath;
  • sea ​​salt or oil solutions;
  • tweezers or scissors with pointed semi-circular blades;
  • wooden stick;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton pads.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. After you have prepared all the tools you need, slowly proceed to the procedure of manicure.
  2. To begin, remove the old varnish from the nail plate. Use a special liquid, preferably without acetone.How to remove the cuticle at home?
  3. Pour warm water and add sea salt, oil solution, vitamin complexes or other cosmetics at your discretion in a separate container (in cosmetic stores selling special baths with connectors for fingers). You can simply steam the skin in a soap solution.

    How to remove the cuticle at home?
  4. First, put one hand in a container with a solution and hold it for 5-7 minutes. The skin, including the cuticle, should be well-steamed.How to remove the cuticle at home?
  5. Take a special wand, in which one edge is sharp, and the other is slightly sloping, and move the neatly steamed cuticle away. Perform scraping movements, starting from the top down and moving to the base of the nail.How to remove the cuticle at home?
  6. With the help of special tweezers (necessarily sterile) perform circumcision. Do this as carefully as possible so as not to damage the skin and not to provoke bleeding.How to remove the cuticle at home?
  7. In conclusion, the base of the nail must be moistened. You can use special oils and creams.

How to remove the cuticle without cutting?

Recently, European manicure has become one of the most common salon procedures. The advantage of this method of eliminating the cuticle is that you no longer need to use cutting objects. Remove the stratum corneum of the skin using special tools that dissolve the cuticle. You will only need to scrape off the remnants of the cuticle.

Necessary materials:

  • special cuticle softener;
  • metal shovel for nails;
  • wooden nail stick.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly and dry them.
  2. On the area of ​​growth of the cuticle, apply a special cosmetic tool using a brush.How to remove the cuticle without cutting?
  3. Leave the product on the nails for about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Then, using a special spatula or wand, remove the cuticles by performing scraping movements, starting from one edge of the nail and gradually moving to the opposite.How to remove the cuticle without cutting?
  5. Using a cotton pad, remove any remaining cuticle. Moisten the skin around the nail plate with an oily solution or cream.

As you understand, remove the cuticle is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons. This is primarily necessary for your health, in particular, for the nail plate. Choose a technique for removing keratinized skin from the nail plate at your discretion. Both European and classic cut manicure will allow you to achieve the desired result.