How to remove the capillaries on the face


The appearance of capillaries on the face is explained by the reason for their close proximity to the skin. When exposed to certain factors, the elastic walls of the capillaries begin to stretch and become noticeable.

If the vessels burst, they turn into red grids and stars. Over time, they can become larger and acquire a bluish tint, from which it is very difficult to get rid of and hide cosmetics. therefore if capillaries become visible on the face, immediately take steps to eliminate them.

How to remove the capillaries on the face?

Capillaries on the face burst: what to do?

  • Capillaries on the face can burst for a variety of reasons: temperature drop, adverse ecology, physical fatigue, alcohol and smoking abuse, and finally, just age. Do not panic, because with this you can and must fight. This will help traditional medicine.
  • Brew nettles, strain it, then cool and wipe with it the places where the characteristic redness has formed. Wipe face 2 p. per day: before makeup and after removing it for the night. To enhance the effect, wipe the problem area during the day at least once with apple cider vinegar, as well as burdock juice and green tomato pulp.
  • To avoid burst capillaries, it is enough to follow a few simple rules: do not overcool, avoid sudden changes in temperature, do not use abrasive scrubs and gels. If you have sensitive skin, do not rest too long in the sauna, bath or under the summer sun. You can not sit too long next to heating appliances and a computer. It is mandatory to quit smoking and abuse alcohol if you want to be beautiful and healthy.

How to remove the capillaries on the face?

  • Include in your diet foods that are rich in vitamins C, K and R. These include all citrus fruits, sauerkraut, brussels sprouts and cauliflower, spinach, cherry, green tea, black currant. And from the diet exclude salty and spicy foods, black tea, coffee.

Removal of capillaries on the face: ways

  • Broken capillaries belong to a disease that is called Kuperoz. Sometimes it becomes a manifestation of certain internal diseases. Therefore, before proceeding to the choice of how to remove capillaries on the face, go to the doctor to exclude diseases of the cardiovascular system or the gastrointestinal tract. Otherwise, the removal of capillaries at home will not bring the desired result.
  • Contrast procedures should be performed before removing the capillaries. You can alternate wiping the face with cold and hot compresses. Cold time procedures should be in 2 p. longer.
  • It will help to cope with burst capillaries and a visit to a good beauty salon. First, one of the procedures is applied: treatment with photoflashes, lifting, laser therapy, cryomassage, cosmetic injections. In light cases, when not everything is so neglected, 3 procedures will suffice, but within 2 weeks you will have to suffer crusts in the place of capillaries, but then the skin should become elastic and clean. In more complex cases, the use of ozone therapy will be offered, after which there will be no scars or scars.

Removal of capillaries on the face: ways

  • TO main methods of capillary removal 4 include: sclerotherapy, which is not always effective for small vessels, electrocoagulation, a rather painful procedure that causes the appearance of small scars, which is used very rarely now, phototherapy and laser capillary removal. These are the most effective today in the joint application of methods.
  • When a capillary vascular network appears, which is 1 mm in diameter, photocoagulation or laser sclerosis is usually suggested. With the defeat of a larger area of ​​skin on the face ozone therapy is used.

Capillaries on the face: how to get rid of?

  • Sometimes the capillaries on the face appear due to improperly chosen cosmetics. In this case, they need to be changed. Buy cosmetics that have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face. Properly selected cosmetics will have a mild effect on the skin, moisturize it and help strengthen blood vessels. Be sure to study all the purchased cosmetics, it should contain Japanese ginkgo, mountain arnica, wild myrtle flowers, witch hazel, as well as vitamins C, PP and K.
  • Also, to combat the capillaries in the pharmacy, you can purchase existing drugs to combat spider veins. Before you go out during the cold season, use a rich cream to lubricate your face. Jelly-like creams and firming capillaries of aroma oils, which contain rosemary, Japanese mint and lemongrass, very well protect the skin of the face. In addition, 5 drops of any of these aromatic oils can be added to 1 tsp. used cream. It is necessary to abandon the funds, which include alcohol, acetone, eucalyptus, honey, cloves, because they cause skin irritation.

Capillaries on the face: how to get rid of?

  • Replace ordinary peeling with a gentle or enzyme peeling. An excellent means of getting rid of capillaries on the face will be wiping the face with a cold green tea tampon 2 p. in a day. Infusion can be prepared from sage, chamomile and succession. Wash should not hot, but warm water. Remove from the diet of heavy, hot and fatty foods, spices. Do not abuse drinks and products that contribute to high blood pressure. Add in your diet blackberries, parsley, grapes, buckwheat, citrus fruits, broccoli, black currants. It is very useful to drink decoctions of oak bark and field horsetail.

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Any defects, even those with a cosmetic nature, including the capillaries on the face, should be combated with a visit to the doctor. External manifestations on the skin may be signs of incipient diseases, which are easier to cope with at the very beginning. If this option is completely excluded, then you should use the recipes of traditional medicine, pay attention to the food and cosmetics used, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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The quickest way to remove the capillaries on the face is an appeal to cosmetologists, who with the help of existing procedures will return the skin a healthy and fresh look.