How to remove the bangs in the hair

Bangs - an ambiguous element of hair. Sometimes it is even more difficult to do something with her than with a haircut. And the problem is not even in its property to grow in any other way than the bulk of the hair, but in the need to invent new ways of styling. That is why many of the fair sex are looking for ways to help remove the bangs.

How to remove the bangs?

How to remove regrown bangs?

To determine exactly which method can be used to make the installation, it is necessary to understand that it generally allows you to do its length with it. Ultra-short bangs, which do not even reach the eyebrows, are either mixed with the total weight of the hair with the help of special styling products, or need support accessories. Most often it is a variety of headbands, ribbons, invisible hairpins, hairpins, headbands. If the necklace goes up to the eyebrows, it can be held back or in some cases even be woven into the hair. But the best way is to cut it asymmetrically. Then you can safely create any complex hairstyles, where bangs will not just hide, but will become the main decoration.

Braided short bang

With a short bang, the most effective method is to use stealth. They can be selected in hair color or under the dress. Most often, the bangs itch back, to the top of the head, and are tightened by the invisible in the center. Tails successfully masked by the total weight of the hair. Slightly less often, it is thrown on any of the convenient sides and cracked upwards. This method is most conveniently carried out if the fringe is beveled.

No less frequently used option - bezel or bandage. The latter is able to completely block the short fringe, combed up, if worn so that its lower part lies on the forehead. Then the central will be in the hair growth zone, and the top just pin down and remove the bangs. With this accessory, fluffed hair looks great. Especially twisted at the ends - it creates a gentle girlish image. With a monotonous bandage of a sports type, a tall horse's tail is ideal, in which all hair is smoothed to the maximum.

A thin bandage allows not only to flatten the bangs, but also twist the strands around it, which can serve as the basis for a variety of hairstyles. Among the most popular and famous is the Greek weaving. And bangs him in the presence of a bandage is not a hindrance.

How beautiful to remove the bangs in her hair?

The bezel can also have different stylistic directions depending on its type. With minimalistic braids are good, and with decorated with fabric flowers or rhinestones - complex beams or soft waves. They bangs removed in the same way as a bandage. At the same time it is located above the hairline. And if you take him back a little, before fixing on the hair, and then 2-3 mm. translate forward. Above the border, a light volume will be created due to the raised and combed bangs.

Busty gash

Many girls do not like the process of growing bangs, although working with her later is much easier. Many hairstyles — both complex and more versatile — allow short strands to be woven. Occasionally this requires invisibility, but much more often in the course are short studs.

  • The most elementary method is the creation of a side braid. Begin it from the edge, passing through the forehead and leading to the opposite end. After that, you can simply attach the tail to the total mass, leaving the hair loose. So they hide the junction. You can continue weaving by making a braid from a thin side strand hanging down. Or even transfer a short pigtail from a bang into a full-fledged side braid, which will also capture the bulk of the hair, eventually ending with a spike around the head. By the way, it can be drawn not through the forehead, but from above, almost parallel to the hairline.
  • Another simple scheme - scrolling bangs in a harness. For this, as with a scythe, the extreme strand of the bang is chosen from the side and begins to wrap in and up. After 2-3 turns, the next one is picked up to it. The algorithm is repeated until the whole bang lies down with a braid over the hairline. The tip can simply be fixed stealth or extend the tourniquet using hair strands from the side. As soon as it comes to the crown, you should pick up the bulk of the hair, brush it thoroughly, and form a high tail, dragging it at the base with a thin elastic band.

How beautiful to remove the bangs in her hair?

How beautiful to remove the bangs in her hair?

Earlier it was mentioned that long bangs, especially skewed, can not only hide, but also become the highlight of the hairstyle. In most cases, this is possible if the installation is not too elaborate and does not require a lot of accessories. A variety of bunches, French twists and even tails look very restrained, but they become much more elegant if you set off bangs.

For example, the classic "shell", beloved by women and relevant in almost any situation in life and asks to diversify it. To do this, after the bulk of the hair will be collected and laid, bangs gently processed gel with a high degree of fixation.

It can be divided into several parts, and each stretched obliquely, leading to the side or lay rings and spirals. Their thickness varies according to the chosen style.

To create a Hollywood wave from a beveled and long hair, in addition to the above-mentioned gel with a high degree of fixation, you will have to purchase several barbers clips of "ducks" 8-10 cm long. They are much better kept and help to give the correct form. In addition, you will need long stealth, the same size as the clamps. Hairspray and a fine comb with a knitting needle are an indispensable set of any girl who has bangs.

If the bangs are not long and thick, you can add several adjacent curls to it. Taking into account the use of styling products, the hairstyle will be uniform. The strand is carefully combed out. It is necessary to do this, while at the same time flavoring it with a gel, wielding a fine comb. Then the bangs fit sideways, and in the place of the first "leaving" the waves are pressed on the forehead with the fingers. Hairdressers are advised to work index and medium. What will be the width and length of the wave - does not matter.

How beautiful to remove the bangs in her hair?

Diligently holding the hair under the fingers in place, the bang is lifted vertically and again combing the strand. Continuing to align it, along with the comb, the free end must be removed from the forehead and laid, fixing the "duck". Where the index finger was, identify one clamp. The “wave”, received from the middle finger under the hair, is clamped on top of it either with the same clamp or with invisibility. The algorithm is repeated for the entire length of the bangs. Its end is simply gently twisted and taken to the total weight of the hair. Fixation is carried out by spraying varnish and subsequent drying with a hair dryer.

The easiest way to put a beautiful bang into a common hairstyle is done by mixing it with the front strand. It is taken from the side parting, combed at the base and sprayed in this place with varnish. As soon as it dries, the bangs with the side strand are thrown to the side, and its end is attached invisible to the bulk of the hair.

With the right approach, any bang from a problem can turn into a zest of hair. First of all, it is necessary to determine the method of installation. It is also better to think over the possible hairstyle. In some cases, the bangs can be very nicely removed or woven into the bulk of the hair.

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