How to remove stretch marks on the chest


Many processes occurring in a woman’s body are reflected differently on her skin. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to an increase in breast volume. As a result, the skin is stretched and may form on it.stretch marks that appear at the site of the breakdown of connective tissue.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest?

If you do not try to remove the stretch marks on the chest immediately after their appearance or after a short time, they can remain in the form of a cosmetic defect, which is very difficult to get rid of over time.

Stretch marks on the chest: how to get rid of?

The best option to get rid of stretch marks on the chest, will be a timely struggle with the newly formed stretch marks with a reddish tinge. Over time, such extensions will begin to lighten and take on the appearance of white grooves 1 cm wide. Therefore, as long as they have a red tint, they can be removed completely.

  • If red stripes are found, you can immediately contact the clinic, where they will be offered chemical peeling. When carrying out such a procedure, 3 types of acids that burn the epidermis are applied to the skin. The first type removes dead skin cells from the skin, improving collagen production. The 2nd and 3rd type burn the superficial and deep skin layer, removing stretch marks. Chemical peeling is a rather painful procedure, but it is highly effective. But to agree to its use is only after acquaintance with the qualifications and experience of the doctor who will conduct a similar procedure.
  • At home, you can remove stretch marks on your chest using cacao butter. First, the skin should be cleaned with a small scrub, then wipe thoroughly with a towel. After that, apply a little cocoa butter and rub in a few minutes with soft movements of the palm in problematic areas. This procedure should be done during the month every day. Moisturizing and regenerating properties also have olive oil and almond. Therefore, they can be alternated with cocoa butter.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest?

  • You can also buy cosmetics that help get rid of stretch marks. But their composition must necessarily include elastin, collagen and vitamins A, C and E. Retinoids and silicone may also be present. It is necessary to apply such means in the morning and in the evening.

If there are stretch marks on the chest, what to do?

  1. Will help folk remedies. Vegetable oil, especially olive oil, is an excellent prevention of the appearance of stretch marks on the chest, and if it occurs, it will help fight them. Enough to rub it 2 p. per day in the skin on the chest.
  2. Also for carrying out such procedures, you can make a special mixture. For its foundations need to take almond, sesame or sea buckthorn oil, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and 5 drops of lavender oil for 2 tbsp. l main oil, mix everything well. The prepared mixture with light movements to rub into the skin, where the stretch marks were formed. The same mixture can be used while taking warm baths, combining with sea salt.
  3. To combat, you can use a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and bodyaga mixed in equal amounts. This mixture should be rubbed in a circular motion 1 p. per week, treating problem areas every day.
  4. To cope with stretch marks will help and mummy. It can be used as a massage tool, just rub a few tablets and dissolve the resulting powder in a small amount of water. To soften the rubbing process, you can add a little fat or baby cream to the mixture. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

If there are stretch marks on the chest, what to do?

How to remove stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy?

  • During pregnancy, the breast becomes larger, which leads to the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks on the chest cause complexes and cause discomfort, so it is best to prevent them from appearing or to get rid of them in time as long as possible. Old-fashioned stretch marks are hardly corrected and removed.
  • As a prevention of the appearance of stretch marks, you can use the adoption of a contrast shower after a bath. This will help strengthen the skin, but you need to take such a shower regularly throughout your life. It is also worth starting to use breast enhancement masks that can be made at home or purchased at a pharmacy. As a means to combat stretch marks, he has proven himself to be excellent.light massage using olive oil. It is best to apply it after a bath, rubbing lightly into the skin of the chest.
  • Remove stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy and help prevent the emergence of new creams, which include a vitamin complex, especially if there are elastin and collagen. From folk remedies you should pay attention to the firming effect that horse chestnut extract has on the skin, chamomile decoction and tea tree essential oil, which can be added to any mask.
  • Stretching will prevent the formation of light peeling of the upper layer of the skin with the help of scrub. It can be done 1 p. in Week. Peeling allows you to speed up the process of elastin production, contributing to the smoothing of the skin surface. When peeling in the skin, cellular elements are mobilized, substances are produced that are responsible for skin elasticity.

stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy

  • A little exercise will also help improve skin tone and speed up the fight. But during pregnancy should be any procedure, only after consulting with your doctor, especially with regard to peeling in the cabin or at home. With the slightest contraindication, it is better to begin to struggle with stretch marks on the chest after the appearance of the long-awaited baby.

The causes of stretch markson the chest may be different. The main ones are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain too abrupt, or, conversely, rapid weight loss. According to research scientists, there is even a genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks.

But, despite this more number of reasons, stretch marks on the chest can be removed using the secrets of traditional medicine or peeling in the beauty salon. Even deep and old stretch marks that are not amenable to correction can be smoothed using laser polishing. Daily skin care with the help of special cosmetics helps to remove stretch marks on the chest immediately after their formation.