How to remove stains from deodorant

Deodorant is an important and useful invention, but its use has disadvantages. Many housewives are faced with the problem of removing stains that remain from the funds on the clothes. Most antiperspirants leave persistent white stains on fabric that spoil things, especially black.

Such stains do not give in to ordinary washing; the components of the deodorant substance together with then form a compound resistant to detergents. But there is a way out of any situation. Before parting with the damaged thing forever, you can try to remove stains from clothes in some ways.

How to remove stains from deodorant?

In the fight against stains, all means are good. Remember what is the best stain remover.

How to remove stains from deodorant?

  • Lemon juice. Be sure to use fresh lemon juice, it will help to cope with new stains.
  • Ammonia.Wet the cotton wool with alcohol, then swab the stain, let things dry on the street, as a result of a pair of alcohol must be weathered along with pollution. After it is necessary to wash clothes.
  • Dishwashing liquid. Apply a concentrated detergent to the stain for a few seconds. Then you need to thoroughly rinse the thing, if you see that the divorces have decreased, you can repeat the process.
  • Salt. Acts as an adsorbent, coarse salt is rubbed into the stain, then washed off. This method is especially effective in combating fat stains. You can still soak clothes in a mixture of salt and detergent. The next day will just rinse the thing.
  • Soap. You can start cleaning stains from children’s, heavy artillery - laundry soap, use it later. Well helps in the fight against any fresh stains soap Antipyatin.
  • Vinegar.The clothes are soaked in vinegar, and then simply washed with powder. This method helps to remove even old spots. But vinegar is effective only for colored clothes, yellow stains may appear on white things after using it.
  • Washing powder. Do not discount the quality powder. It will help to cope with the problem, you just need to soak the spoiled item in a concentrated solution for the night. For cooking means you need 2 tbsp. l powder diluted in a spoonful of water, put this mixture on the stain.

White spots from deodorant: the rules of removal

  1. Before using stain removers, you need to clean the contaminated area with a brush, paying special attention to the boundaries of contamination. The process will be accelerated if you wet the white spots of deodorant with warm water.
  2. When cleaning, move from the periphery to the center.
  3. Before removing the stain, check if the agent can be aggressive and ruin the fabric.
  4. Methods of dry cleaning are affected by the appearance of the fabric, so wine vinegar is ideal for cotton and alcohol for silk.

How to wash stains from deodorant?

There are a few more ways to cope with pollution:

  • Ammonia. Before use, dilute the product with water 1/1.
  • Vodka. Well removes stains from black fabric, if the stain is old, soak the thing for at least an hour.
  • Petrol.After using this solvent, be sure to rinse the clothes well.

How to remove stains from deodorant?

How to remove stains from deodorant?

The most effective stain removers according to reviews housewives:

  • ACC bleach;
  • WhiteSpirit solvent;
  • Vanish

Choose the most suitable detergent for you in an experimental way.

Stains from deodorant on clothes. How to make sure that they do not appear?

  1. In order not to suffer with a complex wash, you can try using a deodorant so that it does not leave stains. Apply a protective agent to clean, dry skin.
  2. Do not rush to dress immediately, let the antiperspirant dry. By the way, in most cases stains appear precisely because a person is in a hurry and puts on clothes right after applying the product. Wait 5 minutes and you will save a lot of washing time.
  3. Use products with protection from white spots, for example, on a transparent basis. A good option could be Alunite crystal. This natural mineral neutralizes the smell of sweat, but does not clog pores, the skin breathes. But with strong perspiration, this remedy is not particularly effective.

Remember that it is better to immediately begin to remove stains from deodorant, not postponing the wash until later. Thus, you keep the original look of your favorite outfits. You can choose to clean the dirt, as usual stain removers, and proven folk remedies.

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