How to remove nasolabial folds

Every year a person's face changes. The skin over time becomes not so elastic, wrinkles and folds are formed. Especially women are dissatisfied with this state of affairs, for whom appearance is very important. And if wrinkles add age, then often it becomes a real tragedy and psychological trauma.

How to remove nasolabial folds?

One of the common types of wrinkles are nasolabial folds.The most radical way to deal with them is to resort to plastic surgery. But they should be used only if the wrinkles are very deep and pronounced. And if the nasolabial folds do not represent a big problem, then you can try various options - special cosmetic creams, facial gymnastics and massage.

Ideally, of course, such folds should be removed at the very beginning, when they are just emerging. But even in this case, you need to understand that the appearance of wrinkles is an inevitable physiological process that can only be delayed.

How to remove nasolabial folds: basic rules

To get rid of nasolabial folds, you must adhere to certain recommendations:

  • First of all, watch what you eat, because the condition of the skin depends on what we eat. It is necessary to consume at least 2 liters of water per day, but make sure that it is purified. Include fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts in your daily diet.

How to remove nasolabial folds?

  • Try to get enough sleep, because it is the lack of sleep that often causes wrinkles.
  • Do nourishing face masks with regularity 2-3 times a week. For this you can use cream, bananas, strawberries, cucumbers, honey and egg yolks. Just keep in mind that some people have allergies to these products, so first it is better to apply a small amount of the mask for 5 minutes and wait for the result. If you are the owner of dry skin, then a few drops of olive oil should be added to the mask.
  • By the choice of cosmetics should be treated very carefully. Ordinary cream you do not fit, you should choose intensive regenerating cream. Act very well cream containing alpha hydrochloric acid. These substances are famous for their effect of giving the skin elasticity, renewing skin cells and partially mask defects. By the way, such creams are used in the salon procedure of chemical peeling.

How to get rid of nasolabial folds with exercise?

Many ladies say that they managed to significantly reduce nasolabial folds with the help of facial exercises, try it and you may have an effect that will exceed all expectations.

How to remove nasolabial folds with exercise?

  1. Before the start of gymnastics, you should thoroughly wash your hands, because they will come into contact with the face. Then stand in front of the mirror, so it will be much easier to control the correctness of the exercises.
  2. With effort, inflate the cheeks and let the air out through the mouth, while trying to do it slowly and smoothly.
  3. Tighten the facial muscles and pull the upper lip down, then return the muscles to their original position, with a slight pressure on the folds and slightly stretch the skin in different directions at the same place.
  4. Now it is necessary to press intensively on the nasolabial folds, the skin can not stretch, but simply make pressing-in movements with the pads of fingers.

With such exercises, the thickness of the skin in the place where nasolabial folds are formed is maintained at the same level, and deep wrinkles will not appear on your face soon.

Plastic methods of struggle with nasolabial folds

If the state of the folds is quite neglected, then you cannot solve this problem with cosmetic creams and exercises alone. For example, you can try to use such a service as filling wrinkles with special gel-filters. Effect of filler held for several months. As a placeholder, formulations based on hyaluronic acid are used. This substance is very effective and useful for the face, since hyaluronic acid can easily and effectively compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin.

Plastic methods of struggle with nasolabial folds

You can choose gels with different intensity, focusing on the initial depth of the folds. During this procedure, it is necessary to ensure sterile conditions and the purity of the materials used. Usually the procedure takes no more than half an hour, and the patient requires local anesthesia. After the session, a slight swelling may appear, but after a couple of days it will disappear and instead of nasolabial folds a smooth, elastic skin will appear. After the effect of filling begins to fade, the procedure can be repeated.

Return skin to its former beauty the introduction of hyaluronic acid in the nasolabial folds can and with the help of hardware cosmetology. The special apparatus performs active impulses that create healing waves in the deeper layers of the skin and accelerate metabolic processes in the cells. The course consists of 5-6 procedures, while pleased that the result lasts for a whole year. And in order to prolong the positive effect of the procedure, it is necessary to use preparations created on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

You can also find a lot of positive feedback about lipofilling nasolabial folds. Although it is not a complete plastic surgery, the effect of it remains for life. The method consists in filling the nasolabial folds with the woman’s own adipose tissue, which is taken on the hips or waist. Adipose tissue is introduced into the nasolabial folds with a conventional syringe. This procedure usually takes about an hour, then the patient will be under medical supervision for some time, after which she is allowed to go home with a new smooth face, which will now remain so forever. The first time after the procedure, it can be difficult to show emotions, but gradually everything will return to normal.

If you want to get rid of nasolabial folds, get ready for the fact that it will be a difficult and serious struggle, the result of which will be a priceless reward - an elastic young face!

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